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"Drama queen."


"Attention hog."

Miku hesitates momentarily before saying, "Priss."

Tei makes a face in response and kicks her under the table. Miku's shin is instantly alight with pain, and she glares back at the girl sitting across from her.

On any other day, Miku wouldn't even bother looking at Tei Sukone, let alone sit at the same desk as her. The two of them can usually get away with either ignoring each other or shooting fierce glares from across the room at the other girl. However, today, the pair has the unusual misfortune of being partnered up by the teacher for some stupid school project. The project wouldn't normally be stupid, but since Miku has to work on it with Tei, it's obviously going to be horrible.

The goal is to interview your partner and write up an article about their life. There's a sheet of some basic questions to answer in front of Miku, and despite the fact that Miku always tries her best in school, she can't put in the effort to care today.

"Floozy," Tei hisses, gripping her pencil. Next to her, Miku's friend Gumi leans in, breaking off her conversation with her partner to add her two cents.

"Guys, you do realize we have like, a week to do this?" Gumi says as her partner rolls his eyes at the interaction.

"So?" Tei and Miku demand at the same time.

Gumi rolls her eyes. "So how about you try finishing the project as quickly as possible so you don't have to spend a week in each other's company."

Miku glares at Gumi, who shrugs. "Fine, whatever. Keep acting like children. It's not my grade." With that, she turns back to her blue-haired partner, who scribbles down quotes and facts Gumi spews as they start the interview again.

Tei and Miku are silent for a moment before Miku draws her notebook out of her bag with a sigh. "Okay, fine. I'll start."

"Who says you get to start?" Tei demands. Miku bites her tongue and can't help rolling her eyes bitterly.

"This is going to take forever," she mutters to herself.

On the third day of the assignment, Miku has just enough information collected from her interviews of Tei to start writing up her interview. It's a pain to write it out without seeming like an insulting jerk, and she knew that she'd get a terrible grade and probably suspension if she wrote something too horrible. But still. This was Tei. Tei who passed her in the hall and whispered insults. Tei who has probably been her worst enemy since second grade, when everyone had a crush on Len Kagamine, including them. It's so cliche that Miku feels silly admitting to it, but that probably started the whole rivalry. As the years progressed, more and more occurrences added fuel to the fire. And the two of them changed, too. Miku became school-oriented and self-sufficient, whereas Tei was still a flaming selfish bitch and probably wouldn't grow up anytime soon.

Miku tapped out the next sentence into her computer angrily.

Tei Sukone, she wrote, an eleventh grade student at Pinecrest, is probably the worst person to ever exist. As heard from her in the interview, Sukone enjoys stealing people's boyfriends and treating everyone else like dirt.

Having got that out of her system, she sighed and deleted the entire sentence before sitting back and staring at the screen. This was going to be a long day.

She finishes her project, which is the good part of the day. The not-so-good part is that it's not something she would have written about Tei unless she had to. Reading it over, she notices more and more flaws. She's really too nice for her own good sometimes.

Tei is an exemplary student and in her free time works to accomplish many things. If you can call reaching a whole new level of bitchy an accomplishment. She enjoys writing poetry, spending time with friends, and baking. Her poetry is shit, her "friends" are almost as bad, and all of the stuff she bakes go to her latest crush. Miku wants to vomit looking at her own writing.

No need to be petty, she reminds herself as she stuffs the printed assignment in a folder in her backpack. All she has to do now is turn it in and pretend she doesn't hate Tei more than anything in the existence of, well, ever.

When she hands it in early, the smile the teacher gives her is almost worth the inhuman amount of effort it takes to turn in such a load of absolute bull.

"As expected of you, Miku," the teacher tells her. "I look forward to reading it."

"I'm sure you do," Miku mutters as she leaves the front desk for her own seat. She ignores the very blatant look Gumi shoots her, and remains silent as class starts. She can see tei out of the corner of her eye, running a manicured hand over Len Kagamine's shirt at the door. He's such a naive kid, Miku knows. He probably doesn't even realize she's flirting.

As the bell rings, Tei flounces over to her seat, offering her best smile to the teacher, who rolls her eyes and motions for her to sit down.

"I thought, since today is Friday, it would be fun for a few people to read their interviews aloud. The ones that have been turned in to me so far are marvelous, and I would love for those students who are struggling with the assignment to have a chance to see what I really want from you." Miku is sure she's looking right at her when she says all of this.

"Are there any volunteers?" the teacher asks. Miku begins to tentatively raise her hand, but the teacher's attention is directed elsewhere as another student scrapes their chair back as their hand shoots up. Miku looks around. It's Tei. Tei Sukone, slacker student extraordinaire, has just volunteered to read her interview of Miku aloud to the class. This can't be good.

Miku can feel her own gaze (not pleading, she tells herself. I am not pleading) turn to the teacher, who is surprised and oblivious to Miku.

"Brilliant! Your interview was a joy to read. I'm sure the class will enjoy it," the teacher tells Tei. Miku relaxes a bit. If the teacher approves of the essay, it can't be too terrible.

Just as Tei's finally standing at the front of the room, the woman from the front office appears in the doorway, knocking on the open door.

The teacher smiles an apology to the class. "I'll be just a moment. Feel free to read, Tei." And she's gone.

Tei smiles out to the class but unlike the teacher's smile, hers is secretive and chilling. It shakes Miku to the bone and she can't help but feel this is a terrible idea.

"I was assigned to interview Miku Hatsune. As most of you know, we don't get along, but I had fun writing this anyway. I hope you enjoy listening to it," Tei says. Miku thinks she's putting the whole thing rather lightly. "Don't get along?" Psh. Outright hate is closer to the truth.

Tei begins, and Miku's stomach settles a bit.

"Miku Hatsune is a seventeen-year-old student at Pinecrest. Many of you already know her. Her reputation precedes her; teachers adore her, and hardly a bad word is said against her. To say the least, Miss Hatsune is an impressive girl."

Miku's heart climbs into her throat as she hears what Tei says next. "But is this the whole story? Is this who Miss Matsune really is? In this exclusive interview with this school's very own golden student, you'll find out exactly who Miku Hatsune is."

Tei is smirking now, and Miku wants nothing more than to jump up and stop her from continuing. But she's frozen, and Gumi is giving her a look that's so desperate and confused she doesn't know how to react.

"'I quite enjoy my privacy," Miss Hatsune says. 'Interacting with people has never been easy for me, and I appreciate the few friends I have. They put up with me, and I'm grateful for that.' But in confidence, Miku has admitted that trying to communicate with people of 'lesser intelligence' can certainly be a difficulty. What a poor dear. The stress it must put on her to interact with us lowly morons must be significant if she's just now revealing."

"Then again, it should be remember that Miss Hatsune has always had antisocial tendencies, as well as held the firm belief that she is somehow better than everyone else. Should someone like this really be the model student who represents our school? I think not."

The entire class is stone silent when the teacher finally comes in, and Tei immediately shuffles papers around, playing it off as though she's organized the interview incorrectly. The teacher smiles at her to continue as she sits, and Miku can feel her face heating with rage a shame as she listens, silently, waiting for Tei to keep reading.

"There are many things about Miku we don't know. At home, she's a different person. 'I don't do many school-related activities at home, believe it or not,' she says when asked about her home life. 'For the most part, I spend time with my brother. Since my parents work long hours, it's usually my job to watch him. It's actually really fun.' Her brother, Mikuo Hatsune, is eight years her younger and a student at Rolling Hills Elementary."

Tei reads for another few minutes, and bows dramatically as the class remains silent, still shocked. Miku glances around, desperately wondering if anyone is going to say anything.

Someone has to, she thinks to herself. They must all realize how unfair this is. They can't believe her… Right?

The problem is, she had said those things. In confidence, to her friends, to her parents. Sometimes she does feel too smart for other people. And it's just now that she's realizing it's not a good thing. From the looks she's getting, it's obvious that other people clearly do not being called stupid or lesser, even if it is true. Worst of all, Gumi isn't looking at her anymore.

"Let's give Tei a hand," the teacher says, and leads the class in a round of applause, breaking the dead silence. Tei slides her paper back across the desk and offers Miku a shit-eating grin as she returns to her seat.

"Would anyone else want to go?" the teacher asks.

Miku catches Gumi after class, her entire being a mass of worry and fear. Gumi hasn't looked at her once since Tei read her paper aloud. Gumi's been her friend for years. She has to understand that tei's either lying, or Miku never meant any of that. Doesn't she?

"You know that I never said any of that, right?" Miku asks

Gumi doesn't look straight at her as she replies, "Of course not. You're not mean-spirited."

Then why aren't you looking at me?! Miku wants to scream, but she just hangs back and lets Gumi go on her way. There's a gnawing anger in her gut, and it's poisoning her thoughts with emotions.

She doesn't even notice how Tei passes by with a smug grin, arm in arm with Len Kagamine.

"Feeling stressed, Miku?" a sympathetic voice says from behind her. She turns at her lunch table to see Miki, a pretty redhead, and Gumi. The two of them have trays of food held in front of them and Gumi isn't looking at her.

It's Monday now, and Miku was really hoping nothing would happen because of Tei's stupid interview. Nothing had, yet. In fact, today at lunch is the first time it's been mentioned in front of her. She knew about the whispers and the glances; she was smart enough to figure out what they were talking about.

Miku doesn't reply, knowing the question isn't intended to be sincere.

"I'm sure you are," Miki continues, offering a look you might give a kicked puppy. "After all, being around all of us morons can get pretty tough, I imagine."

She leaves without a laugh or a glare and Gumi follows her. Miku pretends that she sees guilt on her face, but that's all it is. Pretending.

She eats her sandwich in silence and ignores everyone for the rest of lunch.

When her interview is handed back a day later, she has a 100 on it. She can't help looking at it and wanting to see the assignment, as well the Tei's name, go through a paper shredder.

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