Sabrina's POV

I woke up only to feel a strange man shaking me. Jumping up, I knocked all of my bags onto the floor.

"Sorry, Miss. Grimm. I didn't mean to startle you."

I looked closer at the man who seemed to know me.


He smiled," Yes, darling. It's been so long."

I smiled back.

He was right. I hadn't been in Ferryport Landing in four years. As soon as I graduated high school, I pulled together all of my "get away" money and moved to New Mexico to go to the University of Albuquerque. Now I have my bachelor's degree and I miss the Everafters. I'm going home.

"Yeah, I missed Ferryport Landing. Speaking of which, are we there?"

He laughed and said," Yes. You fell asleep on the train and no one was nice enough to wake you."

I laughed and checked my phone for the time.

It read 1:34 am.

Damn. I was asleep for 5 hours.

I quickly grabbed my bags, muttered a thank you to Gepetto, and ran out of the train car.

I quickly flagged a taxi and directed it to Granny Relda's house. Before I knew it, I was on her front door mustering the courage to open the door and face my family.

I haven't talked to my family since the day after I left. I had called them because I had left without saying goodbye. They seemed really upset. Actually, they were furious. Puck said that I would pay and Daphne cursed me out. Granny was the only one who understood that I had dealt with the Everafters for too long and needed an escape.

My phone started buzzing.

It was a missed message from Granny.

"Liebling? Are you there? Are you okay?

Oh gosh. Granny was probably worried sick by now.

I crouched down and grabbed the key under Granny's favorite plant.

I opened the door to find a completely dark house that smelt like cake and dirt.

Ah, I thought, the essence of Puck.

After placing my bags inside e of the house, I replaced the key and stepped inside.

Grabbing the bags, I started climbing the stairs when I heard the sound of claws scratching the wooden floors.

I reached the top of the stairs and greeted the huge Great Dane with a huge hug. I missed the dog and judging by his excitement, he missed me too.

As soon as Elvis calmed down, I picked my bags off of the floor and proceeded to my bedroom where I was greeted by the signs on the door that had been abandoned by high school me.

Keep out Puck


Grinning, I made my way into my room and plopped onto my bed.

As soon as I made contact, clear goop fell onto my head. When the flow stopped, a note fell out of nowhere.

I hope red is your color –The Trickster King

I raced into the bathroom and rinsed the slime out of my hair. When I looked into the mirror, I saw that my blonde hair was replaced with hair the color of a clean pig.

"Ugh… PUCK!" I screamed as I stormed into the hallway.

Several lights turned on behind me, but I was only concerned with the door across the hall.

I busted into Puck's room and saw all of the trees, sparkles, and old unicorn toy that I would tease Puck about when we were younger.

The only problem was that Puck wasn't in the trampoline bed.

I walked into the hallway and saw Granny with a huge smile on her face.

She rushed to me and said,"Liebling! Oh goodness! How I've missed you! You've gotten so big! Have you done something to your hair?"

I laughed and escaped from her embrace.

"Hi Granny. I've missed you too."

I was about to ask where Puck was when I saw Daphne's room door open down the hall.

I remembered the fight that Daphne and I had on the phone that tore hole in my heart after I left.

Blinded by tears, I ran down the hall into her room.

My body crashed into another. I squeezed as I cried.

"Gosh Grimm. I thought you would be mad about the slime. But hey, I missed you too."

Then, I felt a tight squeeze.


I rushed out of the embrace and realized that I had been hugging a shirtless sleepy Puck.



In Daphne's room? At 2 in the morning?

I was going to ask why but Granny pushed me into my room.

"Liebling, it's late. Why don't you take a shower and rest. We will talk in the morning."

Why was Puck in Daphne's room?

I walked into the bathroom and peeled my clothes off.

As I stepped into the shower I wondered if they were together.

I took a long, hot shower then put on dark pajama bottoms and a cami.

As I dried my hair, I started thinking.

Why would Daphne do this?

Especially when she knows that…

That I…

Get it together Grimm…

That I love Puck.