The fall didn't hurt as much as Rose would've thought. She landed in a strange lake, made of fire but it didn't hurt. Something tried to weigh her down, disappointment and hatred for herself but felt her magic wrap around herself and allowed her to make it safely to the black shore. As soon as she hit the shore, she saw the terribleness of Tartarus. The fire, brimstone and the sheer hate that filled the darkness of the abyss.

Her eyes lifted to the sky where she only saw darkness and, against her will, she began to cry quietly. It was beyond her, the tears. They were harsh and wet and angry and the sobs that came from her throat didn't sound like her.

Finally after what seemed forever of sobbing into her knees, Rose stumbled up, a hardness in her throat stopping all tears. She stood up, and slowly brought out her wand.

The ground under her was pure black and rocky. She didn't regret wearing the fur lined boots and thick black socks at all. Despite the fiery lake, Tartarus felt like ice even underneath the warm parka. She took a warm step forward and was greeted by the sound of low and animalistic growling.

With one hand on her celestial knife, and the other pointing her wand at the noise, she went to face the creatures. Just over the sharpened ridge were three large dogs, or what seemed to be dogs. Their heads reached her shoulders and seemed to made out of shadows with rubies embedded where the face should be. But her eyes weren't on the dogs (didn't her friends call them Hellhounds?), but the two women behind them.

"Greetings." The tallest woman, an ebony skinned woman with burned silver armor, called out. A spell was on Rose's lips, ready to burst and devour the creatures, the woman, but she stayed silent at the sight of the shivering dark creature behind the woman. "Hello?" The woman's smile turned sharp.

A largest Hellhound took an angry step at Rose, and Rose let loose the spell with a whisper, "Lumos Solem." Light shot from the warm, blinding the Hellhounds and the two women, and allowing Rose her escape. A few moments later and she was darting across the black surface towards the closest light in Tartarus: a blackened castle with golden light spilling from the windows.

"Stop!" The woman roared. Rose heard pounding footsteps hit the ground, growing closer and closer to herself. Hellhounds, she figured. They reminded her of Bellatrix, following their master no matter what happened.

Whipping around, she saw the closest Hellhound, the smallest one with glowing eyes, near her and she let out a cry, "Crucio!"

The outlawed spell spilled from her lips, spilled from her wand and hit the Hellhound. It stopped in it's tracks and she saw that it was not made from shadows after all. It was solid muscle, muscle that quivered and stilled as green liquid began to drip from its mouth. It began to stand, legs shaking, but she watched with as it crumpled.

"Avada Kedavra!" Rose ended its life with green light. Only ten feet away, she saw the woman scream and howl. The two other Hellhounds darted after her but were stopped by lightning, beautifully bright lightning. The moment the lightning hit them, they were torn in half. Dead.

With her hands lighting with electricity and her face warm from the abrupt attack, Rose lifted her eyes to meet the woman's. But the woman wasn't looking at her, but past her. She rolled her lips, and revealed eerily white teeth. Then she spoke once more.

"Foul." She spoke, spitting onto the ground. "Foul man. He will rise." She warned.

Rose was confused. Man? She was no man. Was she? Glancing down at her chest, she found she still had her breasts. With a satisfied look on her face, she tightened her fingers on her wand.

"I am no boy nor man." A voice spoke behind her. Hands rested on her shoulders and she stiffened at the slight touch. "Greetings, Vios." The woman glared soundly and took a wary step back.

"You cannot protect her." Vios declared, glaring at Rose. On instinct, Rose flinched into the man. His grip tightened on her as the man pulled her closer to him. Vios grinned. Behind her, a dark horse stopped, gleaming it's dark eyes towards Rose. Low snarls began from behind Rose, and she began to tremble.

The woman quickly jumped on the horse's back and took off in the opposite direction. The man released his hands from her shoulder, allowing her to spin around and look at them.

The man in front of her was tall, too tall, with dark, messy hair. Scars spanned over his muscled, very naked chest, and he watched her with intelligent sea green eyes. An army of monsters stood at attention behind him: Hellhounds, half snake-women and..was that Medusa? Growls, roars and hisses came from the army as Rose took a wary step back.

"A daughter of Zeus." The man spoke. His voice chilled Rose, and the howls of the monsters stopped, respect in the darkness of their eyes. "My name-" He took a step forward and in an instant, her wand was out of her hand and her hand was a breath away from his lips. "-is Perseus Jackson. It is an absolute pleasure."