Where No Wizard has Gone Before

Summary: Harry has been reborn time and time again after becoming the Master of Death, living through hundreds of lifetimes in dozens of universes, but this rebirth is strange even by his standards—no doubt thanks to how he had died the last time. StarTrek:TNG/HarryPotter Powerful!Harry MoD!Harry

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own the idea of Harry Potter or Star Trek, or any money making forms of them.

Author's note: This begins in season 2, episode 1: 'The Child', but I have taken the liberty (as all fanfic writers do) of altering things where I wish-meaning this story will not perfectly conform to the events in that episode/series at all. IMO, this episode's premise was very good, but there were several things in it I believe could have been executed better. This is my attempt to remedy those issues while mixing in a bit of magic. I hope I do it justice.

This will likely only involve a few episodes in Star Trek: The Next Generation, but if I get attacked by the unyielding plot bunnies again, I may return to write more. However, at this time, just accept the likelihood that this story will be fairly short—at least compared to my other fanfics.

A special thanks to Chereche, who acted as a soundboard and beta for this fic ^_^

WARNING: Discussions/mentions of rape.

A/N #2: This is a re-posting but has remained unchanged to the original, save for the rating. Apparently the mere mention of rape makes it necessary for the story to be rated M and not T (or at least that's the reason I'm assuming). Well, despite my feelings on the matter, it is now rated as such. But again, nothing explicit is written, nor will I ever write such details. Sorry to those of you who were left wondering where my story vanished to earlier in the week. I was just as surprised. I hope to re-post the rest of the story throughout this day, and hopefully post part 7 (one I hadn't posted before the story was deemed having 'explicit content or adult content above current rating' and thus removed). Thank you for your patience.

Chapter 1

Harry had grown old more times than he cared to count, but it seemed he would not be able to dote on any great grandchildren — or even children for that matter — this time around. The world in which he currently resided (and would soon die in) was extremely violent and currently suffering through a cataclysm. The sky was falling, to put it simply, and the enemy had won. All Harry could do now was place wards around a sacred site in hopes that it would one day be found and used to restore the light.

Straining as he layered his wards over one another, placing magicks to hide the location from any wishing to do harm while preserving the knowledge within, he felt his life force draining and Death calling.

In all his previous deaths, he had managed to be at rest when it was finally time to move on. He had never been forced to pass or die while expending vast amounts of magic. He had never been forced by a world's evil to accept defeat, no matter how miniscule the possibility of victory appeared. But this time was different. This time he would not greet Death like an old friend. This time he wouldn't choose to go, but this time he had no choice.

As his life continued to slip away, he gave one final push of magic, one final thrust of power —all the while hoping it would be enough to enable someone else to save this world because . . . it would not be him. Not this time.

And finally, Death took him.


Death took hold of his master's soul, bound by rules even he could not break, and quickly threw it into the realms of existence for it to find life again. Normally, he wouldn't be so sloppy, but Harry's soul had to be deposited quickly, before it destroyed itself from the excess ward magic whirling around it. As it was, despite Death's promptness, this persistent magic had already affected his master.

Death watched from a distance, already hearing Fate and Destiny quarreling over his immortal mortal.

Eternity was never boring.


Deanna Troi woke suddenly and out of breath, certain there was someone in her quarters. Her eyes scanned the dark room, finding no one. But someone was there. Someone with a very strong presence. Sitting up further, her hand brushed against her stomach. Her heart suddenly leapt.

She looked down as her mind came to a startling conclusion. The presence was inside her.

Trying to get her breathing under control, she forced herself to think about what to do. Her thoughts immediately went to William Riker. Surely he would believe her, but it wasn't a matter of belief. She needed proof, she needed to know what this was for herself before she could do anything else, even seek comfort.

But Beverly Crusher, the ship's doctor for the past year, had been named Head of Starfleet Medical and was gone, along with her son, Wesley Crusher. The new doctor had arrived only a day before. Dr. Katherine Pulaski. Highly qualified, she was skilled in a wide range of specialties and Deanna had met her once before. She had a hard exterior, but had compassion bubbling beneath the surface. Pulaski could be trusted to take her claim seriously and look into it properly.

Deanna closed her eyes, her attention returning to the entity within her. It didn't seem to be feeling much at the moment, although what little she was able to sense was exhaustion. With a frown, she quickly got dressed before going to the com.

"Dr. Pulaski? This is Counselor Troi," she said, somehow managing to keep her voice steady.

"This is Pulaski, may I help you?" the voice answered over the com, surprisingly awake despite the early hour.

"I'm sorry, but do you have a moment? I need to see you privately."

Troi's heart was in her throat, praying there had been no one else around Pulaski. As much as she loved this crew, they were known to talk — not hatefully, thankfully, but gossip was gossip.

"Of course. And I am alone; you may speak freely. Would you prefer I come to you, or you come to sickbay or my office?"

"It would probably be best if I came to you," Troi reluctantly replied. "And thank you. I would appreciate discretion in this."

"Say no more. I'll be in sickbay."

"Thank you. Troi out."

Troi shook herself, her senses still feeling the presence within her. Perhaps she should notify security? No. First she needed to see if what she feared was actually so. If she had sensed any hostility from it, then it would be different. But right now, she was certain it was merely sleeping.

Entering sickbay was daunting, but once she crossed the threshold, her fears turned into resolve.

"Counselor," Pulaski greeted, motioning her to the back room.

Pulaski was older than Dr. Crusher, but her hair had not yet begun to gray — though it was close. She was thin but not frail, and her expression seemed to be perpetually serious.

Troi followed, her hands clasped at her stomach. Fortunately no one else was around.

"So, what seems to be the problem?" Pulaski asked, facing her with a medical tricorder.

"Something happened last night, well, early this morning. Something . . . a presence . . . entered me."

Pulaski frowned. "Is it still there?" she asked while quickly scanning the readout on the tricorder.


Pulaski closed the tricorder. "Do you sense anything from it?"

"I believe it's resting. I've only been able to sense one thing from it, and the closest thing I can compare it to is exhaustion. Complete exhaustion, a fatigue so strong that it hurts."

"Are you in any pain?"

"No. I'm just sensing that that is how it feels."

"Come over here. I want to do a full examination before we do anything else."

Troi obliged, grateful Pulaski was going to be thorough.


Captain Picard entered the bridge from his ready room. After giving the front of his uniform a tug out of habit, he looked to Riker. "Number One."

"Lieutenant La Forge says we will be able to engage the warp drive within the hour."

"Grand. Mister Data, please inform Starbase 163 of our maintenance needs and that we will be arriving in three days," Picard ordered.

"Aye, Captain," Data said.

"Has our new doctor reported in?" Picard asked.

"I was actually going to head down to sickbay in an hour. She sent me a message this morning saying that she was seeing a patient and would have to postpone the formal report in," Riker explained.

Picard's eyebrows rose. "Must have been an emergency."

"It sounded like it was, sir," Riker agreed.

"Well, I think I'll go with you when you meet with her."

"Very good, sir."


Pulaski heard the doors slide open and two people enter her sickbay.

"I'll be right back, Deanna," she said, reassuringly patting the tense woman. "I'll have to tell the Captain, but you don't have to see anyone unless you wish."

"Thank you. And yes, I'd like to be alone right now," Troi answered, glancing at the display screen showing the growing child within her.

"Very well."

Pulaski quickly left the back room and found Picard and Riker approaching her office.

"Ah, just the men I wanted to see. Please, let's talk in my office."

Picard and Riker shared a look as she passed them to lead the way.

"I'm sorry I wasn't able to report in as planned, but I needed to see to a patient." Pulaski turned to face them, her face even more serious than usual. "I was actually about to contact you about it before you walked in, as I believe it warrants your attention. Deanna Troi called me this morning. She believes a presence came into her room early this morning and entered her. I just finished a second complete scan of her and have discovered that she is pregnant."

Picard and Riker were both stunned and mentally tried to find a rational explanation. Could she have simply become pregnant by the normal means and imagined the presence? However, as soon as such thoughts surfaced, they pushed them aside. Deanna was not one to imagine things or make things up. Not to mention neither of them could envision her not taking responsibility for something she had done.

"How is she?" Riker asked.

"Understandably in shock. She told me that she can sense it and that it is extremely tired. She believes it is asleep, and the two scans have confirmed that," Pulaski explained.

"What is it?" Picard asked.

"A half-human, half-Betazoid male. Around nine weeks old."

"Wait, I thought you said she became pregnant this morning?" Riker asked, just as confused as Picard.

"In the first examination, the fetus appeared to be six weeks old, but in the second — only an hour later — it appeared about eight weeks old. The normal gestation for a Betazoid is ten months."

"I will tell LaForge and Data to look back at the sensor logs to see if there was anything unusual recorded in the past 24 hours," Picard said. "Is Troi able to come to a staff meeting to discuss this later today? LaForge and Data should have their findings by then."

"I'll talk to her about it, but assuming the pregnancy proceeds at its current rate and with no ill effects, I believe she will be able," Pulaski said.

"Very well. I will have Data and LaForge begin working immediately," Picard said before giving a knowing nod to Riker and leaving.

"Can I see her, Doctor?" Riker asked as soon as the sickbay doors had closed behind the captain.

"Will," Troi said, having come from the back room and stopping at the door of Pulaski's office.

Riker quickly turned, his eyes immediately finding the small baby bump.

Troi took a deep breath. She never thought she would feel this way, but suddenly all the years of counseling others came rushing back at her. It was almost laughable. Logically, she knew she was not at fault, knew that the guilt and shame she was feeling was normal given the situation even though she was not to blame. But the feelings were still there, gnawing at her. She felt dirty for some reason, and though she had not been violently assaulted, there was no denying that she had been violated. Used by some unseen entity.

Suddenly Riker was before her, tentatively placing his arms around her and prompting her to rest her head on his chest.

He didn't say anything, and neither did she.

Unknown to both of them, the growing child within her was slowly waking.


They assembled around the conference table in the Observation Lounge. Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge, Lt Commander Data, and Chief Security Officer Worf were on one side of the table while Deanna, Riker, and Pulaski were at the other. Captain Picard was at the head of the table with a large viewing screen behind him.

"This is Doctor Katherine Pulaski. We will handle the formal introductions later, for right now we have a situation," Picard started, glancing briefly at Troi before looking to Data and LaForge. "Report."

"We looked through the sensor logs as ordered and found an anomaly at zero-four-thirty six this morning," LaForge answered.

"The computer did not notify us of it because the random energy transference remained well within safety parameters and fell within the scanning tolerance. However, we have been able to determine that the energy entered the saucer section after passing the port nacelle," Data continued.

"What's more, Captain, is that a minute later there was a faint pulse, but it didn't actually release any energy, which was why it — again — didn't trigger any alarms. I had to check back on my findings several times because it just briefly distorted the energy of the surrounding systems in that area. I wasn't sure if my readings were accurate at first, but I have verified that they are," LaForge said.

"If it were to happen again, could it become a threat to the ship?" Picard asked.

"Not unless it was a trillion times more powerful. It was barely measurable, Captain," LaForge said.

Picard nodded, turning to Dr. Pulaski.

Quickly, she got up to stand by the viewing screen.

"There's no easy way to say this, so I will just get right to it. Counselor Deanna Troi is pregnant, and after hearing your findings, I believe this energy was the cause," Pulaski began.

The reactions of those who had not already known were immediate, turning toward Deanna in surprise and concern. Riker gently placed his hand over hers supportively.

"This pregnancy is unlike anything I have ever encountered. Since she came to me, I have done two complete examinations of Counselor Troi," Pulaski said, before motioning to the screen now displaying an image of a fetus. "This is from the first examination. The fetus is about halfway through the first trimester, about six weeks old. Now, remember we believe conception took place less than three hours before this scan."

"How is that possible?" LaForge asked.

"There's more. This is the second exam one hour later," she said, bringing up a second image. "It's consistent, except for the fact that it appears the fetus is two weeks older. Now, the growth rate is not linear, but upon charting a graph, I have estimated that Counselor Troi will have her baby in about sixty hours. 100 times faster than the normal gestation rate for a Betazoid, which is ten months," Pulaski explained.

"What else have you learned about the fetus, Doctor?" Data asked.

"It is male, half-human, half-Betazoid, just like Counselor Troi. In fact, there is nothing to indicate that there are any genetic patterns other than hers."

"This can't be a random occurrence. There must be a purpose here. A reason. What, I don't know," Riker stated.

"I agree," Pulaski said with a nod toward Deanna. "Counselor Troi felt a presence when this first began and has continued to feel it — but it seems to currently be asleep."

"Yes, although I'm not sure if it is stillasleep, just that it feels extremely tired. I haven't felt anything else from it," Troi admitted softly.

"Captain, obviously the pregnancy must be terminated for the safety of the ship and crew," Worf said.

"Worf, you can't assume the intent was belligerent," Riker stated, feeling Troi's hand clench into a fist beneath his palm.

"Considering the circumstances, that is the safest assumption. We know nothing about this 'presence'," Worf argued.

"Captain, this is a life form. Not to allow it to develop naturally would deny us the opportunity to study it," Data put in.

Deanna blocked out the rest of the discussion, her eyes moving to the screen that was still on. Still showing the fetus within her.

Her thoughts went to women she had counseled. Women who had become pregnant after being raped. Although her circumstances did not include the violence that that repugnant act often entailed, rape was the most accurate term, as she was now pregnant by no act or choice of her own.

She swallowed.

Rape was an extremely rare occurrence within the Federation, but outside of it. . . . A memory from years ago came to mind. It was when she had just started training to become a counselor. People who had gone through difficult situations volunteered to speak at the training, to offer advice to future counselors. One such volunteer was a woman who had escaped a colony on a planet outside the influence of the Federation. Suffice it to say, the woman had been through a lot, but the detail that stuck out most with Deanna was what the woman had said would have helped her the most soon after her escape and would have spared her from more pain.

After escaping the planet, she discovered she was pregnant. Seeking help from a nearby outpost, the counselor there suggested abortion and provided the means. Still reeling from the attack and painfully raw reality of her situation, she allowed them to perform the abortion, believing it was the right decision and would take at least some of the pain away.

Deanna swallowed, placing her free hand on her belly that was just beginning to bulge as she recalled the woman's words.

'I wish,' the woman had said, 'I wish someone had told me that what I was feeling wouldn't be the way I would feel forever. I'm not sure what would have changed, but it would have given me some hope — perhaps enough hope for me to have made a different decision. A decision I would not have come to deeply regret."

Deanna looked up, allowing herself to become aware of the discussion again.

"—there any health risk to Counselor Troi if the fetus is aborted?" Riker asked.

"Captain, do whatever you feel is necessary to protect the ship and the crew, but know this: I'm going to have this baby," Troi said before Pulaski could reply.

Everyone went silent at her statement. They barely breathed.

Finally, Picard nodded and spoke. "Then it seems the next decision to be made is what to do before the child is born." He looked at them all questioningly, patiently waiting for input as the shocked silence slowly ebbed away.

"No disrespect to you, Counselor, but I suggest quarantine and around the clock observation at the very least," Worf gruffly said.

"I'll agree on that course of action on the condition it will not be permanent for the child once it arrives unless absolutely necessary," Pulaski said.

"Isolation does seem prudent. Counselor?" Picard asked, turning to Troi.

"I will submit myself. I understand the need for it," Troi said.

"Then, Doctor, I trust you will make the proper accommodations?" Picard asked.

"Yes, Captain."

A/N: I don't know who may be reading this, but because of the nature of this part, I feel compelled to share some information. Most of us, if we really think about it, have been affected by abortion, either directly or indirectly. I know this is a subject of intense debate, pain, and denial. It stirs up hate, fury, and judgment on both sides, but I'm not here to do that. Judgment doesn't help anyone, compassion does.

If you are pregnant and don't know what to do, Google search: 'pregnancy resource center' to find people nearby who want to help you. You can also go to: optionline ('dot'org), sidewalkadvocates ('dot'org) (slash) pregnant-need-help, or heartbeatinternational ('dot'org) (slash) international/international-affiliates

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If you work in the abortion industry and want out, you can find help at: abortionworker ('dot'com) (slash) worker/abortion-worker

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