Chapter 1: Defending Thy Honour

Dorian and Mother Giselle were talking rather snippily at each when Kahalira the Inquisitor walked onto the second floor of the library. Her bright blue eyes flashed with concern and she hastened her steps to reach her Tevinter mage. She knew Mother Giselle hadn't agreed with her decision to inform the man of his father's meeting but she could never abuse his trust in her.

"Is something the matter?" Kahalira strode up to them and stood between, a shield to protect them but she wasn't quite sure just she needed it more.

Her eyes glanced at Mother Giselle before landing on Dorian who folded his arms across his chest and huffed out a weary sigh. "She doesn't agree with me sticking around." He informed her, his voice light trying to keep the mood light but irritation was clearly waning its way in.

Mother Giselle replied immediately obviously sensing the Dalish elf's concern when she turned to face her with a questioning look. "These are not my opinions, I don't know you. But with the rumours going around the masses feel a great distrust about you and your influence over the Herald."

Dorian never holding back his tongue snapped "And when did you bow to the opinions of the masses?"

Kahalira placed her arms on his shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze but her gaze remained on the Revered Mother. "What rumours? And what do they mean influencing me?"

"They claim that he came from Tevinter to seduce you, corrupt you into their way of thinking. You are a mage after all. They fear he isn't all he appears to be." Mother Giselle's thick accent somehow managed to make the words seem worse than they were. Kahalira just figured it was the Orlasian accent because they all sounded like they were hiding them, even her dear spy master, or perhaps especially her spy master.

"You mean other than ridiculously attractive, talented and charming?" Dorian retorted using humour to detract from the accusations.

Kahalira looked up to him then and found it strange that he didn't try to deny the fact he wasn't seducing her. It seemed odd that he wouldn't say he was into men and she wondered if he was ashamed of it on some level all because of what his father tried to do.

"So they have no idea just how much Dorian has done to help the Inquisition? He's proven himself worthy and I deeply appreciate all that's he's done for us." She too would not mention Dorian's preference and so she deliberately left her answer to imply whatever people wanted to think. "However I won't ask him to leave, he's far too valuable."

His dark brown eyes flashed with surprise but he said nothing further on the matter and relaxed his posture. Kahalira gave Mother Giselle a stern look that said that she never going to discuss the issue again. So she was thankful when the Revered Mother said her apologies and left the two of them alone.

After a few minutes of silence Dorian turned to face her and she was taken aback by the look on his face. She couldn't tell what was going through his mind until the words ran from his mouth.

"Thank you, though I don't suppose they will ever stop judging me. But I appreciate you standing up for me."

"Dorian I - " She began to explain herself but he lifted his left hand to silence her.

"Let me say this for I won't ever dare speak these words again." His casual uncaring tone was gone and the mirth from his eyes turned into seriousness and Kahalria braced herself. "I don't have many friends, never had. But I meant it when I said that you are an exceptional woman. You've helped me more than I ever expected and you have never judged me for what or who I am." He took a deep breath as though the hardest part of his confession was still to come. "I consider you a true friend and I will stand with you against Corypheus and anything else that gets in your way."

The Dalish elf just looked at him dumb struck; of all the things she had expected him to say it certainly wasn't that. She felt her heart swell at his words. She too had never had many friends even among her clan. But she was finding a new home and family for herself and she starting to grow of these companions of hers.

"Dorian I -" She wanted to tell him that she valued him as a true friend and she meant it when she said she wouldn't want to time travel with anyone else by her side.

However he didn't let her finish when he grabbed her arm lightly but firmly and started dragging her out of the library and down the stairwell.

"Now that the mushy stuff is taken care of. Why don't we go to the tavern and see if we can't seduce ourselves with a couple of fine strapping young men?" His wide smile was back in place as he opened the large wooden door to the courtyard still holding her arm.

"Fine, but the drinks are on you." She smiled back at him and allowed him to lead her to the booming voices and cheers of those inside. She brushed the loose strands of her fiery red hair behind her pointed ears, trying to appear composed as her friend pulled her across the threshold of the tavern. She wanted to look good even if she was most likely to get drunk and make a mess of herself. But if it was what Dorian needed to reassert himself then she was more than happy.

"Naturally I am still a gentleman after all."

Kahalira thought she should've gained Dorian close friendship earlier, thinking of all the free booze she could have!

A/N: So I absolutely love the interaction between the characters and the Inquisitor so I thought I'd explore them. Some will be taken from scenes in the game and some I will make up. Hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what think.