Something very unusual was happening at Beacon Academy. Something that was thought to be impossible, something that brought hope to the ignorant and terror to those who knew better, something that had never happened before.

Team RWBY was sitting in their dorm room. Quietly.

Despite the wishes of at least two of their members, RWBY's dorm was never quiet while they were there. Whether it was Weiss arguing with Ruby, Ruby singing along with her music, Weiss arguing with Yang, weapons malfunctions, Yang teasing Ruby, Weiss arguing with Blake, Yang playing her club music too loud, various other antics or Weiss arguing with herself (about how to get her teammates to shut up) there was always some noise coming from RWBY's dorm. Even when they slept Yang's snoring was obnoxiously loud.

Ever since the train incident team RWBY had been effectively under house arrest. Vale was off limits until the city finished repairs. Classes were cancelled until the Vytal Festival was over but that had pushed back because of the city needed to be repaired. First year students could only enter the forests to hunt Grimm on assignment but because class was cancelled there were no assignments. All there was to do was homework and training. But their homework was done and training all day, everyday quickly became tedious.

In short, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long were bored.

Something had to be done.

*Knock, knock*

"Weiss, get the door." Ruby lazily ordered. She was lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to her music. She hadn't moved for the last five hours. But that was okay, neither had any of her teammates. Weiss was doing her nails, Blake was reading as always, and Yang was pretending to be asleep.

"You didn't say please" Weiss replied.

Ruby tried again. "Blake get the door"

"No." Blake continued reading.

"Yang, get the door."


Ruby threw her headphones off in frustration. "Oh, come on! I know you're not sleeping. You literately just said 'Snore'."

"Z Z Z Z" Yang replied with added sarcasm.

"Fine. 'Ruby get the door.'" Ruby jumped to the ground and continued talking to herself "'Sure thing Ruby.' 'Thanks Ruby.'" She opened the door "'Anything for you Ruby. You're the best leader ever. I would never think of disobeying your orders.' Hello?"

"Whose there?" Weiss asked without looking up.

"Umm, Nobody." Ruby answered. She started to look around in confusion.

That made Weiss look up "Really? Someone just knocked on our door and ran? That sounds like a really stupid prank. You know, like something Yang would pull. I mean-" at this point she was cut off by a pillow thrown into her face. "YANG! What the hell?"

Yang rolled over and tried to get comfortable without her pillow. "Sleeping noises."

Weiss sighed. "You're not even trying."

Blake looked up from her for a moment and said "Don't explain the joke, Weiss."

Meanwhile, across the hallway Ruby was investigating.

"So you're sure you didn't hear anything Jaune?"

"Yes Ruby. None of us heard anything, none of us knocked on your door, none of us have even left our room for the past hour." Jaune was annoyed. He had just started to fall asleep after another grueling training session with Pyrrha when he had been forced to get up because the rest of his team refused to answer the door. And now Ruby wouldn't stop pestering him when he should be sleeping.

Ruby seemed to finally realize that she wouldn't be getting any info out of her first friend at Beacon and turned to leave, "Alright, bye. See you later I gueWHAAAA!" and promptly tripped and fell.

Jaune quickly turned a fit of giggles into into coughs. When he had recovered he asked if the young team leader was okay. She nodded and quickly investigated what had caused her to trip. At this point the rest of both teams where peaking their heads out their doors, curious about the commotion. They stared at the long black box Ruby held in her hands.

On it where the words "Cards Against Remnant."

AN: Hey guys, what's up? This is first ever fan fiction so I decided to do something easy and harmless. Thus RWBY and JNPR are going to play Cards Against Humanity. This isn't going to be planned in any way. I'm going to be using a text list of cards and a random number generator to pick cards. Anyway I'd appreciate any reviews. I want to know if I'm doing well and how I can improve.

That's all from me.

- Rex Heller