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Trump fixed his glasses and got a better look at the girl in front of him. She wore a sky blue dress that gleamed a bright calm glow. Her dark night hair flew back as she moved her head, swaying like silk in the wind. Her smooth fingers ran through her hair, fingers so slender they couldn't scratch the holograph on an extremely rare card. Her eyes glistened beautifully like the grease on a fried chicken drumstick, with legs that any woman would kill to have in their KFC bargain bucket. Her lips opened slightly as if to breathe life onto a weakened hero. She was the kind of woman that you only needed one of to have value. Not that Trump had any sort of feeling towards her of course. Trump went along his merry way, content to being her friend.

"Oh hey Hafu what are you up to?" Trump said with a smile.

"Oh you know" Hafu said playing with her hair "Just doing some shopping"

"Oh I see doing some shopping at the mall with the girls eh?" Trump said smiling in his sexist but endearing way.

Hafu smiled and rolled her eyes. "Actually I was getting some stuff Thanksgiving. It's like really crazy at my house. Are you spending time with your family for Thanksgiving?"

"No" Trump said flatly

"Oh" Hafu smiled nervously and bit her lip; looking as if she had something else to say but was too unconfident to do so.

The two stood there silently for a bit before Hafu piped up again "So what are you gonna be doing this weekend?"

Trump sighed and thought about it "Well I'm gonna get home and unpacked my groceries, thennn I guess…I might end up going to Artosis' party"

No sooner had Trump said that, then had Hafu's eyes lit up.

"Wait Artosis is having a party?! Why didn't anyone tell me" Hafu said with shock.

"Er" Trump said nervously taking a step back from surprise. The poor girl looked worried and concerned why she would be left out.

"I'm sure he just hasn't gotten round to telling you yet, I'm sure he'd love having you there" Trump said reassuringly with a smile

Hafu breathed softly and nodded with a smile at Trump. Trump heard the door of a shop next to them swing open. That's when he saw him. Standing there with his leather jacket, dark shades and bad boy hair products in his hair. He took out the toothpick in his mouth and walked over to Trump and Hafu, placing his arm around her.

"This is my girl scrub. Beat it"

"Reynad don't be mean to Trump"

Reynad snorted out of his nose and looked haughtily at the man before him. "Pssh who said I was being mean babe, I was just having a friendly chat with little chump".

Hafu looked at Gaynad, I mean Reynad with a miffed look on her face. Reynad smirked and rubbed his nose with his thumb like those cocky animoo characters do and said "Nothing personnel kid"

Trump was a bit surprised at the whole ordeal but said there were no hard feelings.

The man before Trump stood as every prepubescent girls dream. He had the look of Justin Bieber without the child's voice. Reynad was known by many as a lady's man. Partly because of his skill to get with many women, but also because many people like Artosis claimed he was a woman. Nonetheless he was consider as quite the catch by female onlookers. As well as being physically appealing to the eye, he also boasts of being a great cook, despite many complaints that he puts too much salt in his food.

" 'Cuse me babe real quick" Hafu looked over at Reynad as he removed his arm around her and took out of the bag the hair moisturiser and began applying it to his hair.

Trump looked over at the shop that Reynad had exited called: "Metro Males". He looked over a Hafu who had a sheepish look on her face at Reynad's action. Hafu always tried to tell Reynad that he didn't have to put more of the products in his hair every 18 minutes, but Reynad would always tell her that it would its appeal and lustre after 18 minutes. Something that he had timed and tested himself.

Deciding now was the time to leave Trump took the opportunity.

"Anyway I best get going: I've got to put these groceries away."

"Yeah whatever, no hard feelings pal" said Reynad holding out his sticky hand to Trump from the hair product he just used.

Trump nervously smiled and tried to speed away so he wouldn't have to shake his hand.

"Yeah you better run!" shouted Reynad, acting very brave and strong when Trump had left.