Visiting Logan_2

The next morning we woke up we went downtown and got breakfast and we did some shopping when Logan turned to me "how about we go to Martha's Vineyard? next week I nodded my head after that we went back to his apartment and I saw that I had five missed calls from my mom and two from my grandma so I called Emily back.

This is how the phone call with Emily went.

Emily: Gilmore residence

Rory: Hi grandma it's Rory

Emily: Rory where are you? Your mom called us looking for you and we are all getting worried about you!

Rory: well mom and I got into an argument yesterday and I took off to visit my friend Logan.

Emily: Okay Rory thank you for letting me know and call your mom and let her know that you are okay.

We hung up and Logan put a movie for us on and we watched movies for a couple of hours until it was time for dinner, while Logan went to get food for us I called my mom this is how that conversation went.

Rory: hi mom

Lorelai: Rory where are you?"

I'm in New Haven with Logan!

Lorelai: No mom I'm not I going to stay with Logan for a couple of days and then I will go back home.

I didn't give her a change to say anything I just hung up and went to set the table

A week later

Logan and I were going to Martha's Vineyard with some of his friends, the day before we were suppose to leave I realized I needed more clothes so while my mom was at work Logan and I went to Stars Hallow so I could get some more stuff.

I had packed shirts, short and dresses and sandals and of course a bunch of book and then we took the drive to Martha's Vineyards, when we had stopped for gas I had called my grandma and told her that we were going to Martha's Vineyard for the week.

When we got to the Huntzburgers vacation home we agreed to share a room since his other friends Collin, Finn and Stephanie were coming and Collin and Stephanie were dating and we sharing a room and Finn might find someone to hook up with so he would get his own room.

Once we got our bags unpacked we got the groceries out of the car and started putting stuff up, about an hour later Logan's friends arrived and we agreed to get dinner, once we had finished eating we had decided to walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

Once the sun had set we went back to the house and Logan put on Dirty Dancing and Finn had made popcorn, have way threw the movie I laid my head on Logan's shoulder and then he put his arm around my shoulder.

The next day I had made pancakes, bacon and eggs for everyone once everyone had finished eating we cleaned up the kitchen, Stephanie wanted to go shopping while the guys went fishing once they guys had left Stephanie and I had gotten dressed to go shopping.

While we were at a store I looked at my wallet "Stephanie I don't have much money with me!" she turned and looked at me "it's okay I will get you what ever you like," I smiled at her "thank you," I had gotten a new bathing suit and some dresses, since the guys were still fishing we dedicated to the beach and tan.

Later that day the boys came back "we should have a seafood boil?" everyone nodded their heads and Collin and Finn went to the store to get everything else that they needed for the boil, while the food was cooking I went to the room to call my mom

Rory- Hey mom

Lorelai_Rory come home now or you are grounded!

Rory- I can't we came to Martha's Vineyard for the week so I will be home something next week

Lorelai- when you get home you are grounded for the whole summer and no phone or computer privileges.

We didn't say anything we just hung up, after that I walked into the living room and Logan walked up to me "everything okay Ace?" I nodded my head and we went outside to eat, we talked about going to the golf course the next day, once everyone was done eating we cleaned up and went inside to get ready for bed.

That night Logan and I were talking about the conversation that my mom and I had earlier and how once I got back home I would be grounded for the summer, Logan looked at me and he leaned over and kissed me and we started making out.