Title: Blonde Devil
Author: DeityOfDeath
Archive: Yes please...
Pairings: 1x2x5, 3x4, 4x2, 2x4...ECT...
Category: Drama, romance, comedy, Smut
Rating: NC-17/R
Spoilers: Maybe.
Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon
Disclaimers: I never have nor will I ever own Gundam Wing or its chars. They are property of Bandai and a few other major companies.

Chapter 10

Duo had made his way back to the room he shared with Heero and Wufei and plopped down onto their king size bed. He smiled as he pondered what Trowa must be thinking at the moment. He grinned wider as he debated on what Quatre's punishment should be. Sure the S&M gear would work great on them but some how he decided that was just for him and his lovers. He jumped up and went into the bathroom. He grabbed the mouth wash and gargled for a whole minute before spitting and then grabbed his citrus toothpaste. He put some on his violet tooth brush and began to brush his teeth quickly.

As he brushed thoughts of Quatre's punishment ran through his head. Quatre was working the desk and it seemed rather slow around the evenings so what to do with adorable little Quatre while he was bored, sitting behind a tall, long oak desk all by himself. Duo had some ideas. He spit and rinsed and then stretched. He looked at his devilishly smiling face in the mirror and winked at himself before walking out of the bathroom. He went into his luggage and grabbed a small bottle of lube and a small pouch. He shoved the lube in his pocket along with the small pouch. He then skipped out of the door, carefully keeping his eyes out for anyone who might hinder his plans.

He hopped on the elevator grinning as the old Areosmith song played in his head. He heard a ding as the elevator stopped a few younger women got on. The elevator started going down only to stop once more and allow another small group of women on.

*What the hell? Is there a cute petite woman convention?*

Then he noticed an Avon-like pin on one of the women's suits.

*That explains it*

As he stood there he realized he had become what felt like a zoo exhibit as the women swooned and whispered about him. Finally a brunette with her long hair pinned in a bun stepped forward.

"Excuse me, but I was wondering if perhaps we could ask you for a moment of your time."

"Sure babe, what's the prob."

"We're getting ready to do a demonstration of our company's products in about two hours and we were wondering if we could use you as a model," she blushed at the end of her question letting me know that she had most likely been forced by the others to ask.

"Sure, what does this entail," I asked turning to face them fully.

"Well we would demonstrate the facial cleansers and perhaps even some of the make up on you," she said with hope shining in her bright pine green eyes.

"Hmmm….I'm game but can I ask a favor," I asked feeling an idea taking over my brain.

"Anything," she responded grinning brightly.

"A few of my friends like to play pranks on me and I think its time I get revenge so…do you ladies think you can make me up to look as pretty as one of you, clothes and all?"

"This sounds promising! I think it can be arranged, which means we really get to show off the full line of products," said an older mature looking woman with dirty blonde hair cut short and bright husky blue eyes.

"Then it's a deal!"

"Follow us….I'm sorry, we totally should have asked your name…"

"You can call me Max," I replied grinning down at the now smiling brunette.

I found myself questioning my choices after I had been dragged into a hotel suite and handed a set of clothing. Apparently the company did more than cosmetics. Allie, the mousy brunette who had originally asked me to help was helping me to dress and informing me of their companies many products and lines.

I stared down at the lingerie she handed me with matching panties and both of us blushed.

"That was Brenda's idea…" she responded looking away.

"The blond," I asked as I started undressing.

Allie turned completely around and cleared her throat, "No, the blonde is Shannon. The red head in the back was Brenda."

I chuckled, "So let me guess you always get talked into the fun stuff."

She sighed, "Just about one hundred percent of the time."

I somehow had managed to get the tight black lacy thing on and then began with the hose that attached to the garter belt.

"So are you like most of the women that sell this stuff," I asked as I then reached for the short navy blue skirt which seeming to be uniform for these ladies.

"What do you mean? Oh, are you asking if I'm a housewife."

"Yeah, I guess. You know the house with the picket fence and the 2.5 children."

She turned back around and held out two squishy looking orbs, "Place those in the bra cups of the lingerie. If you're lacking in the breast area it helps, another one of our great products. And yes, I have the small house and the two kids with the naughty dog and the cute cat and the husband who works a 9-5."

I grinned and giggled as she helped situate my new breasts, "Oh, and this is your break from the daily grind."

"Yup," she said as she helped tuck my shirt into the skirt and left my shirt open a button or two to make it look a little more club than church mouse, "that and it's spending cash, plus gives me something to do when the kids get older."

"That's pretty cool."

"Yup, and you Max," she asked as she handed me a navy jacket to go with the ensemble.

"Military, can't really say much else I suppose," I said as I slipped on the jacket.

She lifted a pair of heels and handed them to me, "I see. Explains why none of this freaks you out" and she gave me a large grin.

I laughed and put on the heels and walked a few feet, "Yeah, but walking in these things never gets any easier."

I followed her out and down to the conference room and was escorted to the front of the room where I was sat in a chair, next to me stood Allie and then Brenda and behind me was Shannon.

"Well ladies shall we begin our demonstration?"

With that began what felt like hours of endless torture. My face, my hair, my nails; nothing was left untouched. When all was said and done I heard gasps and applause and wondered exactly what had become of me. I looked up and found a mirror displaying my now curled and slightly cropped hair. Shannon swore she only took of the dead ends and I suppose after having had my hair bleached a lot of it was dead. I trusted Allie who swore at Shannon when she suggested cutting off more saying that my hair was apart of my hotness.

My hair now fell a little past my mid back and was put into big shirly temple ringlets. My bangs had been brushed to the sides leaving my face unobstructed and my make up had been done up in a Hollywood starlet way. False eye lashes and plucked eyebrows along with a dark shade of berry lipstick that tasted as sweet as it sounded. I looked like a curvy blond vixen. Oh, this was going to be fun~!

"Well ladies, shall I return everything cleaned and folded to the room where I dressed?"

"Oh, I daresay you should keep it," said Brenda grinning.

"Are you saying I should go into drag," I asked posing for the group.

"I'm saying you could fool most women…not just men," replied Brenda grinning widely.

I smiled, "Well ladies…I'm off to get revenge, wish me luck."

I gave a wink and sashayed my way to the door.

"You won't need it darling; I think you'll do just fine."

I made my way to the elevator running into none other than Trowa who was retrieving the water cooler from the conference room.

I smiled at him and he gave a bow and returned to work. I couldn't help but grin, if he didn't recognize me then chances were good that neither did Quatre, Heero or Wufei would either. Who to play with first….

To Be Continued….

Trying to end this story. Hopefully it'll be complete soon.