So, this is actually a chapter 0. One of the authors I follow, Winnifred Artemis, had this idea of doing a story for each day leading up to Christmas. I thought it sounded fun and asked if I could too. Our stories are in no way connected, we wrote what we wrote individually with no prompts, although we did discuss ideas and such so there might be similarities. And it is Christmas so there are only so many activities you can do with that holiday.

Basically I will be uploading a story for each day between Dec 1 and Dec 24. Each one will be a snapshot of life in the village as Christmas approaches. Some are short and some are long. I also chose an AU that was non-massacre because I love Itachi and I hate what the massacre did to the village. Also realize that I am essentially a newcomer to the Naruverse. I am just starting the Invasion of Pein arc so this is set in a pre- or early Shippuden world.

This story is very different from my usual style as there is no romance and more humor. Humor is not my first skill so I hope others find it as funny as I did. There are serious moments as well.

I will finish this off with a special Christmas day story that will be different from the others.

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas!


The Lady