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Summary: A young boy wakes up somewhere else and doesn't remember how he got there. Where is he? How did he get there? And will he remember anything?


Chapter 15:

Home Is Where The Heart Is

He was extremely sore and had a splitting headache. He opened his eyes and found himself and the ground. It was grass, bright green grass. Much too bright for his headache.

The last thing he could remember was… falling. He had been… in a fight. A fight with… with a… a Suliban. They had gone over… something. A cliff, that was it.

They had been on a desert planet, not a grassy one. As he slowly lifted himself up, he saw no cliffs or rocks or anything that belonged to that planet. But he could see structures, houses of some kind. How had he gotten here?

He forced himself up, wincing at the pain it caused. Once he brushed himself off, he straightened up and composed both his body and face. Then he looked around at his surroundings. They looked very familiar, but his memories were just beyond his reach. The headache was keeping him from recalling much of anything.

As he continued forward, the buildings grew but his memories stayed just out of his grasp. He could hear laughter echoing around him, a beautiful sound that made him lose his control and smile.

"I see ya still know how t' do that. Would've fouled me." A joking voice mocked behind him. It had a accent and tone that seemed so familiar to him, he just didn't know who it was.

That is, until he turned around. A man in his late forties stood in front of him. His once tan hair had begun to turn gray long ago. He had blue eyes and a boyish grin that still held it's youth, no matter the age of the owner. He stood, leaning against the tree next to him, with prefect ease.

The young boy's face was paled and his breathing sallow. He gave the appearance of having just seen a ghost. His memory was finally working with him, and he remembered exactly who this was. His father.

"Aren't ya goanna say 'hello' to yer old man?" His father asked, still in a joking manor.

"Of course." He matched his smile. A huge, bright smile filled with all the relief, happiness, and joy he felt. The two engaged in a huge bear hug, the older slapping his son on the back.

"Trip?" A voice from somewhere asked. Footfalls were heard, as the two broke apart. A woman walked out of the nearby house. She was slim and looked like she was only in her mid- or late thirties. Her ears formed a point at the tips and her skin was tinted with a bronze, green like color.

If possible, the son's grin widened; it covered he face. He knew who this was; it was his mother. The same person who he had inherited his own pointed ears and bronze skin.

He looked around at his surroundings once again. The houses, the buildings, trees, and forest, even the people and laughing children started to register in his memory. He was back home.

He looked back at his parents and just a suddenly his smile vanished. He looked confused, frightened almost. And this, in turn, frightened his parents.

"What's wrong?" His father, Trip, asked, the concern not even attempt to be hidden from his voice.

"I remember… before I left, I saw you… die. This… entire place attacked… and destroyed." He responded, though slow and timid, it was quiet sincere.

His father smiled, he looked like a child with a secret. "Kid, you remember when you told me that your dad died just before you left for the monastery?" With his nod, he continued. "Well, after Phlox told us about who you are… who you would be, I realized that meant I would die before you left. We increased our scans and were ready this time."

He smiled again, on the verge of laughing. Laughing about the circumstances, his life, a little piece of his past beginning used to save his father, temporally mechanics, just life in general.

"Selack, Selack," Was a chanting that came from the laughing children. They had run over and starting to pull on his pants and shirt and tried to pull him over to were they were playing. And that's what made him lose his self-control and laugh with them. They continued to ramble on about playing with them, coming with them and where his was.

He felt like time was moving very slow around him. He saw everything around as one big blur. Everything melted and blended together and he felt like he was spinning around as he was being reintroduced to his home. To them, he had only been gone for a few days, to him, it was months, but he was given one of the warmest greetings he had ever experienced.

He was home again, but after being back on Enterprise, he couldn't decide which was his home. He lived there for a total of five, six years almost in a row, and he did have mixed feelings of leaving Enterprise a second time, only now without being able to say good-bye. But he knew, this was his home, his family. All of them, even the ecstatic children.


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