Harry Potter and the Eyes of the Elves

            Narcissa ran down the hallways of Hogwarts as fast as she could with the body of the elf prince floating in front her.

            "Rictishaya!" she shouted, waving her wand at the doors of the infirmary. The doors blasted open and the blond woman ran into the hospital wing and hurriedly yet gently had the boy's body laid down onto the nearest. The doors slammed shut after them.

            The elvish healer immediately went into action while the rest gazed at the bruised and battered boy in shock. "Oh dear," Madame Pomfrey whispered as she looked at the young elf on the bed. "What can I do?" she asked the elven healer.

            "Find some cathagoras… I need some to placed on his wound to keep it from being infected during treatment. Don't worry, he'll be perfectly as healthy and mischievous as he was before soon I believe." Madame Pomfrey went to her office and storage closest to find the things needed and as she passed the infirmary doors, they opened.

            Elle jumped up from her seat and ran towards the doors of the infirmary as they opened. "Mother, Father! You came here! I thought that you could not leave the city? Emrys is going to be okay!"

            The king picked up his daughter as he walked further into the room to see his son lying down on a white sheet-covered bed. "The Dark Elves, whom have all been renamed to the High Elves, have been allowed entrance into Edlandris. They along side our warriors have managed to defeat the Rogues during the time of Emrys' own battle. So many of their people were with the dark humans that they didn't have enough defenses to protect their own home front. We came here as soon as we could."

            Elswyth gently laid her hand onto her son's chest. "Such a strong will, he has. You would never believe that he did not even know of the existence of elves until just a few months ago. It seems that so much has happened." She then turned to look at the students standing off to the side of the room, looking as if they weren't sure that they were supposed to be there or not. "Which of you are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger?"

            The two Gryffindors gulped and glanced at each other before raising their hands into the air. The queen smiled. "There's no need to be frightened of me. I just wondered who the two that my son talked so much of were. I must thank you for being such good friends to him his first years here when he was still Harry Potter." She then turned to Eric. "Well, if it isn't the young half-elf? I do hope that you are doing well in human education. We put quite a lot of faith in you to be able to accomplish graduating."

Eric smiled and bowed. "I wouldn't think of failing you, Majesty."

"And of course, the famous godfather and outstanding defense against the dark arts teacher, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin." The two men bowed their heads in acknowledgement. "And all of the Weasleys."

Eldred and Elswyth looked at the two remaining students, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. "Ah, and if it isn't the 'he used to be a bloody, mean bastard but he's actually being nice now' Draco Malfoy and 'well I didn't really know him that well in the first place, but he's actually quite pleasant to be around with' Blaise Zabini. I have heard much about you as well. And we must thank you for being such good friends to our son this year when he was going through trouble adjusting back to this world after our own for those few months." Draco and Blaise both nodded mutely, at a loss of words to say.

Narcissa walked to her son and embraced him. "Do you know what this means, Draco?" She didn't even wait for an answer before continuing. "Voldemort's gone. We don't have to worry about Lucius having to tell you that you have to join him. Voldemort's gone. He's really gone."

"So Mr. Malfoy's going to be arrested now?" Ron asked.

Albus smiled. "No, he will not have to be arrested now. About one or two weeks ago Voldemort lost Lucius' loyalty because he had threatened to kill him and all of his family if Draco did not join him upon his sixteenth birthday. Lucius of course, did not want this so he had a change of heart, for the most part. (That rhymed!) He did not know at the time that his wife was already working for the side against Voldemort."

"I would have thought that the Death Eaters would have been happy to have their children immediately be able to join You-Know-Who's ranks." Hermione stated.

"That is incorrect. We may not actually like Muggles and Muggleborns and we may believe that our ideals are better than yours. We may have broken our pride and bowed down to that fool but under no circumstances does anyone ever tell us how to raise our own children. And anyways, he was basically saying that he was planning on using my son as a slave to his will and forced to do his every whim."

Everyone turned and watched as Lucius Malfoy walked into view. "Interesting news has come to my notice from over fifty of my 'colleagues' from Switzerland. They incessantly talk of elves, royalty, Harry Potter, and fallen dark lords. I told them all to stay one of the parlors of our manor and have come here to find out what is really going on."

"What an interesting story it is, Lucius. A very interesting story, it is indeed."


In the Malfoy Manor the many congregated Death Eaters were relaxing in the spacious and luxurious back parlor. With its sky blue walls and black ebony furniture, tapestries hanging on the walls, and rich Persian rugs on the floor the room made the room a perfect picturesque place of leisure and quiet.  That is, the Death Eaters were as relaxed as possible when they had left their master's side during the battle that finally killed him. They were all very skittish and nervously looking around. The Malfoy Manor had a foreboding feeling to it just as much of a welcoming, lavish one. Just as they were all sitting down, bangs and other loud noises came from down the corridor outside of the room.

The last they all heard was the parlor room door being blasted open and multiple voices shouting a single word.



                           Harry Potter's Mysterious Disappearance Solved

            It appears that Mister Harry Potter known to most to be the Boy-Who-Lived is in actuality royalty. He is the only son of the King Eldred and Queen Elswyth and elder brother to the Princess Elle of the elves of Edlandris and is really named Emrys. And it also appears that we can credit young Mister Potter, or shall we say, Emrys for destroying You-Know-Who yet again, hopefully permanently this time around.

            You-Know-Who has been declared officially dead by the Royal Aurors Association and most of his Death Eaters have all been captured due to help from the Aurors and, surprisingly, the Malfoy family, consisting of Lucius, Narcissa, and their son, Draco.

            After receiving full medical attention, Emrys will be traveling back to his home with the elves once his recovery allows him to. No humans are allowed to even be permitted with the information about the location of the elven kingdom so we would normally not be able to see our savior ever again.

            But it has been said from our sources inside Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Emrys is located, that he will be journeying back and forth between his homeland and the land that he grew up in.

            We have not seen the last of Prince Emrys of the elves, better known to us all as Harry Potter.

                            Gabrielle Takibot


"Harr—Emrys still hasn't woken up."

"We all know that, Granger."

"Just shut up, Malfoy, she was just being concerned."

"There's a difference between being concerned and being annoying by stating the obvious, Weasley."

"No one asked your opinion, Zabini. Harry's going to be fine so you don't have to pretend to be his friend anymore."

"If I remember correctly, Weasley, it was Draco and I that were friends with him before we knew who he really was, unlike you."

"Would you all just close your traps and be quiet!" Eric Moon asked, loudly. "We all know that Emrys has not woken up, we know that it has been three days, we know that we are also the only people in this room right now, and if he should wake I don't he wants to hear us all arguing."

"You got that right." A raspy, hoarse voice said from the between beside the five gathered students. "Your voices are getting really exasperating by now."

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked as she tried to grab Emrys into a hug, before Eric pulled her back.

Emrys winced as he sat up. "My name isn't Harry Potter anymore, Hermione. So would you please not call me that?"

Ron and Hermione both looked slightly anxious as Emrys greeted the other three students merrily as Blaise grabbed a glass of water and potion for him to drink. "All the others, including your family are up in Dumbledore's office. We were allowed to stay with you along with the other two in case you woke up."

"Might I add that it was a major shock when you turned out to be the person once known as Harry Potter?" Draco said for good measure. "What? Next, you're going to tell us that no, you are only the adopted son of the elves and that you really are a four-hundred year old vampire."

Emrys laughed at that comment. "Sorry, I can't truthfully say that. But I do have to say that that would be rather interesting should that come to pass, though I highly doubt it. I have no recollection of ever living beyond my fifteen years of life."

Ron cleared his throat nervously. Emrys turned to the two Gryffindors. "You two can come closer you know. I'm not mad at you." Hermione ran forward and hugged him. "But that does hurt, Mione," he gasped out.

            "We're both sorry, H—Emrys! When you first came to Hogwarts you seemed too much like the Harry that we remembered that it seemed too good to be true so we didn't want to become too friendly with you… We're both sorry."

            "Apology accepted. But for Elric's sake don't jump on me. It hurts like hell."

            The infirmary doors opened and Eldred, Elswyth, and Elle walked into the room; or in Elle's case, ran. "You're awake!" She jumped onto the bed, avoiding Emrys' aching body.

            "Guess what, Em? The High Elves—the ones that were once the Dark Elves—are here. At least, the leader and his youngest son are here. And mother and father changed their minds, which is a rare thing indeed. They've have decided that you do not need to leave this world so quickly as of yet. In fact you will most likely being staying here for another year or so. Everyone's been really worried about you, especially that human, Sirus Beck."

            "His name is Sirius Black, sweetheart." Eldred said.

            "Yes, and he will be coming soon as well…"

            "I'm here."

            "Sirius!" Emrys called. "I haven't seen you in ages."

            "Good God, little man. It seems that even as an elf you can't keep yourself out of danger."

            "Yes, well, that's me for you."


            A week later, once Emrys was able to walk again, albeit slowly, he asked to meet a Hufflepuff fifth year that he had not actually talked to in a conversation alone to before, Susan Bones. He met her in an old teacher conference room that had not been used recently for its original purpose.

            "Hello, Emrys." The Hufflepuff had whispered slowly as she had walked into the room and sat down on a comfy, leather chair.

            "Good afternoon, Susan, I just wanted to tell you some things about your parents and how proud they are of you…"


            And so it came to pass that life returned to normal. For the most part.

            It was decided that Emrys would complete his formal wizardry training at Hogwarts after his full recovery and upon his graduation return to the elven world to learn of politics and the ways to govern the elves as he came into his future inheritance as the king of the elves. Although, humans were still not permitted into the elven kingdom under any circumstances, it was decided that Emrys would be able to visit them all often, even after his rites of passage and graduation of that land.

            However, Elle would be receiving all of her education with the scholars of the High Elves, along with the youngest son of the leader of the High Elves, Eamon.

            Human/elf relations were increased after the fall of Voldemort. They communicated and counted each other as loose allies to call upon.

            Death Eaters were placed into custody at a newly reformed Azkaban. Instead of just leaving them with only dementors, whose loyalties easily sway easily, other magical creatures and guardians were placed around the buildings and all prisoners were tested to see if they were animagus so that they could be placed in warded cells accordingly.

            Even Hogwarts, the place most greatly affected by the coming of the elves, returned to usual once they all returned, excepting Emrys and Eddris. Of course, occasional visits from the royal family and other elves gave Hogwarts an entire new feel.

            House rivalries were just as tough as before of course. Everyone wanted to win the House and Quidditch Cups but they no longer went to the extent of what had happened in previous years, such as brawls in the hallways. Slytherins and Gryffindors could be seen talking civilly to each other for a change, and a good one in the opinions of the teachers.

            Emrys, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Blaise, and Eric all soon became friends mostly; with the exception of a few minor disagreements between the Slytherins and Ron.

            The Weasley twins wrecked havoc to celebrate their last year at Hogwarts and let it end with a bang, a fireworks display in the Great Hall with a floating, fluorescent pink and purple Severus Snape as the centerpiece.


The eyes of the elves are a remarkable feature, but even more remarkable are the people behind those emerald green eyes and the stories they have to tell.

And so the ending of this tale must commence for all good things must come to an end.

End Chapter Eighteen

End Harry Potter and the Eyes of the Elves