Ben, Gwen and Party poison were in Ted's van driving to a base Ted had set up for a worse case scenario like this.

"How far from the base are we?" Gwen asked.

"About two hours." was Party poisons answer.

That wasn't what she wanted to hear. She was tired from everything that had happened.

"Can we stop and rest?" she asked.

"No, I'm sorry we can't. What Eric and I did was illegal." he explained. "That reminds me, I need to change the appearance of the van."

He pushed a button and the van grew to the size of a large RV. Poison turned to Gwen and said. "Now you can go in the back and get some rest. There's stuff to read to if you want."

Gwen got up and went to the back. Suddenly everyone heard her scream "IT'S COLD"

Party poison said "Ah crap. I forgot to tell her in the bathroom there's a button that shoots cold water on your ass and privates to clean them."

Everyone started to laugh. Then Gwen came out. "It's not funny, my...but and.." She was at a loss for words. "...private areas are cold now."

Everyone just laughed harder.

Gwen held up some magazines and asked. "Can I borrow this copy of Dark rides erotic Disney park adventures?"

"Sure." Party poison answered.

"Thanks, but can you tell me why they put Don't read at 10,000 feet on it?

Poison smiled and answered, "That's mostly aimed at the men. We could get dizzy when...blood goes to another part of our bodies"

Gwen looked puzzled for a moment then her face turned red when she realized what he meant. "OH, oh I see"

"Just take good care of it because Ted will kill me if anything happens to it."

"Okay, I'll be careful"

Later they arrived at the base. They parked the RV and four bars came out of the ground and connected to the RV, lowering it underground.

"Looks like Eric got here ahead of us, he's bringing us into the base, so just sit back and relax."

Then they heard a voice on their two way radio saying "Right you are party poison."

Poison spoke into the radio. "Eric, do you have their stuff set up in their rooms?"

"Sure do. I just put it in the same room. Saves them the trouble of trying to sneak around to get into each others rooms."

They heard a 'ding' and saw that they were in an underground garage. Then they saw Eric walking toward them. They all walked toward him and Gwen asked him how he had gotten there before them.

"Well, before the party Ted gave me this." he held out a very ordinary looking ring. Gwen gave him a puzzled look.

In answer to her expression Eric said, "It's a transporter ring...magic transport."

"Cool" Ben responded. "Better not let Vilgax get a hold of that."

Eric smiled. "Wouldn't do him any good. You have to have innate magical talent for it to work."

That got Gwen's attention. "You have..."

"That's right." Eric answered. I'll be happy to give you some pointers some time if you want"

Gwen nodded, "That would be great."

"Okay deal. Now lets get inside and eat something."

At the hospital Ted was laying in bed reading his email when he heard someone open the door to his room. He saw someone he didn't know and saw him pull out a pistol.

Ted jumped out of bed and turned the bed on it's side. The intruder fired a couple of shots that hit the bed. As the intruder walked further into the room Ted was looking for something to use as a weapon.

He saw a heave metal bed pan and hit his attacker in the head, knocking him out.

Ted looked thought the guys pockets and found that he was a forever knight.

Ted also found the knights car keys and a few other useful things. He took them and the knights clothes. Ted then went to the hospital garage and took the knights car to the base where he knew the others would be waiting.