Author's Note: Warning: This story does have temporal paradoxes in it, if you have a tendency to get headaches from said thing, I caution you to read if you do not own aspirin.

Also I have to give credit to my beta reader, 'Jenny Jinn' a.k.a. Doby a.k.a. my sister. Thanks Doby.

Summary: When a mysterious boy leaves his, again, mysterious home, where does he go and why?


Chapter 1:

The Beginning of the Beginning

A man, in his late forties, stood next to a bed, which held a young boy of fifteen maybe sixteen. The boy's ears formed a point at the tip, much unlike the man next to him, yet he had blonde strikes in his black hair, a trait passed down to him from the man.

"He's not leaving until tomorrow," A female voice whispered to the man. She, like the boy, had point ears and black hair, without the strikes. She walked up to the man and put her head on his shoulder and as he put his arm around her waist.

"I know, I know. It's just hard ta think he's leavin'. Actually, it's down right confusin' but," He shook his head as if trying to ride himself of the thought.

The women nodded her understanding, then said, "We should go to bed, it will be a hard day tomorrow, if he's right."

"Ya," The man turned them around and walked them back to their room.

**The Next Day**

The entire building shook as he ran to the Commander Center. "What's going on?" He demanded.

"It's the Suliban. They're attacking." Someone yelled over the explosions.

The young boy ran in, walking to a station hardly with ease thorough all the shaking and such. The man walked up to him and blocked his way. "You should be getting' ready."

"I'm not leaving while you're under attack," The boy's voice was quiet though he was shouting. Just then, one of the consuls exploded, as the man knocked the boy down taking the brunt of it.

"GO!" His desperate voice yelled, as they boy gentle nudged him off. The man's eyes closed and his breathing stopped, the boy's eyes widened with fear as he saw the death and sprung up before he was captured a bright light.


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