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Chapter 1: Hope

As they discover that someone had manually sealed the bay before the launch, Marcus Kane's mind filled with sudden unexpected hope. Sidney had surely gotten rid of any potential threats by throwing them off the Exodus.

As the words came out of his mouth, Kane couldn't help but think of Abigail Griffin. Could she have survived?

Wick said that whoever it was wouldn't be alive for much longer. Kane had to get to her. He couldn't let her die. Not her. He was beginning to change because of her. She was making him a better person. Ever since the culling, he had blamed himself, drowned in his own guilt, trying desperately to redeem himself in any possible way. That was why he had disobeyed Jaha and forced the way open to get to him. Good thing he had because all the other people trapped in there got to live as well.

Moreover, he now had the hope that Abby might still be on the Ark and alive. But all of this didn't change the fact that 320 people had died by his fault. Had he just waited a little longer...

He forced his mind to focus on the task at hand. He had to get to Abby. She was their best doctor and also the strongest person he'd ever known. Her husband had been floated because of her, her daughter had been sent to the ground, she had been kicked out of the Council trying to warn and save her people and held hostage by a crazy woman who thought she deserved to live more than the rest of them. Yet here she was, still alive, somewhere out there. Alive. She was alive. He had to believe it. He had to get to her.

"How do we get to them?" he asked quickly.

The look of insistence in his eyes made the man before him think carefully before he answered.

"We.. we could... try the maintenance shaft." Wick suggested.

Maintenance shaft. Yes. Of course.

As Sinclair tried to dissuade him by stating that the cooling system would be out of order causing the heat in there to be close to unbearable, Kane's mind was made up already.

He was going.

If there was a chance that Abby was out there, he was going.

He exited the room, leaving the three men behind, speechless, and went looking for the shaft, taking a flash-light on his way out.

As he rounded the corner, Wick called out and caught up with him.

"You'll need this battery to open up the door to the bay."

The blond man handed him the object, flashing his light on it so Kane could check it out.

The engineer turned around to open the trap door to the shaft. It looked heavy and could have used some cleaning but Wick managed to get it off the wall, revealing a dark square hole.

He peaking in.

"It's not that hot, Sinclair doesn't know what he's talking about. It's a little warm." he said waving his hands in approximation.

He was clearly trying to lighten the mood and Kane couldn't hide the smile that spread across his face.

"So, you're not going to talk me out of going? He asked.

"No." Wick shook his head.

They stared at each other for a second before Kane nodded and levelled himself with the entrance of the hole.

"When you die, can I have your shoes?" Wick asked playfully.

Kane got back up, laughing a little, patting his newly found friend on the shoulder as he told him that they were too stylish for him.

As he got in the heat of the shaft, he realised how right Sinclair had been about it. He hadn't gone two meters that he was already sweating profusely and breathing hard. He kept going though. As much as the hot metal was starting to leave burning marks on his forearms, there was no way he'd turn around.

He didn't really know what pushed him towards this woman so badly but Kane was drawn to her. No matter how much he wished he wasn't, he couldn't deny it. He liked her a lot, probably more than he was supposed to but he wasn't quite ready to acknowledge this part.

They kept arguing all the time about this and that, never agreeing on anything, but they both had the lives of their people at heart. Kane had been so obsessed with keeping the law that he had never had time to consider any other way of doing things. If laws had been written, it was for the good of all and if they started making exception, who was to know what consequences that would arise.

Kane had criticised his mother all the time, saying she was a fool and in the end, it had been too late. He had been too late. He hadn't been able to protect her, to save her. He hadn't been able to tell her that he loved her dearly and never meant to hurt her. It was all a fa├žade, a pretence. In reality, he was proud of her, so proud. She had died in his arms without knowing for certain that her son didn't despise her but loved her with all his heart.

The same fate would not happen to Abby. He'd get to her on time. He would.

He fought the burning heat with renewed strength as thoughts of a woman he started to think he couldn't live without filled his mind.

After what seemed like an endless amount of time, Kane finally reached the end of the shaft and pushed himself out of it with a loud grunt.

He found the panel and got the battery out, his trembling hands struggling to plug the cables.

As the doors opened, living faces looked up at him, gasps of relief and hope filling the room as he touched their hands, desperately looking for the one person he had come for. The shallow uneven breaths of the others became louder as oxygen started coming in now that the door was open.

Kane found Abby a little away from the others. Her back was facing him and she was barely breathing. He bent close, turning her around, facing him. He carefully placed his hands on the sides of her head and gently stroked her cheeks. Relief flooded through him as he looked at her, the feeling quickly replaced by an intense worry. Her eyes were unfocused, her mouth open, trying to get the air she needed so badly. Her face was drenched in sweat and covered in dirt.

"Abby? Abby, wake up" Kane shook her, moving her head in his hands.

He smiled at her when she half opened her beautiful brown eyes. Placing his right hand on her neck, he lowered himself next to her, taking her in his arms. She let her head fall to his chest as he circled his arms around her tiny frame.

He had made it. She was alive.

He held her tightly as his mind tried to assess the situation. Now that he had opened the door, they should have enough air until back-up managed to get to them. Hopefully. He'd gotten here right on time though. He could feel Abby's breathing form pressed against him; the rise and fall of her chest wasn't satisfyingly even, nor strong enough. She was still struggling to get oxygen in her lungs.

She stirred against him, looking into his tired eyes.

"How...did...get her?" she managed in a barely audible whisper.

His eyes never left hers as he considered how much of it he'd tell her.

"Venting shaft. But we're not going back through it, the cooling system's down so it's a living hell in there."

That's when she finally took a good look at him, shifting so she could see the burns on his arm. As she fought to keep her eyes open, she brought her hand to the marks and a short gasp escaped her lips as Kane winced in pain. Her touch was light as she ran the tips of her fingers along his arm.

She closed her eyes, put her head back on his chest and kept her left hand firmly set on his right arm.

Abby could feel Kane's heart beating steadily against her cheek. She couldn't help snuggling closer to the man who had come to rescue her. He had changed so much in the last weeks. Not so long ago, he had been ready to float her just because the law indicated that he should. But now, she knew he was blaming himself for the culling and thought that he deserved all the hate that people directed at him. The old Kane wouldn't have been so affected by this. Or, she knew, he wouldn't have been trying to redeem himself. He would have accepted the facts and put it on the fact that it had to be done and that was it.

She didn't hate him for the decision that he'd made. He couldn't have possibly known that the kids were still alive, that they had taken their wristband off just to piss them all off here on the Ark. Or so she thought.

Those 320 people had chosen to sacrifice themselves for the good of their family or simply because they had no one to care for and decided to give something to the rest of the Ark's population. Kane hadn't hand picked them as he had originally planned. They had been willing people who knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. What was done was done.

Abby felt Kane's arms tighten around her as she slowly drifted towards unconsciousness. Her last coherent thoughts were of the warmth of the muscular body she was leaning against.

Kane felt more than heard the change in her breathing. The lack of oxygen had taken its toll on Abby and he knew she had passed out. As he looked around, he noticed that most of the others probably had too. If Wick and Sinclair didn't find a way to get to them fast, he didn't know how many of the unconscious people were going to make it. Despite the flow of oxygen coming from the corridor now that the door to the bay was open, he didn't think it would be enough for too long.

He pressed his hand to Abby's head and kissed her temple.

"Hold on Abby. Just hold on, please." he whispered in her ear.