This is my first fan-fiction on Harry Potter. It contains my own version of events after Hogwarts. I do not own any character, just the story. I hope you send me your reviews giving your views on my work.

The End and The Beginning

Harry woke up as the last golden rays of the Sun faded away. As he tried to sit up, a piercing pain in the back jerked him back into bed. His body ached with the exertion of the last two days. He seriously needed to visit Madam Pomfrey to get a pain relief potion, given that the elderly matron was still alive. Collecting the remaining amount of energy he had, he got up from his four-poster bed and leaned on the railing of the dormitory window. He could see the expansive grounds of Hogwarts which led to the Forbidden Forest. The ground was still littered with the dead bodies of Acromantulas, blood stains and other such things that were the evidence of the Great War that had just taken place. Harry decided to make his way to the common room.

George had finally fallen asleep on his mother's lap seated on a sofa near the fire place. Mrs. Weasleys's eyes were red and emotionless as she stroked her son's red hair. Ron and Hermionie were not there to be seen. The other Weasley brothers and thee Weasley patron were helping in clearing up the Hogwarts ground. Ginerva sat still on the sofa, taking in everything around her yet not moving a limb. She heard footsteps come down from the boys' dormitory. The pace of the feet sounded vaguely familiar to Ginny. She saw a dark haired figure emerge from the background and walk towards the fire. Tears falling from his eyes glistened in the golden light of the fire.

"Harry" Ginny called out. The dark haired boy turned around. Harry's face reflected angst, pain and a shadow of guilt. "Harry" Ginny stepped closer to the man she loved. Harry embraced Ginny and cried his heart out. Ginny tried to calm down the boy. "If only, if only I…" Ginny did not let Harry finish his sentence. She pulled his head to look into his eyes.

"Harry, Voldemort is dead. He will never come back, never hurt anyone. You have killed him. Those who lost their lives in the war died to protect the next generation from Voldemort and they would be in peace now. You have nothing to blame yourself for, nothing to feel guilty about. Do you hear me?"

Harry nodded and sunk back into the warm embrace.

The floo network had been repaired. Wizards and witches were returning home. The headmistress's office was jam-packed with reporters from all over the world.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Harry Potter is not in the state of mind to answer your questions now. Hogwarts has suffered incredible loss. Give us a few moments of peace." The Headmistress spoke to the volley of reporters in her stern voice.

"Madam please answer a few questions for us. Harry Potter was seen dead. Then how did he recover his life again? Did he use some kind of dark magic?

"Madam, Mr. Potter was seen running around the castle while everyone else was preparing for war. What was he up to?"

"Madam, what happened of the former Headmaster Severus Snape?"

"Lo! It begins again." Minerva cursed the reporters internally but began to answer

the questions with patience.

"Harry, Hermione. Both of you are coming with us right?"

"No Mrs. Weasley. Hermione is going to Australia to find her parents and recover their memories. I promised to go with her. We will visit when we return" Harry replied.

"That is all right dear. Have a safe journey."

"I will go too." Ron told Hermione. "No Ron, your family needs you right now." Hermione whispered.

"But" Ron protested but stopped abruptly at Hermione's glare.

The Weasley family after bidding their good bye disappeared trough the fire while Hermione and Harry began to make their way towards Hogsmeade.