Chapter 2 – Memories

"I'm going down to the lake." James announced. It was lunchtime, and James hadn't been in any of Lily's classes so far. The others followed him silently.

"Should we go to the kitchens?" Remus asked.

"Not yet. Let's make sure Lily isn't down there first." Sirius replied.

"He's barely spoken all morning, he's in both my lessons." Peter told them.

"Women!" Sirius muttered shaking his head.

"Can't live with them, can't live without them." Remus agreed.

* * * * *

"Lily!" James cried out. She was sitting alone on a rock, by the water. Courtney, Sophie and Amber were standing a few metres away. Lily turned around. As soon as she saw James, she ran past the four boys. James chased her and caught her arm. The three girls joined Sirius, Remus and Peter silently. The group was too far away to hear anything, so they watched. Soon, shouting broke out, and the girls instinctively walked nearer to their friend. Shrugging, the boys followed, until they were spread in a line, a metre or so away from the arguing couple, who were oblivious to them.

"Do you have any idea how I felt when you implied that about me, in front of the entire school? I was totally humiliated you insensitive prat!" Lily screamed.

"Really? Well that's funny, because I felt totally cool about everyone noticing my girlfriend ignoring me!" James shouted sarcastically.

"Then you should have told me as soon as you decided that it was over, instead of being immature and forcing me to declare it in front of everyone."

"What?" James cried, confused.

"You know exactly what, you moron."

"Very mature Lily, name-calling."

"You want name-calling James? I could say much worse, without once overreacting!" Lily shrieked.

"Go right ahead you pathetic bitch!" James bellowed.

"I can't." She yelled.

"Why's that then?" He roared.

"You want to know why James?" Lily's voice was now quiet, bitter, and full of hurt. "Because I can't even look at you right now." Tears streamed down her face as she turned and walked up to the castle. Amber and Courtney hurried after her, but Sophie paused long enough to tell James:

"I hope you're happy. You should be satisfied, now you've got what you want. It's just a shame that you had to destroy Lily in the process." She told him coldly. She turned but James caught her arm and sharply pulled her back.

"What exactly do I want then Sophie?"

"Don't try that James, it's starting to wear a bit thin. I just would never have believed that you of all people would be too cowardly and pathetic to tell Lily yourself." She wrenched her arm out of his grip and ran to catch up with her friends and console Lily.

"What?" James was confused and looked like he was about to cry. He staggered over to the rock Lily had sat on, and dropped his head in his hands. "I've lost her, haven't I?" He sounded heartbroken, and his voice came out in a strangled gasp, not remotely like his usual voice. Sirius and Peter rushed over and crouched beside their friend, but Remus looked thoughtful, and followed the girls up and into the castle.

* * * *

"Lily?" Remus whispered. He saw the girl, draped on a table, as he had guessed, in the library. Her head was in her hands, and she was in the same state as James had been when Remus had left him. At the sound of his voice, Lily looked up, her eyes were swollen, and her face, tearstained.

"How did you know I'd be here?"

"Where else do you go, when you can't go to the lake?" She smiled, and Remus returned it.

"Do you want to talk?"


        There was silence. Remus nudged his friend.

        "Uh…Lily, you have to say something, I have nothing to talk about."

    "Oh…right, of course, sorry."

        "Well, what is it all about?"

   "The argument at breakfast, or just now?"


        "Well, just now was because of the argument at breakfast, and the one at breakfast, was about James being jealous for no reason."

   "He was annoyed because you went and sat with Stephen Jordan instead of him, and Lily it was a bit weird, you always sit with us. Why not today?"

        "What so he can flirt with Felicity Spinnet, but I can't be friends with Stephen?"

   "So that's it! You were jealous because you thought he was flirting with Felicity."

        "Well, yeah, but also because, okay, I suppose I'll have to tell you now. You want to know the real reason why I was acting like that this morning?"


        "Okay, lately, James has been ignoring me, he, Peter and Sirius snuck out of the common room without telling me anything about. He always tells me what you lot are planning to do, but he didn't even mention it this time, and it was obvious it was planned. And yesterday, he barely even noticed when I went to the library, and I invited him to come, and normally, he'll go anywhere with me. So I thought about it, and then I realised that he was just being horrible, so I'd get sick of him, and break up with him. I figured it was so he wouldn't have to bother about me getting all upset when he broke up with me!" Remus sighed triumphantly.

        "That's why? You actually thought that?"

   "Well yeah!"

   "Lily, James adores you. He's out by the lake now, sobbing his broken little heart out! The reason he has been acting weird is actually my fault."

        "How?" Lily asked skeptically. Remus sighed and made her swear never to tell anyone.

   "I'm a werewolf." Lily smiled.

   "Yeah right. What was it you really wanted to say?"

        "Exactly that, I can't make it much clearer." Lily stared at him.

   "You poor thing." She hugged him.

   "Well I'll tell you this, if everyone was that nice about it, my life would be a lot easier. You see James, Sirius and Peter were coming to visit me, in my safety place, the Shrieking Shack. They're all illegal animagus you see." Lily breathed.

        "Well! That's not something you hear every day." She paused "Where is James? Will he speak to me?"

   "Lily, he's crazy about you. It's getting dark; I have to go. Bye. Good luck!"

        "Thanks Remus, I really appreciate what you told me, it can't have been easy." He smiled his reply, and hurried to the whomping willow.

   Lily followed him out of the castle and re-traced her steps back to lake.

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