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Chapter One: Encounter


Gold had been contemplating going to the library for too long, but something about the whole situation put him on edge. Was it because there was something he didn't know or because he didn't own the library? Gold wasn't sure.

Storybrooke's library had stood empty for years, until a mysterious woman arrived and opened it back up a few months ago. The librarian had become quite popular with the townsfolk, and the library itself seemed to become as much of a hotspot as Granny's Tearooms. Gold found Miss French a common topic of conversations he overheard, the townsfolk speaking well of her, but he had yet to meet her.

He imagined Miss French as a greying spinster or divorcée in shades of beige. The idea that he might need to ask such a woman for help made him feel sick.


Belle French found herself growing quite comfortable in Storybrooke. The other residents had, at first, been unsure of her presence, but after a visit from young Henry Swan, who everyone was fond of, the library became a popular place, and Belle was able to have it open longer hours than she had first planned.

She had even begun to make friends, in particular Ruby, a waitress at Granny's Tearooms. She wasn't the usual kind of person Belle made friends with. Her flirtatious manner and revealing clothes quite the opposite from Belle's modest attire and bookish nature. She couldn't help but admire the easy way in which she spoke with men, and she had even started writing a character based on her, in one of many attempts of write a novel.

Being friends with Ruby meant meeting nearly everyone in town, especially when they hung out at Granny's, where everyone seemed to go. But the one person she had yet to meet was the one who she was most curious to meet. Mr Gold.


Burying any niggling thoughts Gold set off to the library. It was early, the library wouldn't be open just yet, but Gold wanted to beat the people. As he approached the library, he glanced up at the clock tower above the library, it read 7:55am. Though it was early Gold noticed the lights already on inside.

Settling himself on a nearby bench, Gold pulled out some documents he was working on which related to his need of the library. Several minutes later something compelled Gold to look up. He saw a figure silhouetted inside the library, unlocking the door. Gold waited a few seconds before gathering his courage and most intimidating face, and walking through the door of the library.


Having always been an early riser, Belle decided to open the library at 8 o'clock, though not customary, she thought she might as well open up, as she was awake anyhow. she also hoped she would lure in some Storybrooker on their way to work, but no such luck yet, though Henry often popped in on his way to school.

This particular morning was like any other, Belle had opened library at 8 sharp, and had began putting books on their correct shelves, humming as she did so. In a corner she had an extensive history section, mainly to indulge her own interests. She was reaching up to return a book, when she hear a tapping coming across the library. Belle froze. This must be the infamous Mr Gold, as she has heard of no other Storybrooke resident having a cane. And that cane could not be mistaken for the sound of a walking stick.


Stopping a little way behind, who he assumed to be the librarian, Gold cleared his throat.

"I'm looking for the librarian"

The figure in front of him turned around and suddenly nothing else mattered. His vision was filled with eyes that shone like the ocean on a warm summer's day, and features surrounded by chestnut curls. Gold had met many attractive women in his life, but none of them had the beauty of this women, beauty which shone through from inside, as well as being present on the outside. She was clad in sensible and modest clothes, usually seen on women at least ten years older than her. She couldn't be more than thirty. If that.

A slight tightness in his trousers around the groin area, drew his attention to the fact he was incredibly attracted to this woman. He had hardly looked at a women, after being metaphorically beaten to the ground by so many in his younger years. But here he was, at the ripe old age of 48, imagining what lay beneath this librarian's clothes.

Gold realised he had been staring at her like she was some zoo animal. But she had been staring back. She seemed as frozen as he was.


The man in front of her looked nothing like the man she had imagined from the vivid descriptions of Mr Gold. He was probably in his late forties, but had aged well. And to be quite blunt about it Belle thought he was sexy. Very sexy. She blushed at the thought. Most women her age wouldn't look twice at him. But she had always had a thing for older men. His streaked grey hair brushed past his shoulders onto his impeccable 3-peice suit. And those eyes; looking at them was like swimming in chocolate.

He was staring. He was not leering like most men, who just wanted her to fulfill their pleasures. No, he was looking at her in a kind of awe, something which Belle couldn't comprehend.

Belle Knew she should say something, but the words seemed struck in her throat.

"I'm the librarian." she finally managed to stutter, holding her hand out in greeting. "I'm Belle French. It's nice to meet you."

He took her hand and shook it, but it seemed like a caress. His touch travelled through her body and settled in her stomach and between her thighs.

"Mr Gold." He said finally, releasing her hand "A pleasure to meet you too."

The way he said 'pleasure' in his Scottish accent, sent tingles down her spine. Thoughts fluttered across her mind of what pleasures he could do to her, but she shook them off, blushing at such inappropriate thoughts. Belle wasn't sure what to do. She had never had this kind of instant attraction to a man before. And it had to be the hated Mr Gold.

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