Eric/Draco P.O.V

I sighed sitting on my bed in the all black room in my apartment. I was carefully turning over my beloved ex or girlfriend's, at this point I wasn't sure which it was, locket in my hand WE used to go to the same school, but after my father disowned me for loving her I had to move her to Chicago. She gave me the locket so that we'd never be apart. I carefully put the locket back in its box on my dresser and got up to leave the apartment for a meeting with Max. When I arrived to Max's office I saw my least favorite people in there, Four and his little group of friends. I didn't hate them per say, but it wasn't fair. Their relationships were absolutely perfect while I wasn't sure if my girlfriend was still even alive, she was always extremely reckless. Especially Four and Tris's, their relationship shouldn't be allowed, like mine and my girlfriends, but they still worked out perfectly.

"I bet you're all curious as to why I've called you here today," Max began, "As some of you already know our world has recently found out about the existence of witches and wizards. We are attempting to make amends with then to strengthen our city. Now all of you show some signs of being able to actually perform magic, so you will be attending the wizarding world's most elite school, Hogwarts," Yes! I was going to see her again! "Hagrid, the school's gamekeeper, will be here in a week to show you diagon alley, where you will get all your school supplies, and explain the rest to you. Here are the acceptance letters that have your school supplies list and other information you will need. All of you may leave except for Eric," he told us passing out the acceptance letters. Slowly, one by one, all of Four's little group of friends began to leave Max's office. Once they were all gone he turned to me and began to speak again, only to me this time. "Eric, I know you used to go to this school and have friends and a past there. I don't care whether you continue your old life there or start a new one, but I expect you to help the others get through this school and stay out of trouble. If too much bad stuff happens then they will think of us as incompetent and will not side with us. You can take your old stuff with you if you chose and do not have to go to diagon alley if you chose, but I must know whether you would like to start over as a 1st year or continue as a 7th year."

"I'd like to continue as a 7th year and still go to diagon alley," I told him quickly without having to think about it. I hated everyone I was supposed to be with that day, but almost everyone went school shopping on the same day, I don't know how it happens it just does, so there was a chance I might see her again.

"Alright," Max told me scribbling something down on a clipboard, "You can go and gather up what you still have from Hogwarts and prepare to go to diagon alley and Hogwarts." I left Max's office and went back to my room in a much happier mood. People were constantly whispering as I walked past them, probably because I was normally in a bad mood, but today I couldn't seem to wipe the smile of my face, a smile, not a smirk. When I got back to my room I immediately took out her locket and turned it over in my hand, smiling even wider if that was possible. I was finally going to see her again, my sweet Shelby.