Three Months Later

A ruffled, small owl with anxious eyes landed on the perch of the kitchen window sill, hooting derisively with one of its legs outstretched. "Ta, Pig," Ron said, untying the parchment from his owl and throwing a piece of toast leftover from breakfast in his direction.

Unravelling the parchment he sighed at the unmistakeable scrawl. "Malfoy!" he called, slightly annoyed, taking leave of the kitchen and making his way upstairs.

Coming out of the spare room, Harry was pulling on his jumper. "Shower," he explained shortly, jabbing his thumb in the direction of the bathroom down the hall.

"Again?" He had one last night!" Ron scandalised.

Harry's cheeks tinted. "Er, well, he was a little sticky…"

Ron quickly clapped his hands over his ears melodramatically. "Too much, mate, too much!"

"What is all the fuss?" Hermione quipped, stepping out of the master bedroom, running a brush through her hair. Catching the state of her husband, she frowned. "You are not wearing that to your mother's, Ronald!"

Ron looked at his jumper a little too short for him and the tight jeans with a tear at the knee. "Mum's seen me naked, 'Mione, I hardly think she's going to care," he mumbled but at his wife's narrowing glare he put his hands up. "Fine, fine, I'll get changed. Speaking of mothers, this is from yours," he held out to Harry who flushed.

The reference to Narcissa Malfoy to being Harry's mum had begun at Hermione and Ron's wedding as a joke. After the reception incident, on many occasions Narcissa made it clear how much she cared for Harry in her own way, fuelling Ron's insistence on calling her his mother. At the reception Harry had consumed one (or four) firewhiskeys too many and Narcissa made her disappointment of his state quite publicly clear. Later in the celebrations somebody had conjured a set of broomsticks for a drunken pick-up game of Quidditch. Harry excitedly joined, making a fool of himself on the broom for the most part. When Narcissa received word of the late night activities she dragged her son out into the field by the Burrow to deal with his mate.

"Harry James Potter!" she had yelled, her voice cold with an odd inflection of something akin to fear. "You will put your two imbecilic feet back on the ground this instant!" Once Harry landed, his face beet red, he would have tumbled over if Draco hadn't caught him. Narcissa's eyes were a stormy grey as her lips were drawn into an intensely disappointed frown.

"You are so in for it now, Potter," Draco murmured, clearly amused.

Harry was about to open his mouth but Narcissa spoke again, her voice low yet inflective. "Flying under the influence. Do you have air for brains, Harry? What would happen if you were to fall and succumb to fate? What would become of Draco"? What would become of you?" she proceeded to drag him away.

"Ah, what does mother want?" Draco's voice hummed beside Harry suddenly. His hair was still wet, drops of water falling on his naked shoulders as he held a towel loosely about his waist.

Hermione quickly averted her eyes, blushing, Ron scowled, and Harry eyed his mate closely. Draco leaned over into Harry's vicinity, skimming the letter. "I don't want to Floo there first," Harry whined ever so slightly.

"Firecall to warn her we will be there for dinner," Draco ordered gently, and before Harry could groan out his remorse, Draco pressed his lips to his ear. "Do it for me, Harry? If you do, I will do to you tonight exactly what you did to me last night."

Harry swallowed any further protests and merely nodded. Ron rolled his eyes, "Malfoy has you trained like a crup."

"Get changed, Ronald," Hermione ordered again.

Grinning, Harry folded up Narcissa's letter in his hands. "Better a crup than a House Elf."

Avoiding Ron's swipe, Harry ducked past the small crowd of people in Ron and Hermione's hallway to go to the drawing room to firecall his mother-in-law. He was thusly informed that there would be no need to go to Andromeda's residence that evening as originally planned; she and Teddy would be staying at Malfoy Manor instead for Harry and Draco's last night spent in the country.

The couple were excited with their plans – or lack thereof. They had enough finances to last them a long while even with all the travelling they hoped to do. Much to Harry's liking, they would be doing it the Muggle way. At first, Draco was horrified by the prospect of flying in a Muggle contraption but Hermione assured him planes were much safer than cars…now it was simply impossible to get Draco anywhere near a car unless absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately for Harry's plans, Narcissa also requested they stay the evening and given they would not be seeing her for quite some time, nor Teddy and Andromeda, it was not an unreasonable request. Bringing himself back up to their temporary room, Harry made note that Hermione was still busy in the en suite and Ron must have still been figuring out something new to wear.

Draco was just about to pull his last item of clothing on when Harry entered their room and quickly locked and silenced it. Turning around with a raised eyebrow, Draco didn't even need to ask what it was Harry was wanting, he felt his thoughts as if they were his own. "I thought I told you this evening. Ah, mother?" Draco inquired, abandoning the shirt he was about to dress in.

Harry grinned, glad he need not even ask Draco. "She wants us to spend the evening – Dromeda and Teddy will be there all night, too," he informed him.

"And suddenly you can't fuck me in the manor anymore? I can recall a very specific day in my father's old study just last week-"

"Not with Teddy in the manor," Harry waved him off, expelling the voyeuristic memory.

Draco smirked, walking towards Harry and pulling him up against his flush body, his hair still damp, allowing Harry the rare opportunity to run his hands through it without being chastised. "The manor is massive, Harry, surely it will do."

Harry shook his head, burying his face into Draco's neck and nipping at a healing love bite gently. "I'd rather fuck you now, Draco."

At the Gryffindor's bluntness, Draco snorted and snaked his hands underneath the hem of Harry's shirt. "I'm all yours, Harry," he muttered.

Out in the hallway, Ron was staring at the closed off bedroom door, groaning, and stomping to the bathroom inside of their bedroom where Hermione was putting the final touches to her make-up. "They're doing it again," he whined.

Hermione rolled her eyes at her newlywed husband. "They are in love, Ronald," she said as if it were enough explanation for their constant copulation – which to Ron it wasn't.

"But we're in love!" he protested. "Why don't we –" Ron swallowed his words at Hermione's heated glare. Grumbling, Ron turned away and walked back out into the hallway and down the stairs, muttering to himself. "I can't believe Malfoy's getting more action in my own house than I am."

Later that evening.

Another flash emitted from Harry's camera, temporarily startling the growing toddler and his cousin. Draco immediately scowled over at Harry but at the goofy smile on his partner's face, Draco couldn't help but grin in return.

Teddy had his hair turned platinum blond once again, as he usually did whenever he played with Draco, and was currently sitting on his lap in the main study of the Malfoy Manor, leafing through the children's version of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. "Babbity Rabbity!" Teddy exclaimed at the pictures that went along with the text of that particular story.

Draco chuckled lightly, his one arm coming around Teddy's front as he turned it back to the first page of the story. "Would you like me to read it, Teddy? Again?"

"Nana, Nana read it!" Teddy said suddenly, jumping up from Draco's lap.

"Alright, go on then," Draco offered the book to Teddy who hurried away to the other end of the study where Andromeda and Narcissa were sitting, conversing over a spot of tea after dinner. Upon passing Harry, Teddy grinned wildly and his hair turned the same shade of his godfather's.

Harry joined Draco on the floor, taking Teddy's seat between his legs. Draco wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling Harry's back close to his front as he rested his chin on his shoulder. "Don't you have enough pictures of Teddy and myself?"

"I thought I would never hear the day that Draco Malfoy would protest about having his picture taken and admired," Harry teased, laughing at the playful jab Draco pressed into his ribs. "I just love the way you two interact. You're really, surprisingly, good with kids."

"You know I like them. Prefer them to most adults," Draco added, honestly. At sensing where Harry's conversation was leading, Draco groaned aloud. "You're not on about children again, are you?"

Harry shrugged, blushing despite himself. "You know I want them."

"Harry, we're nineteen!" Draco protested.

"Not now," he returned, "Eventually…after we travel, after you open an apothecary if you can or do whatever it is you decide to do…" Harry trailed off. "Don't you want kids with me?"

"Maybe. Truly, I don't know. I'm only just getting used to the idea of leaving here," Draco gestured around him at the familiar study, "And being here, instead," he held Harry closer. "For you I will consider it but for now can't you just be happy with me?"

"Of course! I am happy with just you!" Harry assured quickly, turning around to face Draco now, peering up at him earnestly. "It's just I want to…I don't know why, but I just really wanted to be there for somebody in the ways I imagine my Dad would've been there for me."

Draco smiled sadly, cupping Harry's face in his hands he rubbed his cheek gently with his thumb. "You keep forgetting, Harry, that you already do that for Teddy," he said softly.

Harry blinked and grinned, his hands reaching around Draco and clasping together on his lower back. "You do, too, you know. I love seeing you with him."

"I know. But for now, let's just keep us as just the two of us, yes? Teddy is enough for now, isn't he?" Draco questioned hopefully.

Nodding, Draco was right. Teddy deserved their attention more than anybody else in their lives at that moment. Harry wanted to be an integral part of the growing toddler's life and he wanted Draco to remain there alongside them both. Harry leaned forward and kissed Draco, their lips lingering on one another's until Narcissa's voice interrupted them.

"Draco, Harry, dessert is ready to be served," she called from across the study.

Breaking apart, resting their foreheads against one another and smiling softly, Draco called after her, "Be there in a moment, mother!" Once they were alone to the study, after Andromeda had to drag Teddy away from the shelves where he always got into mischief pulling out the old texts, Draco kissed Harry more feverishly than before.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" Draco asked, catching his breath from their kiss.

Harry beamed at Draco, tightening his hold on him. "Tomorrow? You mean to actually begin to live my life with you? Just you, all to myself?" he buried his head into his mate again, surrounding himself in his scent. "I can't bloody wait."