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Something White

            What was supposed to be a beautiful July morning had turned into a circus of television crews, limousines, and a mob of people.  They were all surrounding a church that was decorated for a wedding.  A sign, that usually indicated the parties who were going to be married had the two lone words, "Private Ceremony."  The crowd had no idea who the couple might be, but packed around the church for any hint that might help them.  Reporters and camera crews alike were all stationed outside the church, vying for the perfect shot at the double doors that barred them from the inside.

            "I am currently standing outside the church where sources have confirmed to be the site of the former actress, Sana Kurata's wedding.  Right now the scene is pure chaos as our camera crews are trying to get a glimpse of the inside of the church and potentially, the identity of the groom.  So far no word on whom Miss Kurata is actually marrying.  Rumor has it that Naozumi Kamura, the famous actor who has been seen in the past with the actress, is inside the church as we speak.  Could this be the wedding of Miss Kurata and Mr. Kamura?  However, there is also the mysterious blond-haired man that many fans have spotted with Miss Kurata.  No one actually knows who he is, but there have been no verified reports that the mystery man is in the church.  I'll keep you posted if there are any new developments in this story.  This is Miho Kanzaki for Channel 3 news, reporting live."

            Inside the church, the scene was as tense as the chaos outside.  Guests were taking their places for the big event and all eyes were on the groom, who stood there nervously waiting for his bride-to-be.  Everyone in the building reeked of tension; even the bride, although she tried her best not to show it.

            The beautiful 24 year-old bride was busy making her final preparations, moments before the start of the "Wedding March."  Sana twirled around in her long flowing white wedding gown, slowly admiring all intertwining silk and lace wrapping around her body.  "Perfect!" she said.  She never dreamed that she would finally see this day, her own wedding day!  The dress was simple, but very elegant.  It accentuated her figure and the laced fabric fell slightly off the shoulders of the young former-actress.  Though she had stopped acting for less than a year now, she still had the allure and physique that drew so many of her fans. 

            "Today is finally the day," she sighed. 

Sana was dancing around in her wedding dress with a twinkle in her eye when she heard a light knock on her door.  "Don't come in if you're that silly husband-to-be of mine!  But anyone else is ok!"

            Fuuka slowly opened the door and walked in followed by Aya and Hisae with sweatdrops. 

            "Ah!  My bridesmaids!" Sana twirled around in her dress for her closest friends. "What do you think?"

            "Wow Sana, you look so beautiful!"  Gasped the girls, who were all dressed in matching lavender dresses.

            "As one of your bridesmaids, I give you the full stamp of approval!"  Fuuka stated proudly.  "And what is it with you and your silly American superstitions!"  Mocking Sana, " 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue' this is Japan!  We don't need to do that.  Do you have any idea how long it took me to find a florist who was willing to make your bouquet out of blue paper babbits!"

            "Oi, I like her bouquet," stated the little Babbit who happened to appear out of nowhere.

            "Pervert!"  Screamed all the girls as they started throwing various objects at the poor babbit.

            "Why does this always happen to me?"  The babbit cried.

            "Wow, I can't believe you're finally getting married!  I mean . . . we all knew it was going to happen, but you're going to be the first out of all of us," Hisae remarked.

            "Don't worry Hisae, I'm sure Gomi will eventually propose you to!" Sana laughed

            "WHAT!  That bumbling no-good-excuse for a boyfriend!"

            Aya and Fuuka laughed as they watched Hisae's face turn beet-red. 

            "But Aya, when are you and Tsuyoshi-kun getting married?" Sana stopped laughing to ask her friend.

            "Um, well, . . . . we kind of, well . . . . we eloped a week ago," eyeing the floor.

            "YOU WHAT!?!"

            "Yeah, well, Tsuyoshi and I were talking about it for a while now, and we were in a jewelry store than one thing led to another and the next thing I know we bought a ring and we were at the Town Hall making our vows," trying to hide her obvious embarrassment.

            "Wow Aya!  I would have never thought that you and Tsuyoshi would jump the gun like that, and you didn't even tell us or invite us to the wedding!  You sly fox you," as Hisae nudged Aya.

            "Tell us all about it!" Sana urged.

            "Well, we were just going out to go shopping for a present for your wedding.  We've been looking for a while now, ever since we heard about your engagement.  We really weren't sure what to give you guys and. . . "

* * * * *

[Aya's flashback]

            "What do you think about a toaster or something?"  Aya pondered.

            "I don't think they really need that, after all, 'My husband is going to be living with me and Mama at the house!'," quoting Sana.  Tsuyoshi was remembering that time when he asked her to be his bride when they were 11 years old.  But he had to forget that because he had Aya now, and he didn't want to mention that since it might make her jealous.  She was the only person who mattered to him.

            "I wonder what it would be like living in the same house with both my parents and my husband," Aya blushed.  "I don't know if I could do it."

            "That's ok Aya, you don't have to worry about that cause I'm saving up for an apartment right now," as Tsuyoshi also started to blush.  "I'm also hoping to get that position at the University so I can to support you.  I'm almost positive they're going to give it to me, but I won't hear until next month after they finish all the interviews.  Besides, I want you to be able to start a family with you someday."

            "Oh, Tsuyoshi-kun," Aya sighed with a smile.  "You don't have to do that for me.  I also want to help out as well.  I mean . . .  if we have kids and everything, I don't want you to have to pay for everything.  I already have my job as a teacher and after all, a relationship is about two people working together, right?"

            "It is.  But you know Aya, I've been seriously thinking about our future together, and I want to let you know that I'm ready for anything," gazing into Aya's eyes with passion.  "Oh, I wish I had a camera right now so I could take a picture of your face and how serene you looked just now!"

Trying to hide her embarrassment, she buried her head in Tsuyoshi's chest, "You're so silly!"  Suddenly, an idea came to her.  "I know what we could get them!"

            "What's that?"

            Aya whispered into Tsuyoshi's ear and watched as his smile grew wider and wider until, "That's a great idea!  Aya, you're so wonderful.  I could see myself spending my whole life with you."  Tsuyoshi couldn't believe that he was so lucky to have someone so caring and patient.  Aya had always been by his side, even when he lost his temper.  She understood him, even though he was so materialistic.  She was the only one who was able to calm him down without karate chopping him on the head.  He really wanted to do something that would sweep her off her feet, and then he noticed the jewelry store behind her.  Overcome with his emotions, he motioned for Aya to follow him.

            "Where are we go--Oh!"  Aya exclaimed in shock after she saw Tsuyoshi walk into the jewelry store.  "Tsuyoshi-kun, you can't be serious, I mean, I already have an engagement ring and all, what else do I need?"

            "Well, I think you need a new ring," Tsuyoshi blushed, "and I think I need one that matches yours."

            "What do you mean?"

            "Let's get married, now . . . today!"  He grinned.

            Aya stood in the jewelry store in shock for a good 5 seconds before she finally came to her senses.  Overwhelmed with happiness, she sobbed, "Yes!  Let's do it!" as tears of joy streamed down her face.

            Tsuyoshi walked over to her with a tissue and kissed her on the forehead and whispered, "I love you, Aya-cha," as he gently kissed her on her lips. 

            "I love you too, Tsuyoshi-kun."

[End flashback]

* * * * *

            "And well, that's how it all happened," sighed Aya, remembering that blissful day.

            "Wow, that's so romantic!" Sana said as she sniffed-up a tear.

"Yeah Aya, that's so romantic, unlike a certain boyfriend of mine," Hisae grunted.

            "Sigh, I'm so jealous Aya, after all, Takaishi isn't as romantic as Tsuyoshi-kun.  But he still tries," Fuuka blushed.

"But you really should have had at least a party to celebrate," pouted Sana.

            "Well, we weren't sure when we were going to do it and then when we heard about your wedding we didn't want to have it too soon, and, well, our parents already consider us married cause we've been dating for so long that they kept on asking when we were going to, so . . . we thought why not?  We really didn't want to take the limelight away from your wedding with ours," laughed Aya.

            "Oh Aya, that would never happen.  But I am happy for you both!  I know, how about we share the reception?  After all, all your friends are also here, so why not announce that you both already got married and we can celebrate your wedding as well?"  Sana gleamed.

            "No, no, we couldn't do that?" Trying to dissuade her friends from embarrassing her even more.

            "Yes, we can!  Hisae, let my Mom know about the changes!  Fuuka, go and find Rei-kun, it's almost time to start the ceremony.  Wow, I'm going to celebrate my own wedding with the wedding of my Maid-of-Honor," as Sana gave Aya a warm embrace.

            "Sana, thanks!" Aya stated sheepishly.  "Anyway, are you ready?"

            "I've been waiting years for this day, of course I'm ready," Sana sighed.  It's been building up to this point.  I can't believe it's finally the day!

            The girls heard a knock on the door as Rei-kuns voice penetrated the door, "Are you ready Sana!"

            "Almost, let me get my veil.  Aya, could you help me?"  Picking up a diamond-studded tiara with a long white lace fabric attached to it. 

"Here, let me fasten it on to your hair.  Just pull some of your hair back . . . there, now you're ready!"  Stepping back, Aya admired her close friend.

"Thanks for everything Aya.  Now let me call Rei-kun.  Rei-kun, we're ready now!"  Shouting through the door.

"Yes, I'm coming." Rei-kun opened the door and gasped as he saw how beautiful Sana looked.  "Sana, you look wonderful!"

"Thanks Rei-kun," Sana stated with a smile.  "Oh, and Rei-kun, you can take off your sunglasses for my wedding.  Just this once."

            "Anything for you Sana," as he took his sunglasses off.  Wow, that's a first! She didn't even really want me to take them off when I was getting married to Asako.  She really must love him then.  I guess I should have seen it coming.  My little Sana-chan, all grown-up now and about to get married.  And I her old manager gets to give her away!  All those years of helping her, guiding her, and raising her have all paid off!  I'm going to cry now.

            "Um, Rei-kun, you can stop crying now," smiled Sana.

            "But you look so beautiful and I really feel like a father right now whose about to give away his little girl," he said sobbing.

            "Silly Rei-kun, you'll be able to do this again when Sakura-chan gets married," referring to his adorable 3 year-old daughter.  "She's the perfect flower-girl and I'm sure someday she'll be the perfect bride."

            "Yes, and I hope that Sakura-chan grows-up to be as beautiful as you," wiping away any remaining tears.

            "I'm sure she will," trying to reassure him.

            "Oh, I will have to warn you, the TV cameras are still swarming the church," he said seriously.

            "I don't want to worry about that right now . . . not until after the wedding," biting her lip, showing an iota of nervousness.

            As the final hour was drawing near, the tension started to mount on all the guests and participants in the wedding; all except for Misako Kurata, Sana's mother.  As usual, she drove around in her little red car making sure all the necessary details were in order.  After all, her precious daughter Sana was finally getting married.  Her headdress for the day, a white silk pillow with laced edges and two gold rings on top.  Maro-chan was even dressed up with a bow tie to suit his home: after all, he was the official ring-squirrel.

            "Ho ho ho!  Everything is in place now!  I think I'll go get some fresh air before the ceremony," once she opened the double doors, she was mobbed by a slew of cameras and microphones.

            "Mrs. Kurata, who is the groom?  Who is your daughter going to marry?  Why did she give-up acting for her marriage?"

            Sana's mother shut the door on all their faces and let out a sigh, "maybe the stuffy church isn't so bad after all."  Taking out her fan, she pondered on how to distract the reporters from her daughter's wedding.

            "Sensei!" Hisae walked up to Sana's mother.

            "Oh, Hisae-chan!  Is my daughter ready yet."

            "Yes, she is, but there's some other important news!" smiling gleefully.

            "What?!?  What?!?  I'm all ears!" taking out a cup a putting it to her ear to hear the gossip.

            "Aya-chan and Tsuyoshi-kun eloped two weeks ago and Sana wants to celebrate their wedding with hers!"  Jumping up and down as she delivered the exciting news.

            "Ho ho ho!  How very interesting.  Very well, I'll call the caterers to add their names to the wedding cake," taking out her cell phone.  "Hisae, go ahead and get ready for the ceremony, it's going to start soon."

            "Yes, Sensei," Hisae politely curtsied before taking her place.

            "Hmm, this does make things very interesting," as she got a glint in her eye.

            "Sensei?  Did you finish the manuscript?" as Onda crawled up to the little red car where Sana's mother was sitting.

            "Onda-today is my daughter's wedding.  OF COURSE IF HAVEN'T FINISHED IT!!!  But if you want, you can talk to them," she said, as she opened the double doors and kicked Onda outside with all the reporters.

            Onda tried to reenter the church, banging on the doors, but to no avail.

            "We are outside the church where an apparent guest for the wedding is outside.  Please sir, tell us do you know who the groom is?"

            Confused, Onda stutters, "Groom?  I'm not getting married?!?"

            "What is your relation to Sana Kurata?"

            Stepping back as more and more cameras were being shoved into his face, "Um, I'm here for a manuscript and . . ."

            "Who did you see inside the church?"

            "Sensei!  Help!  Sensei!" as Onda beat his fists on the double doors.

            "Sir, please just answer a few questions . . ."

            Sana's mother drove away in her little red car, laughing to herself, "That should keep them busy for now.  Now to concentrate on the ceremony!  Ah, there's the lovely bride-to-be.  Are you ready?"

            "Yes, I am," she nodded.  Though she tried to hide her worry about the reporters outside, she still couldn't hide it from her mother.

            "Are you worried about the media?"  Inquiring in her usual manner.  "Don't worry about that right now, this is your big day.  Try not to let them bother you."

            "Yes, Mama.  I won't," as she shot her usual smile.  "Come on, let's go Rei-kun!"

            "Yes, it's time.  Now remember, right foot first and follow my lead," Rei tried to demonstrate.

            "Rei-kun!  It's left foot first!"

            "I'm sorry Sana, I've failed you as a father-figure!" Rei-kun wailed.

            Sana's mother pulled out her squeaky-hammer and pounded him on the head.  "Get a hold of yourself.  Now is not the time to break down.  Now go and do your job!"

            "Yes, Sensei," still sobbing a bit.

            "And it's left-foot first," making one last comment to Rei-kun.  Turning to her daughter, Misako Kurata wanted to give her daughter one last word of advice before she became a married woman. "Sana, just remember how much you love him and those reporters won't be able to touch you."

            "I will, smiling at her mother's encouraging words.  Still, she couldn't get that nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach, and she remembered why.


End of Something White

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