"I tried but nobody can fix stupid memory charm" Hermione rubbed her eyes. Ron bit his lip. He rubbed her back no sure what to say. It was like her parents died but worse they were alive but would never see their daughter ever again.

"I need my parents Ron.. i need them here I just" Hermione cried into him. Ron bit his lip. Maybe he could ask Harry if he knew..maybe one of the professors. He promise if he asked her he wanted to asked her parents or have them there. He wasn't as smart as Hermione or brave as Harry but he was loyal and even through they fought..Him and Hermione.. he would do anything for her.

Hermione helped Ginny with something to get out of the house. Ginny saw that she needed girl time so with help of Fleur and Luna they were off. Ron was talking to the guys He seemed quite and Harry was worried about him.

"Ron what's wrong" asked Harry. They were degnoming the burrow. George and his brothers were swinging them over the fence. But Ron. Ron was holding on in his hand.

"Mate what's wrong" Asked Harry poking his friend. His friend threw it over the fence and sighed.

"It's hermione her parents they can't remember and she couldn't fix it there has to be something.. Harry I want to ask her to be my wife and I want her parents to be here" Ron said softly.

"Maybe there is something" Harry mumbled to Ron. Ron looked at him confused as Harry told him what they could do.

Meanwhile Hermione was at Hogesmeade with the girls. She was staring at the cup of butterbeer

Hermione didn't say much she had no idea what to say. She just kept thinking about her parnets. How they will move on be happy knowing they never had daughter.. She honestly felt terrible..and she kept it inside. Besides her friends were more imporant than her.

Harry was not over the war none of them plus Freds funeral was soon.. she didn't want to ruin that for them...she didn't want to be center of it all. She didn't notice the tears going down her face.

Luna saw this of course. Fleur had to go so it was just them. Luna and Ginny looked at each other. Luna got a tissue and handed it to her

"Mione what's wrong" asked Ginny quitely as Hermione took the tissue. Luna had feeling it was about her parents. She heard what she did and had feeling well there could be away but she really didn't know. She was going over books anything to help her friend.

"It's nothing really" Hermione gave them a small smile but it wasn't a real one. Ginny sighed

"You couldn't get them back" whispered Luna quitely and Hermione nodded tears going down her face.

"I tried everything I look through papers and when I got there " Hermione sobbed into her hands. Ginny and Luna tried to calm her down but they had to call Ron who came over and took her home. Luna and Ginny stayed behind and sighed.

"We need to help her" Whispered Ginny rubbing her eyes.

"It's not going to be easy we can go back to hogwarts maybe the libary as something about it" Luna said quitely. Ginny nodded they got up payed for butterbeers and headed about to hogwarts.

Hogwarts was still being rebuilt at this time. Magic was well helpfuly but there was still only things magic coulnd't fix.

Like the many people who died int he war. But they were going to build something but not sure what.

When Ginny and Luna arrived at Hogwarts it was different and the looked at each other. They didn't want to go right now. Not because of the war but it was different so different it felt different. They couldn't tell if it was a good different or a bad different.

Ginny already sent Harry a letter to know what she was doing. Maybe he could help but she didn't see him come back to hogwarts soon. Sometimes it was to much for him. Ginny remembered waking him up from nightmares after the war was over. Everyone was having them. She was pretty sure that they always kept dreamless potion in the house just incase. But they got better at least a little bit.

"Where are we going to start and is the library even there" Ginny whispered as they walked inside. Luna smiled at Ginny.

"Its library Gin of course it it" she said in her usually dreamy voice. Ginny smiled back..Luna gotten a little better she was worried her friend changed for the good. Sure she did but sometimes the old Luna would come back.

They walked through Hogwarts. Everyone seem busy so it was easy to past by. Luna and Ginny stayed quite and finally got to the library. They looked around and searched for any books to help Hermione or at least figure out how to get her parents memory's back.

Harry showed up he kissed Ginnys cheek and hugged Luna.

"There could be something but I didn't Tell Ron" Harry shurgged.

"Well you could of just told me instead of me sneaking here and wondering what you were talking about" Ron said coming in and poking his best friend. They all jumped and Ron grinned at them a little.

"You been hanging out way to much with George" Ginny mumbled. Ron shrugged and Harry raised his eyebrow.

"Where's Hermione" asked Harry worried about his friend.

'At home she said she wanted to sort the libary, mom made a room for her. Hermione was happy about it. She calmed down but still worried there has to be something right. I just want her happy" He said softly and the others nodded wanted the same.

"So what are we going to do split up and search for books" asked Ginny raising her eyebrows. The libary was huge really huge it was going to take forever.

'We can say Accio books that have to due with memory" Before anyone could stop ron. Eyes went wide as hundereds of books speed towards them.

'BAD IDEA RON" Ginny shouted as the books well gathered around them. Ron mumbled something under the books. Good thing Libarian was there at that time.

"Attacked by books only hogwarts" Harry mumbled and helped everyone out of the books

"Well we got all the time in the world" Mumbled Ron.

"Lets get started maybe the nargles would help" Luna smiled at them with that they started to go through books after books to figure out how to help Hermione