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Chapter 4: Acceptance

When they got to the Council room, Jaha was sat at the table and half a dozen people were standing a little away in front of him.

Kane took the seat directly across from the chancellor and Abby leant against the wall, not far from the group.

The unspoken understanding between them as they had deliberately put some distance between them helped calming their overbearing emotions.

Silence had crept its way in the corridors as they had walked to the Council room. It had been filled with tension, not too awkward nor disagreeable but most welcome.

Now facing Kane's back, Abby hugged herself and swallowed as her body called out to his, craving the earlier proximity.

Yep. The bastard definitely had an effect on her and she almost hated herself (and his charming looks) for it. She shouldn't be attracted to a man who'd almost killed her just for the sake of it, should she? Not to count his part in the death of her husband. And the arrest of her daughter.

The number of things she should hate him for was too long for her to waste time enumerating them but the general idea was simple enough. And yet, she couldn't bring herself to feel anything but compassion, forgiveness and, well, some other things she wasn't ready to admit. Of course, she knew she'd have to face her own feelings at some point. She supposed that she most likely believed that if she pushed them aside, buried them deep enough, that maybe it wouldn't actually be there.

Who was she kidding though? She wouldn't be able to hide the way she felt forever, couldn't deny it forever. She'd have to at the very least acknowledge them some time. Probably sooner than she'd have expected...

Abby shook her head and focused on what Jaha had to tell them all.

Kane joined his hands under the table and fixed their chancellor. Trying to decipher any sort of emotions or hint as to what the man wanted to say was all he could do not to let his mind wander into the dangerous territory that were his feelings for Abigail Griffin.

Jaha's face remained impassible though. Surely, he had some news about their situation that Kane guessed weren't particularly good.

"Every simulation has been run. Every system modification has been made. The hard and simple fact is that in 51 hours, life on the Ark will no longer be possible."

So that was it then. 51 hours. It was even less than Kane had expected but he guessed that with what happened with the Exodus, they were actually lucky to have that much. He kept his gaze fixed on Jaha as he listened to the rest of it.

"I choose to find consolation in one remarkable truth. The surviving number of the 100 have..."

The end of the sentence got lost in the air as Abby absorbed what her chancellor and friend had just told them. 51 hours. They were going to die up here. Nothing could save them. If Thelonius was announcing this the way he was, all calm and composed, Abby knew he believed every single word he'd just told them. She couldn't help but feel anger raging inside of her as she realised that he'd given up. It faded almost as quickly as it had surfaced because despite how badly she wanted to hear that they would find a solution, she knew this was it. Nothing could save them this time around. Jaha was only being realistic.

The sound of one of the women's voice broke her train of thoughts.

"So what do we tell our constituents to do now? What do we do now?"

Kane turned his head towards the woman and then back to Jaha as he answered.

"Look inside. Find your peace." He gave them a small smile and regained his composure, speaking in a serious tone once more.

"In the meantime, I'm releasing all the available resources to the surviving citizens of the Ark. There will be no more rationing. What we have belongs to all of us."

He then ended their meeting with the loud bang of his gavel. Everyone started pouring out of the room discussing what their chancellor had just dropped on them. Abby and Kane stayed behind, thinking it all through, absorbing the news.

Deep in thought, Abby startled when Jaha asked her if she was alright. She nodded, assuring him that she was fine but he wasn't fooled by her calm demeanour. Trying to process the information it had just received, her mind suddenly went completely blank. It was all too much. She just stared in front of her, feeling empty and numb.

Kane saw Jaha's eyes go from Abby to him. He could sense that the chancellor was trying to determine what sort of impact his little speech had had on both of them. Kane refused to look at Abby, who was still standing behind him and kept his gaze firmly set on Jaha. He couldn't believe the man had just given up. There had to be something they hadn't thought of. They couldn't just sit back and wait until death came to meet them. There was no way Kane was going to do that. His hands still joined, he levelled them with his face and finally spoke up.

"Sir, is it wise to waste rations when we don't know for sure?"

Jaha responded immediately, completely adamant.

"But we do know for sure."

Right. Just because they had thought that they had run every possibility didn't mean they actually had. What if they had overlooked something? What if there was a miscalculation somewhere? Kane's mind worked on overload, thinking of all the ways they could have missed something. He looked up.

"Well, I can't just... do nothing. I need to find a solution."

Hearing Kane's determination, Jaha looked at the two people still in the room and smiled to them. Kane wanted to get up and leave, go do exactly what he had just told his chancellor, but there was something that kept him right where he was. He wanted to know how Abby was holding up. How she had taken the news. So he stayed and listened patiently for what Jaha had to say next.

"Kane, I know this is hard to accept. But if you would like to spend your remaining time re-running simulations, by all means you can do that. I, however, will be spending my time with my family and a bottle of 97 years old scotch."

He got up, went around the table and put a hand on Kane's shoulder. He squeezed gently, sending comfort and telling him how deeply sorry he was for it to be ending this way with unspoken words. Kane accepted the gesture, his eyes softening visibly. His tensed muscles relaxed ever so slightly at the sympathetic look in the other man's eyes.

Jaha then turned to Abby who hadn't said a word nor moved the whole time. She looked right through him, seemingly not seeing him at all as he approached her, running a hand from her shoulder down to her elbow, smiling to her too. Her eyes flickered and she finally locked her eyes with his. He smiled again and turned to leave the room.

Abby's mind started re-functioning and the first thought she had was for her daughter. Clarke was on the ground and believed her mother was dead. It wasn't quite right at the moment, but soon, she would indeed be as dead as can be. She was going to die up here without ever having the chance to talk to Clarke, to clarify some things, to explain. She was never going to see her beautiful daughter's face again. Her eyes teared up and she hugged herself even tighter, almost bending in half as her very soul was torn apart.

She heard Kane's voice somewhere in the distant fog that was the real world. He had just said her name very softly and she realised he was now standing right in front of her, his hands holding both her elbows. She couldn't bear to meet his gaze so she stared at his chest instead.

"I fail..I failed." she whispered.

Kane's frown furrowed. What was she referring to?

"She's gonna hate me forever. She blames me for her father's death. I'll never get to make that right, now. Never get to hug her. Can't protect her anymore"

Clarke. Of course she'd think of her daughter. The girl thought she'd witnessed her mother's death when she saw the Exodus coming down and the last thing she'd made sure her mother had known the last time they'd spoken was how she could never forgive her for what she'd done.

Surely, upon realising that her mother was dead, the teenage girl would regret her harsh thoughts and wish she could have talked it out with her mum. Clarke was just as stubborn and strong-willed as Abby, Kane knew that. If given the chance though, Clarke would have come around and forgiven her mother. She would have made her sweat it, Kane was absolutely certain of that, but in the end, Abby was still her family. All she'd ever done had been to protect her daughter.

Kane took Abby in his arms, gently running his hand through her hair, holding her head against him, his cheek on top of it. He soothed her with soft circle of his other hand on her back, rocking their bodies slowly.

Abby clang to him as she wept. The stress of all the recent events rushing back, hitting her hard. She buried her head in the crook of Kane's neck, relaxing to the smell of him, quieting her sobs.

They stood there for a few minutes, relishing in the closeness of the other, lost in their own thoughts. Little did they know that both were thinking of the same things.

Kane didn't want to ever let her go. He took advantage of the situation and tightened his hold on her. She didn't protest but snuggled closer.

"She doesn't hate you Abby. Right now, I'm pretty sure that the very thought of having lost you makes her want nothing more than for you to be alive and well down there with her kicking her ass and being all motherly."

He felt her chuckle and her breath on his neck sent shivers down his spine. He gasped but if Abby noticed, she didn't show it.

"Thank you Marcus. I never thought anyone could actually make me laugh in a situation like this..." she said, forcing herself to look at his face.

The intensity of the look she found there hit her like a rock. Buried so deep in his eyes, she saw a sadness she wished wasn't there. She wasn't sure of what caused it; could be the fact that they didn't have much time left to live, or maybe it was something else entirely. He shifted his hands on her back and she released the breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding.

"Abby..." he said in a whisper.

He held her tightly around the waist and brought his right hand up to her face, brushing some of her hair back, caressing her cheek with his thumb.

She closed her eyes as her breath caught and her body tingled all over, sending a rush of heat in her stomach.

She was so beautiful. Kane noticed her reaction to his touch and wandered if maybe she felt the same way he did. He'd finally come to accept his feelings for her, mere moments ago. He guessed that the fact that they might very well die in just over two days had led him to admit to himself that he was in love with the woman in his arms. If there really was nothing they could do to survive, then he wouldn't die lying to himself.

He felt her linger in his embrace, her cheek pushing against his hand, her breathing shallow and her muscles very tensed. He observed her as her yes were still closed and decided that it was his chance to tell her.

He did what he'd wanted to do for quite some time now and leant in to gently press his lips on hers. He dreaded her reaction but the incredible feeling of their joined lips waved his fears away to enjoy the new sensation while it lasted.

Abby melted in his arms as he kissed her. She'd been surprised, very pleasantly surprised by the act and didn't want it to ever end. Her feelings for the man close against her rushed to the surface and she revelled in their tight embrace. She parted her lips ever so slightly and he took the hint, deepening the kiss.

Kane pushed her farther into the wall and tangled his hand in her hair. The world was completely lost to them as they explored each other's mouths with a passion they didn't even know was so strong. Abby's hands slid up his chest, one of them making its way to his neck as the other lingered over his heart. Kane's left hand left her back to link their fingers over his strongly beating heart.

After a few minutes, their lips finally parted and both panting for breath, they pressed their foreheads together, eyes half closed.

"Marcus..." Abby's voice trailed and she opened her eyes, distancing herself from him a little. She kept her hands firmly on his chest as she locked her eyes with his.

"Thank you."

She paused. She saw confusion in his eyes as he wandered what she was thanking him for.

"You came for me." she whispered. "You saved me."

Relief washed over Kane's face upon hearing these words. He smiled to her and pecked her lips to say it was nothing.

"I'm serious Kane. It was very risky, you could have died yourself. So thank you." she said moving her hands up to where his chest and shoulders met.

He smiled at her.

"I wasn't going to let you die, Abby. I couldn't. This is going to sound so selfish but it's true. I knew there might have been other people there with you and that maybe you weren't even there at all, but all I could think about was you. How to get to you. Get you to safety." He took a deep breath as he continued.

"When I saw you, away from the others, I was so scared that I hadn't made it in time, that you were dead. But you were still breathing and then you passed out and... and..."

"Shhh." Abby brought her fingers to his cheek and silenced him with a kiss.

Passion radiated through that kiss, plunging them both in an ocean of pure happiness and love. After having denied their feelings for so long, the joy of finally being able to let it all out in the open freed them in more than one way. The mixing of their tongue battling in their mouths unleashed such strong emotions that they were soon overwhelmed by them, forcing their lips to part, allowing them to breathe in the other's scent.

Kane took Abby's hand and led them out of the room. No words was needed for her to follow him eagerly, both of them almost running in anticipation. They reached Kane's room in a few minutes and he opened the door, inviting her in, worry and fear of rejection filling his eyes. She gave him the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen and stepped him, tugging him by the hand.

He shut the door and turned around, kissing her tenderly as they slowly made their way to his bed. They stopped right in front of it and Abby fought to get his shirt off him. Dropping it to the floor, she let him do the same with hers and helped him unclasp her bra before reaching for his trousers. Soon, they were completely naked.

Kane laid her down on the bed, kissing his way down her jaw, neck, shoulder-line, stopping at her breasts.

All coherent thoughts vanished from her mind as Abby lost herself in the pleasure of Kane's caresses and kisses. She squirmed under him as a loud moan escaped her lips. She gripped his shoulder with one hand, nails almost piercing his skin as she ran the other through his messy hair.

Kane enjoyed the way her body reacted to his ministration and let his hand wander lower as the other teased her left nipple. His mouth still on her other breast, he sucked gently on it. His wandering hand reaching its target, he hardened that much more as he explored the wetness that had formed at her entrance.

"Marcus, please." She moaned, thrusting her lower body against his hand.

Kane smiled, levelled his head with hers and kissed her lovingly as he positioned himself. He felt her grab his manhood and guide him to her.

If they didn't find a way to get to the ground, they would all be dead in a little over 50 hours. He fully intended to reunite the woman under him with her daughter so he swore to himself that he would find a solution for them to go down to Earth. But first, perhaps just in case they didn't make it, he was going to make love to the woman he loved so desperately.

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