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Harry Potter and the Eyes of the Elves

            Emerald eyes. Ivy eyes. Green Eyes. All are a different name for the elven eyed. Every elf ever born had a single eye color. Emerald green. And very rarely does it happen when a human receives that same shade of color. Only about one human per century. This human would grow to have the same ideals and morals of those of the elves. This human would be trusted with the lives of the royal family if the need would arise. That particular human of this century was a certain Lily Potter.

            It was August 1980. Lily Potter had just turned twenty. She was married to the man of her dreams, James…

            And her life was currently a living hell.

            James and she had both been waiting anxiously for their first son or daughter to be born. They had entered a discreet hospital away from all the threats of the world and had waited nine hours when the child had arrived. A daughter who would have been named Rose except the fact that she was stillborn. They had been so depressed that they hadn't told anyone of their baby's death.

            In the elven kingdom of Elcaldin and in the capitol city of Elvendell, King Eldred and Queen Elswyth were in their own desperate situation riddled with despair. Their son, little Prince Emrys who had just been born a little after midnight on July 31 was the prime target of many of the elves' enemies. Voldemort and his followers were nothing compared to the evils that attack the elves. Dark elves (now called the Fallen) were attacking almost daily, trying to kill the little prince. Eldred and Elswyth knew what they had to do. The elven eyed human would have to be found and asked for help.

            "Find and bring forth the humans James and Lily Potter. We have reached the time where we must all depart to out Sacred Grove. Unfortunately, the prince shall not be able to join us. Or, for that matter, will anyone who has not passed their fifteenth birthday and received their ears. You may decide to stay, of course, with your younger children but it is too dangerous for Emrys to do so. The Fallen will not attack you if Emrys or Elswyth and I are not with you. We have to go with the rest of the elves to the Grove. Emrys cannot go to either and that is why fourteen of our twenty-eight Guardians will bring to us the elven eyed and her husband."

            The shocked gasps of the gathered could be heard from the palace balcony. A human had not been brought to the city since the time of Grindewald half a century ago.

            Three days later, the fourteen Guardian/Searchers returned with the confused and blindfolded couple. After taking of the cloths around their eyes, they started staring around the throne room of the palace in awe. About three hundred elves (of the population of about seven hundred in the city) were fitted in there comfortably. When James and Lily saw the elves around them bow to Eldred, Elswyth, and Emrys, they imitated them.

            Eldred stood up. "We have brought you here because we need your help. Our enemies, which include the Fallen have decided to try to kill our son in order to stop the lineage of the royal elves. Ever since ancient times there has been a human in the world who could be called upon should the need arise. They were to be defined by their eyes which look the same as the elves. Of course, it is a rarity for the humans to see an elf ever in their lives so they could not know about our lore and history completely.

            "You, Lily Potter, will take our son, Emrys, and treat him as your own son. Tell no one of his heritage until the time comes for us to return when he has reached the age of fifteen and can take him to the Sacred Grove with us. He will be taught as a human and be treated as one. But under no circumstances shall you ever tell anyone that he is an elven prince. Luckily, he has black hair as James does. But you will probably need to keep it messy and untamed to make it look like yours and not slicked like the elves. You may use a spell or charm to do so. You shall have to change his name from Emrys. Leave no traces of his other name at all. When he turns eleven he may go to that school that your kind goes to in Scotland. Hogtorts or whatever it is called. There are not many differences between the elves and humans so he shall be able to do the human magic. But when he reaches the age of fifteen his elven powers with start to show. They include healing, elemental, telekinetic, and spirit magic. He, for the most part, will only be able to tap into the powers at random times because he will not have been trained…"

            Elswyth spoke for the first time. "Also remember that even though he may act and look like a human, he is still an elf. Elves have very high immune systems and do not get sick very often. In fact, elves live longer than humans. We can live up to four hundred years old sometimes longer. He will probably not show any signs of what you humans call 'pubburity' (puberty) until a few weeks before his coming of age."

            The king and queen nodded to each other. They both kissed their son and handed him over to Lily and James who were still standing, unmoving, in shock. "You're trusting us with your son?"

            "Yes, but when he turns fifteen he will have to return will us because he has to train his powers that he will accept. If he doesn't then there will be the chance that he can die because he won't be able to control his powers and their effects. Until then, we will not hear a word from the human world because word doesn't reach the Grove easily. We will be rebuilding many of the old buildings of the Grove and putting up protection spells everywhere."

            "What is the Grove?"

            "The Sacred Grove is the ruins of the first city of Elves, formerly called Edlandris. It is over a hundred thousand years old. In that day and age only the worthy were allowed to enter the city. They put up a complex spell around the whole city so that only the ones who passed all the magical and warrior exams could enter. Those tests are not done anymore in our age. But the spell was so ancient that we could only adapt it to allow those who have passed their coming could enter. Anyone younger is not allowed entrance. We have tried to change that but there is no way without the Fallen being able to enter…"

            The elves in the room all nodded their heads at this statement. "About a seventy of the elves will be staying here with their younger children along with about thirty Warriors. It will be safe for them here. But the majority will have to leave. Or the Fallen will target here instead of trying to enter Edlandris. You must leave now. Eddris, one of our trusted Guardians shall take you back to your home in England. When you get there you must tell everyone that Emrys is your son. May the Elvenstar be with you."

            Lily Marie Evans-Potter and James Potter left with Eddris and returned to the home in Godric's Hollow, England and told all of their friends of their new son whom they had named Harold, Harry for short. They never broke their promise to Eldred and Elswyth. A year later they went into hiding after hearing that Voldemort was after them.

            A fateful Halloween night brought the betrayal of one of their assumed friends which led to their deaths. The elves in Edlandris never heard any of the news about the Boy-Who-Lived or the deaths of the ones they trusted their son's life with. So Harry Potter grew up with his horrible assumed relatives, never learning of his true heritage.

End Chapter One

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