My first official lesson at the Takeuchi Dojo was extremely fruitful. With experience boosters from both the dojo and Twice Critical, I managed to quickly reach level 10 in swordsmanship, and with it came the creation of a new skill.

You have created a special skill with lots of training in another.

By leveling up [Swordsmanship] to level 10, and instruction at the Takeuchi Dojo, you have created the skill [Takeuchi Ryuu Kenjutsu]

Takeuchi Ryuu Kenjutsu (Passive) - Level 1 - 0.0%

A free flowing Kenjutsu style that prefers personal adaptability over any fixed kata. Beyond the basic swings, no other formal instruction is available. How a practitioner utilizes these moves is entirely up to them.

Passively increases DEX by 1%

Passively increases AGI by 1%

Increases Damage while Wielding a Sword by 20%

Considering I still had Swordsmanship, this was an additive skill instead of being a replacement. Which meant that I now had a significant boost when using swords. I should look into getting a good one, probably from Daidara-san. But that's not all. I also managed to use my remaining Focus Points to create 2 new skills.

Kendo Spar (Active) - Level 1 - 0.0%

Kendo Spar allows you to focus on honing your technique with the sword. Fighting someone better than you will provide a further boost.

Time Active - 30 minutes

FP cost - 1

Bullet Time (Active) - Level 1 - 0.0%

Slow down time in combat to react to threats quicker. Technically, you are increasing your comprehension speed and analysing the situation quicker than you normally would. Your body will still move at your normal speed, so it may be possible for the body to be slower than your judgement.

Time Active - 1 second

Slowdown ratio - 20 second per second

FP cost - 1

Kendo Spar was simply the Kendo version of studying, but the amazing title belonged to Bullet Time. Slowing down 1 second to 20 so that you can react and plan better is a bloody useful skill to have. Problem would be training the skill. I needed to find a way to increase my Focus Points.

As if in cue, a new message popped of.

Skill Update

Meditation can now be used to train and recover focus points.

Meditation (Active) – Level 2 – Exp 29.5%

A calm and serene mind is very important for a magic practitioner. Being in touch with your inner self allows you to regenerate mana much faster. It also helps to improve your focus.

Passively Increase INT by 11%

Passively Increase Focus Points by 2

+4% MP Regen when active

1 Focus Point Regen per 10 minutes when active

Well, that was convenient. I'll have to tell it out tomorrow to see how well it worked for what it's billed to be.

Friday morning I skipped my morning Dungeon run, mostly because I wanted to try out the level 10 Goblin Dungeon, and for that, I needed more time than I had in the morning. So instead, my morning was planned to be uneventful, heading directly for school. That changed when I came across the Student Council President at the school entrance.

Sona Sitri - Level ?

Devil King

I really should stop freezing when something surprising happens, because Kaichou immediately realized my reaction to be off.

"It seems that Rias was right. You are far more perceptive than we gave you credit for." She said, her face expressionless, although her tone hinting towards a tiny bit of intrigue.

"Well, certainly more than I gave myself." I replied self-deprecatingly, although it was the truth. I certainly didn't think I would suddenly become able to identify different supernatural creatures that were aiming to remain hidden.

"Is that so? Well, considering what Rias has told me about you, that should be the case. Just understand one thing. While I am aware you are reigning in your perversions recently, but don't expect any leniency due to your current situation regarding school rules. In fact, I expect you to be above those actions." Warned Sona. I nodded in acceptance of what the warning was for. As I began walking away towards my classrooms, I remembered something that I thought I should ask her.

"Say, Kaichou? Do you know about the recent activity of biker gangs around our school? I personally had to step in at least twice to help fellow students. Taking into account what I assume your responsibilities are, I hope you would look into it." Apparently I struck a nerve, because her expression became colder.

"Thank you for letting me know, Hyoudou-kun. I will take necessary steps regarding them." There was resolve in her eyes, and I almost felt bad for the bikers. Almost. Then I thought if I could take advantage of the opportunity.

"Please. Call me Issei. Also, if possible, I would like to be involved when you… deal with them. You see, I have a bit of a grudge against them." I proposed, hoping she would allow me to take part in the battles. It would certainly be a huge help in regards to my training.

"Hmm… your offer is interesting. I'll let you know through Rias if it's possible." She acquiesced.

"Thanks. See you around." And with that, I walked away.

Quest Alert!

Clean Up the Streets!

Deal with the biker gangs that has been harassing the locals recently. Your objective is to ensure that no student of Kuoh Gakuen is harmed by them. The way you fulfill the objective is up to you.

Completion Award: 25,000 Exp

Increase Reputation with the Student Council

Hidden Reward: ?

Completion Failure: 5,000 Exp

Decrease Reputation with the Student Council

Lunch had me sitting across from Murayama and Katase. Apparently my performance in last night's training had intrigued them.

"You know, when you said you learned faster by sparring, I didn't realize it would be this fast." Said Murayama.

I shrugged at her compliment. It's not like I knew it would be that fast either. "I was only that fast because my sparring partners were so skilled." I deflected.

"Still, you shouldn't downplay your own skill. You are quite talented with a sword." Said Murayama. Katase snorted at her words. Clearly she wasn't in agreement, and frankly, neither was I.

"Now, don't you go treating me like I'm some kendo prodigy, because I'm not. Katase has the right idea. The only thing that you could say I am good at is learning. I know that I am not actually a talented swordsman."

Murayama pouted at the two of us, put off by the fact that neither of us were willing to acknowledge my skill with a sword. Katase seemed unfazed by it. She addressed me for the first time since this conversation started. "Be that as it may, I expect you to show up for your classes regularly. You make for very good stress relief."

"What she means to say is that there are very few practitioners that take to Katase Ryuu Kenjutsu like you have, and it would be a waste if we at least didn't try to cultivate it." Murayama smiled slyly. It must have been close to the truth, because for the first time since I've gotten to know the two of them, Katase blushed.

"That's not what I said!" Exclaimed Katase.

"But you meant it." Giggled Murayama.

The two of them devolved into a tickle fight, and any coherent conversation came to an end. And like that, I ended up spending my lunch hour having fun with the Kendo Duo. I realized that the two of them seemed a lot more open towards me than normal, and attributed that to the effect from my newly activated Dragon Gene.

After classes ended, I headed towards the park, hoping to take on the level 10 goblin dungeon. Making sure to equip my newly acquired armor as well as the best Goblin Knife I had. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

"[Dungeon Create]"

Like the previous dungeons, this dungeon also seemed to model itself around the surrounding environment. So I found myself in a forested area, with a dirt trail moving through the trees. However, there was enough difference that I could clearly tell that I was not in the park any more.

For one thing, there were no paved pathways or lampposts, for another, I was standing in front of a fountain before creating the dungeon which was no longer there. The trees were different too, although I couldn't tell you how beyond being leafier and of a darker shade than I was used to.

The place where I stood seemed to be the starting zone, as there didn't seem to be any goblins that were there to begin with, just before. Unlike the first time, they did not make any appearance when I simply waited for them. So I had to go find them myself.

There was only one visible path; a well worn trail that was wide enough to move comfortably, but not with my full mobility. It didn't take me long to come across a group of goblins as I walked through the jungle.

Goblin Grunt - Level 8

Goblin Grunt - Level 7

Goblin Grunt - Level 7

Goblin Grunt - Level 6

Well, technically they found me, but since they charged me with a loud warcry, they gave up any advantage they may have had. It would have been hell if they managed to get a drop on me. As it was, they still caught me weaponless, as my sword was still in its sheath.

Thus, I had to twist sideways to dodge the sword slash aimed at my flank, but ended up with my back to a tree. The only option left to me was to dive away from the goblins to make some room between us. I unsheathed my sword as I stood up from my inelegant but effective dive and parried the goblin that had tried to close the distance again. Having broken his guard, I used Mana Bullet directed at his face, which was blown up spectacularly.

Taking advantage of the goblins' shock, I stepped towards the closest goblin, and using Mana Blade, cleaved his head off. That seemed to spur the other two in motion, but only in vain. It was easy to keep the flailing goblins at bay due to their short reach and lack of formal training. Even my beginner knowledge of Takeuchi Ryuu Kenjutsu was enough to handle them. Soon I had disposed of the two with efficient use of Mana Blade and another Mana Bullet.

Their item drops weren't anything useful, much. Just some scraps of leather armor and a short sword that I could only use as a dagger at most. Also some money, but not enough to be game changing. So, after taking stock of my health and mana, I headed further into the forest. The path widened considerably the deeper I went, making it easier for any further battles. By the time I reached a large clearing, I had dispatched 3 more similarly constituted groups of goblins. The loot was similarly crappy.

The clearing itself was mostly empty except for a group of 6 goblins, one of which stood out even from just its equipment, let alone the info bar floating over its head. Wearing the most complete set of leather armour amongst the goblins, while also wielding a gleaming sword, it stood at the back of the goblin group.

Goblin Warrior - Level 12

The other 5 were all level 9, which made me think that this was the boss fight. Me and the warrior were alert almost immediately after we noticed each other, drawing our respective weapons. The problem was it had its own minions to order about, which it did with a short growl. The rest of the goblins took that as their instruction to charge me while the warrior slowly advanced.

Deciding that it would be stupid of me to let the goblins have initiative, I fired off a Mana Bullet at the goblin warrior, and to my surprise the spell went through the charging goblins with ease and hit my target. Unsurprisingly though, it didn't manage to one hit kill the goblin, which I didn't expect to be able to do to a boss. But that was all the room I had to harass it before I was set upon by the minions.

Firing up Mana Blade, I deftly disarmed the first goblin that came within my reach, quite literally. Goblins seemed to be very bad with a sword, especially the grunts. With the armless goblin screaming in pain, I was forced to step back from two goblins trying to stick their swords into my stomach. Their lack of coordination showed when they managed to bounce of one another as they single mindedly tried to kill me, allowing me to behead them with a single strike, making use of the extended reach of the Mana Blade as opposed to my own sword.

Two more goblin grunts attempted to flank me from either side, striking at the same time with reckless abandon. This time I sprinted forwards over the corpses of the headless goblins, making the goblins hit each other instead of me. As I ran past the armless goblin I took care of it with a point blank Mana Bullet and then I was in melee combat with the Goblin Warrior.

This was a more even battle, as the Warrior definitely knew how to use the sword it was wielding. Still, I had the superior reach even without Mana Blade, so it was a losing proposition for it. It didn't take me long to overwhelm the Warrior and the moment his guard broke, I ran him through with my blade.

And with that, all the goblin corpses dissipated into motes of light.

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