Heart Stones

Trump was having one of the best days of the week for him. It was the day he went shopping. Now Trump loved shopping for many reasons. He wasn't doing any of that 'shopping at the mall' as he claimed all females did, but instead was doing food shopping. And one reason he loved shopping for food was that he could pick up his all-time number one top deck. His little eyes lit up with a shine as he paced his way over. His palms were moist and his feet were frantic. He hurried over to the shelf and let out a gasp of surprise.

"Oh my gosh, here it is" Trump said with pure excitement.

Trump reached out and grabbed the packet of cookies in front of him with joy, when suddenly something caught his eye. Something that made his little heart flutter like a butterfly in an updraft. His heart pounded hard in his chest. He could barely contain himself His eyes gazed over the curvaceous sight before him. He smiled brightly as his eyes gazed all over it.

Any 2 for 1 on all cookies

"Oh man, the value" Trump said with joy

The curved lettering showed him the value. Trump started hyperventilating at the joy of getting a 2 for 1. Let alone on something like cookies. He had to go down on one knee and hold onto the shelf as he tried to regain steady breathing. Trump eyed the offer again and saw he didn't have much time to get this value. Seeing the deal ended today, he scooped all the packets into his basket and hurried over to the cashier till.

The woman smiled at Trump as he began unloading his constant packets of cookies on the conveyer. The woman gave Trump a worried look as the man began loading up her till with endless packets of cookies. The frothing from his mouth made her scared. She was worried if the frothing would lead to him being berserk.

"Well, er, Sir, isn't there anything else you need aside from these cookies?" The woman said with a nervous smile.

Trump raised his head and a look of sudden realisation came upon his face.

"Oh man you're right!"

Trump raced off leaving the cashier standing there a bit bewildered. The boy came back as soon as he had left. He happily dumped a bucket of chicken on the till. The woman stared at trump for 5 seconds straight before going to ring up his purchases.

"That'll be er, 13.45"

"Oh man that's such value" said Trump with joy on his face while counting the change in his hand.

"Oh my gosh I actually have the exact amount. Oh man!" Trump said with such happiness.

At this point the woman was looking around to see if there were any security personnel to help her in case the situation elevated any further. Trump reached out his fist. The cashier flinched and let out a loud scream. The scream echoed the supermarket causing many customers to look on. Trump stood there with a surprised look.

"Er miss don't you want the money?"

The woman's eyes opened as she looked back over at the man who was once excited. She breathed a sigh of relief and held out her hand as he dropped the change. The cashier ringed him up and wished him a good day.

Trump made his way through the supermarket to the exit when he heard the sound of a machine gun shooting down a family. Oh wait no it was just the laughter of Artosis. Trump turned to see his old friend walk up to him with a smile.

"Oh hey trump got some food there?" Artosis said greeting the man.

"Er yes just got myself the last of the cookies in the store"

Artosis looked in the bag, seeing the contents and let out a loud laugh "H4H4H4H4H4H4"

"Wow trump" he said slapping Trump quite hard on the back "You certainly love your biscuits"

"Er well yes" Trump was getting a bit uneasy at this awkward conversation. Even though he liked Artosis he knew he had to get home and put the cookies away before they lost their freshness.

"Anyway I have to dash home sorry!"

"Well now hold on" Artosis said grabbing Trump's shoulder and spinning him around. The sports jacket man put his arm on Trump's shoulder and pulled him to one side. "I'm having a little party you see and was wondering if you wanted to come"

Trump felt a bit antsy about this. Partly because of his and Artois' proximity but also the idea of going to a party. He was never really a party kind of guy. The idea of people getting blind drunk and trying to 'copulate' with each other didn't sit well with the man.

"Er I'm not sure, I'm not really a travelling kind of guy"

"What d'ya mean?" Said Artosis with a smile on his face "I only live 30 mins away from you. By car…if you drive really fast…and ignore your own wellbeing. Like 2 hours tops"

"Look I don't really like all that dancing and loud music and drinking"]

"H4H4H4H4H4H4H4" Artosis let out his loud trademark laugh that disorientated birds in their flight.

"There won't be any of that. We'll be having food cooked and playing some cards games. You love card games" Artosis said nudge Trump.

"Yeah I guess" Trump said with a slight smile.

"There ya go. We'll even be making some Cairne on the cob"

Trump winced at the pronunciation of Artosis' of 'corn' but shrugged it off.

"Yeah sure sounds great. I'll see you then"

"Great, look forward to it" Arosis said with a smile and a wave.

Trump grabbed his bag and dashed out of the shop hoping to get home quickly. In his rush he bumped into another friend of his. Looking up he recognised a certain long black haired girl.