Reality meets Game

-Training Camp-

In a training camp near a perfectly normal high school were tanks lined up into the respect of their crew members. The tanks were lined up as follows: Panzer IV A, StuG III G, M3 Lee, Panzer 35(t) and a Renault FT. Today they were practicing for the next Tank Tournament, in which it starts a week later.

"I think we will survive and win the tournament." A girl whose uniform comprises of more than an equivalent of a German Tropical Field Marshall uniform. They did win the tournament a year back so the same outcome might happen again.

"Don't be cocky Erwin. This time I think the other teams will be more prepared this time." The commander of the Panzer IV a said. The commander was, well, a girl. Stereotypically the tournament has a 'woman-only' based policy.

"Oh come on. You know we won the tournament right? With this year's tournament, I think we will again." Erwin said as she smiled. The Panzer IV Commander, Miho Nishizumi, just sighed. Erwin was becoming cocky, and the rest of her team was having the same effect too.

"We should train more. I have a bad feeling about this…." Miho trailed off as she remembered the tingling sensation in her guts. This tournament is the same as any other previous tournaments, but her mind tells her that something will be terribly wrong soon.

"Ah don't fret Miho! What the worst could happen?" The M3 Lee commander said, getting Miho to have a strained smile on her face. She is still worried though. She was right to be worried.

-Empty Field-

This innocent-looking field was full of flowers and grasses, and for some it might be the most prosperous place to have as a resting place, as a picnic place or even a place for dates. However, the looks could be deceiving to an untrained eye.

Over to the very left of the field was a flag pole, surrounded by a large white circle. On its place was usually a green/red flag with an unusual symbol for a team. The cap circle was empty, no tanks surrounding it nor heavy gunfire were being heard from a distance. It was like a heaven for a new team to start with. However, rumors started to fly in that when new tank teams were attempting to take it, some random tanks appeared out of nowhere as it originated from the circle itself. No tank team was able to conquer it.

Hey girls! Let's take that base over there. Unless of course your brave enough to try. A tank team had been travelling towards this fabled base, and here they are at its very doorstep. The team comprise of 3 Tiger I, 3 StUG III G, 4 Panzer IV's and a Tiger II. Seems this tank group is ready to try and conquer it.

I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you. I heard rumors about this base. The commander of one of the Tiger's said.

Ah rumors, rumors. I don't care about them, but I like a new base you know!The head commander, who is in a Tiger II, replied. The Tiger commander just sighed. She knew that the H.C is very cocky, but since they are being ordered by their school to find a new base, she doesn't have to object.

Should we crest this hill? Another Tiger commander asked. With a confirmation from the radio, the group was now cresting the hill which would have grant them access to the base. Little do they know what is in store for them…

Look! There's the base! The H.C exclaimed. The commanders got out of their hatches and could see the base's flag wavering proudly with the wind. All of them thought that this is not a bad idea after all…..


The distinct sound of tank's gun firing alerted the group before seconds later a round hit the ground, throwing out dirt and a crater is formed in its wake. The commanders realized that this base is heavily guarded, but then another gun fired. Again it hit the ground but the group now becomes serious.

Who the hell is firing at us?! A StUG III loader asked.

I have no idea! The H.C replied. It was mystery to all of them. Who was firing from that seemingly empty base?! Before long, another gun fired its deadly round towards the group. The round hit one of the StuGs, destroying it completely. The crew of that StUG TD come out from their respective hatches, with mild burns. They run towards the next bush to save them from the deadly hail of gunfire. The other tanks were now just sitting ducks, and if they didn't move, they are dead.


Another gunfire, this time even louder, was heard. The team expected a past by second explosion, but it was never heard. Suddenly, a screech was heard and one of the Tigers blew up. The crew got out and decided to flee the battlefield. Two more gunfire was heard, and another Tiger and a Panzer IV is knocked out.

What are we going to do?! The Head Commander was having difficulty trying to get her team in place. Sure she was cocky, but in her heart she treasured her team. And when she got to see this, it was nightmare. Shot after shot was fired, either hitting one of them or the dirt itself and it was deadly accurate too. There was only one thing to do.

Let us retreat girls. I think we have enough. The command was something a battle-hardened unit was afraid of hearing, but in this case, the group had enough of this carnage. They got their tanks running again, narrowingly missing their tanks. The crews of the destroyed tanks saw them and decided to run, best not to see this ever again.

This couldn't get any worse than this…

-Training Camp-

The sounds of tanks firing their massive guns alerted the Oonai Group. They would normally shook this off as a training exercise, but after seeing black smoke on the horizon, they could see this as no ordinary exercise. The others could see this as a violation of the rules, but one of them knew better.

Miho was having a strange nagging sensation at the back of her head, and after seeing black smoke out of the horizon, she knew this was the 'doom' feeling she had when she has to see it.

'There is no helping it….' A voice said at the back of her head. She agreed with the voice. She couldn't shake off the feeling at her very being.


This is the very first crossover I have created between Girls und Panzer and World of Tanks. The logic here is that World of Tanks will abide to their rule, while the Girls und Panzer will be sticking to theirs. I know some of you will be asking about it, so here's my solution. The tanks from WoT will not appear unless the base(yes the regular WoT flag) is being 'threatened' by the Tankist Groups. So yes the WoT tanks will not be OP, unless called to.