Lucas' POV

I was running, but I don't know where. I saw people but they were not familiar. I took a closer look and I realized it was Sonic, Sonia, and Manic. They were all staring at me like I was a freak. They knew. They knew what I could do. They turned their backs but when I ran up to them, they turned into Robotnik and two others who I didn't recognize. As I tried to run, I saw someone else. He looked like a cowboy getting ready to go into space. As he reached out and grabbed my shoulder, everything went black.

I woke up to the scent of burnt fabric. I looked around me to see Manic looking down at me with crossed arms. "Explanation as for why I came back from a walk to see flames around your bed." He said. He was alone, meaning Sonic and Sonia doesn't know yet.

"I don't know. Maybe Robotnik made a robot that can silently start fires." I suggested. Manic didn't look to convinced and I sighed. "I'll tell you in the morning." That seemed to do the trick since he unfolded his arms and nodded. "Alright. I will see you in the morning. Here's an extra blanket." He said before tossing me a new blanket. After he left, instead of going back to sleep, I found myself thinking of a story to tell the three hedgehog siblings.

I start remembering the days when I was younger, when I had no control. I looked at my hoodie before taking it off, looking at my wrist which had cuts on it. I wiped the tears that was threatening to enter my eyes and looked outside. I looked over at the microphone that Sonic and the others gave me. I remembered how they accepted me and told him he had a good set of pipes, making him their lead singer. I grabbed it and cleared my throat before saying the first verse of a song that I would listen to.

MikelWJ ~ Please don't cut

Dear friend, lover, ex, or whatever
I'm writing you to let you know I hope you feel better
I know that things are so hard. The stress is so much.
And when you reach out all there are is uppercuts
And they are the cause for the ones on your wrist
The reason why you cry, make a ball of your fist
I understand that you have a lot you go through
The fact that they yell and your brother would hit you
And no one gets you. The plastered on fake smile.
The real one has been gone now for quite a while
So your arms bleed, but the blood tells you you're living
It takes away the numb feeling these people were giving
That razor blade has become your closest companion
It relieves all the pain you want to abandon
Your arms are scared so you think you're unlovable
But honestly I just want you to feel comfortable.

So please don't cut, please don't cut
I promise you you're loved so please don't cut
Right now I see that you're stuck in a rut
But please don't cut, please don't cut
And if you feel the need to say you're all out of luck
I'm just a call away when things get rough
The fact of the matter is I know you're enough
So please don't cut, please don't cut

I tried not to cry, knowing I could never finish that verse without a tear shedding. I cleared my voice before starting again.

Put the blade down, it really isn't worth it
No good will come from a slit up and bruised wrist
And you cover it long sleeves so they won't see
But you can't hide all the hurt and pain from me
You say you're miserable and there are times you wanna die
But then you pull out a razor and cut while you cry
It makes you feel human and like you are still alive
But don't you understand that the feeling is all a lie
You put your self in danger when you're slicing up your skin
You're only letting self-hate find its way in
I promise you'll get better but just meet me half way
And please throw the razors and pins all away
I swear that you'll make it. There's no dought in my mind.
And if you look around, I know it's what you'll find
You're gonna feel better once this door has been shut
Please make me a promise that tonight you won't cut


At this point, I couldn't take much more as I started crying but I forced myself to finish this song.

They label you, but not a single word is true
Who cares what the world is saying about you
They don't know. They just assume.
They're not with you when you're lonely up in your room
They're not with you when you're begging to up above
They're not there when you need a little love
They don't care when you have nothing to give
So who's to say that you even would wanna live
Every life is precious, and that is what I promise
If we never speak again, I hope you know i'm honest
You deserve to be happy and clean from the cutting
You deserve to be a person who's surrounded with loving
Every life is precious, and that's something that I promise
If we never speak again, I hope you know i'm honest
You deserve to be happy and clean from the cutting
You deserve to be a person who's surrounded with loving

(Chorus x2)

By the end, I was on my knees, weeping silently when he felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up and through red, teary eyes, I saw Manic standing there. I couldn't hold back anymore and bawled my eyes out while Manic just comforted me.

(Dear readers, I'm sorry if this chapter seems abit dreary but this is the feeling I had when I wrote this. Anyways, I will be doing this story more often. I wanted to get this done before I go off to summer camp, so enjoy and as always, read, like and review.)