I couldn't help but laugh as I danced with the twins. I would be dancing with one and then be spun to the other, my skirt whirling and my sequins shining.

At one point my arms ended up crossed with one twin holding my right hand and one twin holding my right hand.

All the twin's fangirls were jealous, giving me dagger gazes, and I smiled as I looked from Hikaru to Kaoru.

"Boys, Your guests are waiting. I think it's time you let me dance with someone else." I said quietly.

Both the boys pouted by let go of me.

I watched them walk towards the girls and smiled as I went to stand by the refreshment table. I paused as my eyes caught on the fancy tuna.

Before I could eat some though, Honey-Senpai jumped up and latched onto my arm.

"Come dance with me, Kami-Chan!" He asked excitedly.

I laughed lightly, "Sure, Honey." I allowed him to yank me onto the dance floor.

Dancing with Honey was fun but made me dizzy, since it was basically spinning me around. Finally I excused myself and turned around just to run into Mori-senpai.

"Care to dance?" He asked, holding out a hand.

I blinked up at him, glancing distractedly at the refreshment table with thoughts of fancy tuna but I finally smiled and took his hand.

He led me across the floor in an awkward waltz, but since he was so tall it was more of me stumbling after him. Finally after a minute a girl came over and asked him to dance and he had to stop our dance short.

I made my way towards the refreshment table but once again was stopped, this time by Kyoya.

Our gaze met and I said a quiet, "Hello Kyoya."

"May I have this dance, Kami?" He asked, holding out a hand.

I took his hand with a smile, "I'm better than I was the last time we danced. I promise not to step on your toes."

"That's good to hear." He said as we walked out to the middle of the dance floor.

We took the position of the Waltz, one of my hands resting on top of his shoulder, his hand holding just below my arm, on my shoulder blade, and our other hands locked together. We stared at each other through our glasses as we danced, back, to the side, forward, to the side, quick, quick, slow, over and over again.

"You have gotten better." He admitted finally.

I smiled, "You're not bad yourself." That was putting it lightly. Dancing with Kyoya was different than dancing with the other boys. I felt relaxed with him, like he was the perfect dance partner. His height was just right, he was talented at dancing, and It felt like puzzle pieces coming together as we danced in sync.

"So, how do you think Tamaki and Haruhi are doing with the plan?" I asked, making conversation to ignore the stares we were getting from jealous fangirls.

"Oh I am sure it's going fine, though soon I suspect we'll see Suzushima running after Kanako." He assured me.

After a while we stopped dancing and he led me towards the refreshments table.

I was glancing towards the fancy tuna when I noticed a smirk beginning on Kyoya's lips.

"What are you smirking at?" I asked, blushing with embarrassment.

"You've been eyeing the fancy tuna all night." He said, laughing slightly.

I couldn't help but laugh too, "So you noticed. I can't wait to try some."

"It's there, you can have some now."

That's when I noticed Kanako running outside in the courtyard, and Suzushima was running after her.

I gaze a sigh, "Unfortunately I don't have time, they are here, time to continue with the plan."

It's our responsibility, as members of the Elite Ouran Host Club, to make every girl happy.

Kyoya cleared his throat and spoke to the crowd, "Ladies and Gentlemen if you'll please follow us."

We all led the way towards the window-like doors and even Tamaki and Haruhi joined us. I saw Tohru grab Kanako's wrist to stop her.

At that moment spot lights lit up the spot where they stood.

The doors opened and we all poured out onto the little porch like area.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for us to begin the final dance of this evening's festivities. The last Waltz of the night has been chosen by the host club for this couple." Tamaki announced, reaching out an arm to gesture to Kanako and Tohru.

All the hosts stood together in a certain order: Mori, Honey, Kyoya, Me, Haruhi, Tamaki, and the twins. For some reason the twins were both eating bananas. My guests would notice that 'Kamiko' wasn't here but I was sure I could come up with an excuse by Monday.

I watched as Kanako look startled, and took a step back. Tohru closed his eyes and made a determined fist. But then he bowed and held out his hand.

"Princess Kasuga. May I have this dance?" He asked.

Kanako blushed, as if she couldn't believe this was happening. Tohru opened his eyes to look softly at her and they both gave small smiles as she took his hand.

"Yes." She whispered, though even I could hear it.

As music began playing I couldn't help but think how beautiful they were together, cherry blossom leaves floating through the night's sky. We all watched as they stood together in a dance position, and you could just see the love in their eyes.

"I love you Kanako." Tohru told her softly. "I've always loved you, and I want you to be my wife."

Her eyes widened with a loving look, and then tears of joy sprang up and she closed them, as they danced. I knew tonight marked the end of her host hopping.

Tamaki yawned and reached out his arms, making Haruhi have to duck. "May this awkward couple be forever blessed!"

Hikaru slid into view on one side of Tamaki, holding a microphone and a banana peel. "And now we'll announce the queen of the ball!"

"Congratulations princess Kanako Kasugazaki." Kaoru announced, sliding into view on the other side of Tamaki, also holding a microphone and banana peel.

This spelt trouble.

The happy couple looked surprised as everyone began to clap. I watched the twins drop their banana peels.

"And for her reward a kiss on the cheek from the king!" Hikaru said into his microphone.

Tamaki let his arms down to strike a pose, "You ready?"

But then Kaoru announced, "Haruhi Fujioka will stand in for Tamaki!"

Not only did Tamaki and Haruhi get shocked and horrified expressions, but so did I.

The twins explained together, "Kyoya did say that a little accident towards the end of the night might make the evening more thrilling for everyone."

I mechanically turned my head like a raging robot to glare at Kyoya while sinisterly wanting to strangle him, the light reflecting on my glasses making me look even more pissed off.

Tohru put a hand on a distressed looking Kanako's shoulder, "It's just on the cheek, right? You should accept it, It will commemorate your graduation from host hopping."

"There's no way I can kiss her." Haruhi said.

"You're not going to kiss her!" I growled, still glaring at Kyoya, who was writing on that damn clipboard again.

"If you do it, we'll cut your debt by one third." Kyoya said without looking at us.

Haruhi and I both froze. With the uniforms, the vase, and a couple other things, our debt was already too high. Haruhi couldn't pass up on that offer, and I knew she couldn't.

Finally she looked away and said, "Well it is just a peck on the cheek."

As Haruhi began walking down the steps towards Kanako, I hissed in Kyoya's ear, "I'm going to kill you."

"Now, Now, Kami, you should be careful what you say." He lightly teased me, calm as ever. I was beyond pissed. He was doing it again!

"Jerk." I muttered crossly, only to see him have a sly smile as I turned my glare away from him.

Honey-Senpai spoke up, "Hey, you don't think this is Haru-Chan's first kiss, do you?"

I stopped short, eyes widening. I hadn't thought of that. This would be Haruhi's first kiss. Shit.

"WHAT?!" Tamaki whisper-yelled.

Haruhi was standing by Kanako now, ready to kiss her cheek.

"WAIT HARUHI!" Tamaki shouted, leaping forward.

"NO STOP TAMAKI!" I yelled as he slipped on the banana peel.

I watched in horror as he accidently pushed Haruhi on the back and Haruhi kissed Kanako full on the lips.

Tamaki fell to the ground, both he and Tohru in distressed shock as Haruhi and Kanako quickly pulled away, hand over their mouths.

Kanako looked at Tohru, who gave a nervous laugh. All the girls who giggling and whispering. Even Haruhi laughed afterwards.

I turned a blank stare on Kyoya. I would so have my revenge, he planned this from the start!

Then again, I guess I can let it go, as long as Haruhi was okay with it.

It was a magical night, afterall.