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Two and a half months later

Reid let out a small moan as he woke up from his slumber. He turned over to see that Emily wasn't next to him. Pushing away the covers, he already knew where she was and smiled as he made his way to the nursery. He opened the door to see Emily cradling their three week old son in her arms as she rocked back and forth on the rocking chair. "How's Everett this morning?" he asked as walked in and kissed her on the cheek. Looking down, he saw his son sleeping peacefully with a pacifier in his mouth. He kissed his son's head before rising back up.

"He is as perfect as ever," Emily beamed as she looked back to their son. "I just couldn't resist coming in and holding him."

"He's not going anywhere," Reid assured her before holding his son's tiny hand with care. "He's got a big day ahead of him today."

"I know," Emily nodded. "I can't believe that Rossi and Garcia are throwing us a party to celebrate his birth."

"You know it's just a cover for them to spoil him with more gifts," Reid chuckled before noticing that Everett was beginning to squirm in Emily's arm. Moments later, Everett began to cry and opened his eyes.

"Oh, I think my little boy is hungry," Emily said gently. "Daddy can have a cuddle while I go and get you a bottle."

Reid brought Everett into his arms and walked around the room trying to soothe his son. "Hey, it's okay. Daddy is here and your mommy has gone to get you a bottle. Today, you're going to spend some time with your aunties, uncles, grandpas, cousins and everyone else. They can't wait to spoil you with gifts. Your aunty Garcia has no doubt practically brought you an entire toy store."

Everett continued to cry until Emily walked back into the room with the bottle. "Does daddy want to feed him?"

"Daddy would but daddy must use the bathroom. Besides, I know how much you love giving him the first feed of the day."

Emily sat down on the rocking chair, put the bottle down on the edge of the chair and cradled Everett into one arm and used the other to feed him the bottle. Everett began to suckle from the bottle and instantly calmed.

"I'll make some coffee after I use the bathroom," Reid said before rushing out of the room.

Emily let out a giggle before looking back down to the baby. "Your daddy is silly sometimes."

Reid finished getting dressed for the party and made his way to the living room where Emily was packing the baby bag. Everett was snoring gently in his car seat and was dressed in a onesie that Garcia had brought. Everett was a beautiful baby and looked just like him. His hair was brown, his eyes dark brown too and he had his nose too.

"We're finally ready to go," Emily said as she brought the bag over her shoulder. Reid grabbed his satchel and then picked up the car seat by the handle.

"Everett is going to love all the attention today," Reid smirked as they left the house.

"Ten bucks says that Garcia cuddles him the most today," Emily smirked back.

"You're on."

Garcia looked up as she heard footsteps coming down the steps from Rossi's back porch. She rushed over to Reid and Emily and her attention was immediately on her nephew. "Oh, he's so adorable. I could just kiss those little cheeks."

"You're going to win," Reid said to Emily. "Garcia, you can pick him up."

Immediately unbuckling the baby from the seat, she brought him into her arms and kissed his cheeks. "You're such a handsome little boy."

Everett moved in her arms and let out an adorable yawn that made Garcia's heart melt. "Oh, look at him. He's just a little munchkin. I want one," Garcia pouted playfully.

"I once remember you talking about the perfect offspring of Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan," Reid laughed before Emily gave him a playful hit on his arm.

Garcia let out a little giggle that only got stronger as Morgan walked down the steps to join them. "What's so funny?" Morgan asked.

"Nothing," Garcia shrugged before bringing her giggles to a smile. "Would Uncle Derek like to hold his nephew?"

"Absolutely," Morgan nodded before gently picking the baby up and holding him against his chest. "Look at all that hair. Uncle Derek will teach you how to manage that when you're older."

"I'm not going to point out the obvious problem with that," Emily grinned.

"I shave my head," Morgan replied before moving side to side as Everett began to get a little fussy. The baby calmed as the movement soothed him. "See, I got the skills."

"Perfect candidate, Garcia," Emily winked playfully causing Garcia to roll her eyes.

Hotch fed Everett as the rest of the team and family began to eat the dinner that Rossi had helped prepare with Garcia. Looking over them all, he couldn't help but smile at the happiness that flowed through them all. Emily and Spencer loved each other deeply and had survived their struggles to have a child and now had a wonderful son together. He still sometimes had dreams about hearing Reid scream down the phone as he was being tortured. Hotch was only able to get past the screams by remembering that Reid was now happy, alive and that Dell was dead. Jason Berg was still being treated in an mental hospital while Carey Lock had died in prison when his kidneys had failed.

Everett finished the bottle and Hotch brought him to his shoulder to burp him. He enjoyed spending time with Everett and considered him his nephew. Many of their lives had remained the same apart from another new arrival from JJ a year before. Michael LaMontange was a welcome and wonderful addition to the large family and it was nice that Everett would have someone close to his age to grow up with.

"How's uncle Hotch managing?" Reid called down the table.

"He's managing just fine," Hotch assured him before bringing Everett back into his arms. Everett's eyes wandered for a moment before settling on Hotch. The baby's small hand clasped Hotch's finger. "You're going to have a great life, Everett."

Reid walked over to Hotch with a cup of soda and handed it to him before taking a seat. Jack and Henry were kicking around a soccer ball at the end of the garden and everyone else was talking and fussing over Micheal and Everett. "This is nice," Reid sighed happily.

"Everyone finally got to meet Everett and it's been a while since we've had a dinner this big with all the family."

Reid looked over to Emily as she held their son. "Hotch, thank you."

"For what?" Hotch questioned.

"I know it's been a few years since Dell kidnapping me but I want you still to know that it was your words down the phone that kept me going. You told me that I was strong when he was hurting me and it gave me the strength to keep going."

"I was only telling the truth," Hotch smiled. "You are strong. Look at how far you've come. You're married, have a wonderful home and wife and a beautiful baby boy. I know you've had a few flashbacks over the years but you've fought through them."

"Everett helps keep me grounded," Reid sighed. "Since he was born, things have been absolutely amazing and it's great to see Emily so full of joy. I hated seeing her unhappy when we tried all the different avenues to have a baby. She was heartbroken when she found out she couldn't have a biological child and I felt like I let her down when my family's mental health history prevented us from adopting. She's been so happy since Everett was born and she was always meant to be a mother."

"I know it seems like life has been putting a lot of obstacles in front of you but you've overcome them all. Both of you. You'll always have our support and we're always going to be a family."

"I know, Hotch. I only want strong people in Everett's life and every strong is here today."

The next day

Emily finished dressing her son in a onesie and brought him back in her arms and held him with his head leaning against her chest. The party had been wonderful and they were struggling to find places for all the gifts they had been given for Everett. She walked into the kitchen to find Reid feeding Baker and Kurt. She let out a small giggle at the sight of cats swarming around his legs.

"I'm getting it," Reid shook his head as he finished putting the food in the bowls and put them on the floor.

Emily looked down at Everett and decided it was time for her to talk with Reid about her choice. "Spencer, I need to talk to you about something important."

"What is it?" he asked as he washed his hands.

"I want to leave the FBI and become a full time mother," she said.

"You love working at the BAU though," Reid replied as he leaned against the counter.

"I do but I thought about it and I've decided that I want to devote my time to raising our baby. I've spent a long time putting away criminals and risking my life and now I want to be a mother. My biggest fear is Everett being left alone in life if something were to happen to us in the field. Spencer, I know that I could do both but I waited so long to be a mother and I want to embrace that role to its fullest. I hope you're okay with my decision."

Spencer walked over to her and kissed her gently on her lips. "Emily, I'm happy as long as you're happy. If I'm honest, I think I knew this was coming. Everett is going to love spending lots of time with his mommy."

"His mommy is going to enjoy spending lots of time with him," Emily grinned before looking down at her sleeping son. "I want to be there for every moment."

A few weeks later

Reid walked through Bennington nervously but knew that his mother was having a good day and that it was the best time to introduce her to her grandson. He had come alone with the baby after Emily had decided that it was a moment just for him and his mother. Dr Norman led him to her room and left him at the door. "Someone will be outside," Dr Norman informed him. "It's just a precaution."

"I understand," Reid nodded before looking back to Everett in the carrier. "She won't hurt him though."

Opening the door, he stepped in and closed the door behind him. His mother was reading from her book and didn't seem to register his arrival. "Hey, Mom."

Diana looked up and smiled. "Spencer, it's wonderful to see you. I lost track of time."

"That's okay," he said before walking over to the bed and using the handle to put the carrier on the bed. Diana walked over to him as he brought Everett into his arms. She reached out and touched the baby's surprising amount of hair. "Mom, this is your grandson, Everett. Remember, I told you about his arrival in my letters."

Tears welled in Diana's eyes. "Oh, Spencer, he's beautiful. You picked such a wonderful name. A strong name."

"Why don't you sit down and hold him?" Spencer suggested. Diana quickly walked to her chair and held out her arms. Reid carefully placed the baby in her arms and knew that everything would be okay by the way Diana held him. She stared lovingly at Everett and let out a joyful sob. Reid leaned down and put his hand on her shoulder. "Mom, are you okay?"

"It's just-," Diana began before taking a deep breath and starting again. "I'm a grandmother and I'm so proud of you. I'm afraid that I'm going to forget about this precious angel in my arms when my mind becomes foggy."

"I brought you something," Reid smiled softly before going over to bag and bringing out an album. He opened it to show her pictures of Everett, on his own, and with everyone else. He had placed one of his favourite photos in there. It was of Emily, Everett and himself at the party. Garcia had taken it when they had been relaxing on Rossi's porch.

"This is for you to fill up with the photos that I'm going to send to you. You'll never forget him and I know you love having photo albums. This one is just for you to fill with pictures of your grandson."

"Thank you," she said before calming down. She looked up into Reid's eyes. "Spencer, I know that you'll be a brilliant father. Does William know about the baby?"

"No, Mom, he doesn't," Reid shook his head. "I doubt he knows I'm married either. He was never there for me as a child and I don't want him letting down my son the way he let me down."

"It's your choice whether to tell him or not and I'll stand by you on that choice," Diana assured him before her attention was caught by Everett yawning and opening his eyes. "Oh, look at those eyes. You have your daddy's eyes. Hi, Everett. I'm your grandma. You're just the most precious and beautiful little boy in the world."

Reid let out a small sigh of relief at the fact that everything was going well and that his mother adored her grandson. Watching her gently rock back and forth to keep Everett calm, he hoped that seeing her grandson would give her the strength to fight against her disease and to be around in Everett's life for a long time.

A few months later

Everett knew he had only been in the world for a short time but he was beginning to understand the world around him. He smiled at his mommy as she made funny faces at him and reached out his hands to grab the bear that his daddy was waving in front of him.

He didn't know much of the world but knew his daddy and mommy loved him.

One day, he will know about his father's kidnapping and know where his strength comes from.

He will use that same strength to get through medical school and become a doctor.

On the day of his graduation from medical school, his mother will hold him close and tell him that she is proud and happy for him. His father will hug him and tell him that he is proud of his son becoming a healer.

Dr Everett Reid will one day save many lives, just like his mother and father had when they had worked for the FBI, and always find strength to carry on through the dark times.

For now though, Everett just wanted to play with his mommy's hair and hold the bear in his father's hand. He just wanted to be happy, like his mommy and daddy.

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