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The moment I had laid eyes on her, I knew she was good. She was exactly what I had been looking for.
She was hot.
But that was not it.
If the only thing I was looking for was a hot girl, there would have been some at choice.
Pretty ones, some real beauties, where you ask yourself what even brought them here, of all places.
But there was more to her than there was to these others.
I knew some things about her by now and all those things I learned made her just RIGHT. She'll be damn good.

She's fierce. She's determined. She knows when she has to do exactly what she's told. She knows when she has to do what she thinks is right, no matter what she's told.
She's already got those instincts. Those instincts others need years to achieve and some never will. I know she has them.
Is it in the blood? I don't know. I don't care.
Only thing I care is that she has them. I can tell because I have seen plenty of them coming and going over the years.

Today's gonna be the day.
I have to make my move before it gets to late. When she graduates it's gonna be to late. I have to get her off the street before she even gets there. Get here off the street to send her on the street.
I smile with the irony of it: Sending her into the arms of those she's determined to fight against.
"Officer Reese!", I call her, watch as she turns her head into my direction, brows frowning over dark eyes. "A word?"
Without another answer than a sharp nod of the head she follows me into my office. Fearless.
She will be good.