16 years ago, on the eve of New Year, my father had to leave a very important concert of his fanatic orchestra, an event which he has been participating in for many years, and all because on that same day, I was born.

Laborious GIRL, that is the meaning of my name, Emily, and because of that, I made an effort to do at least one exciting thing everyday, even if nobody else sees it.

You see, when I was in Kindergarten everything was good for me, I had friends and my teachers loved me, and I loved them, but once I was on Primary, things started to go wrong, on the first day, I was in a fight with a pig-kid who wanted to steal my lunch, and I, according to the teachers, over reacted.

I only broke her nose, was that too bad?

So, after the little incident, I was "the bad girl". So, nobody wanted to speak to me or even looked me, so my primary years, were very lonely.

And things got worse, one day I was on the playground with the other children, and that day I had really long black hair, and on the playground there was a wooden house with a window on the entrance, I thought trying to get out from the window will be fun, so I tried it and, one, mother fucker boy yelled like a mad man:

"It´s Sadako!" he called me like the girl ghost from the movie The Ring (Japanese version)

And that was the name that stayed with me until today. I'm now at high school and yet I can´t get along with the other boys and girls of my class, but it´s okay, they are very stupid to me and, I´m better off alone. But there is one thing I hate the most. It´s that everyone calls me 'Sadako', they don´t even know my fucking name! It´s fine that everyone regrets me, but couldn´t they at least call me by my real name? The only good thing is that thanks to my nickname, all they think that I am some kind of witch (and if that's the way they look at me, so be it! I don't care!) Even teachers think this, so, they don´t touch me either, that´s the good thing.

I do my work, homework, I deliver it to them and that´s it, even if I´m the bad girl I haven´t got into trouble since the pig-kid incident, and I keep trying to do something exciting everyday, so, I´m doing fine.

They even judge me because of what I wear everyday. Instead of colorful clothes that the other girls wear, I like to wear dark clothing; like black, gray, and gothic clothing. And even though I love my black hair, I also love my hair being neon blue.

My parents are always worried about me and that I have no friends to hang out with after school. Because after school, I come back home and that´s it, 'I'll only go out whenever Mom and Dad need something from the store, or if I need something for school, but I don´t go out with friends. And I keep telling that to my mom and dad that I don´t need friends, that I have all what I need at home, my laptop, my books and my movies.

Right now I´m reading Let the Right One In from John Ajvide Lindqvist, really good, I recommend it. And I´m also a Fanfiction writer, right now I´m writing a How to Train your Dragon fic about a killer car owned by Stoick. So, things are perfect for me.

One day, I´m walking to school, when I saw a boy, he was tall, but not too much, he had black hair that reached the bottom of his ears and his skin was a little darker. He was wearing a brown T-shirt with blue jeans and he was looking at a piece of paper, like if he didn't know where he was supposed to be going. I supposed he was looking for the school.

"If you´re looking for the high school of the west, it´s that way" I tell him, and I point with my finger towards the school. He walks to where I am, and, he smiles at me.

"Thanks" he says to me.

Oh boy, maybe I forgot to tell you, every time I do a good thing for another person (I don´t like them, but I´m polite) they respond to me "Sorry Sadako" and then they run away from me, but now, this boy is saying thanks, it's weird! And what happens then it´s even more weird, he approaches me and…

Takes something out of my hair and then he shows it to me.

"Look, what kind of petal you had in your hair" It´s a petal of a rose, and it has the form of a heart. He keeps smiling, I don´t know what to do…


"Koda?" somebody asked.

"Good morning, Koda!" another one adds. Koda look at the boys, who are not too far from where we are.

"Well, see you around"

He walks away from me and joins the other two boys.

"You´re late, dude."

"Excuse me, Bucky." I look at the boys who walk away and I stay still.

What the hell just happened?!

So, this is based on the Japanese movie Kimi Ni Todoke which is based on a manga, so I just want to say, thanks for reading and excuse the bad grammar, please moderate reviews only.

Next chapter coming soon.