Naruto the Dark

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At one of the Akatsuki's hideout, explosions could be here from inside. The members were in Holographic forms and they watched as Deidara was fending out his anger.

"FUCK! FUCKING FUCK! THAT LITTLE SHIT!" Deidara roared in anger as he sent his flying clay bombs across the hideout, making explosions rock the hideout.

Of course he would be angry. Not only did he lose the One-Tailed Jinchuriki but he lost against Naruto AND lost his partner Sasori. That little brat had humiliated him! He destroyed his art and his pride! And for all he knows, whatever the Nine Tails Brat did to make Jinchuriki lose their Tailed Beasts without killing them, probably did the same thing to Gaara!

"When I get my hands on that little shit, I'm going to fucking kill him! He's going to die a painful death!" Deidara continued.

"Hahahaha! I can't believe that you lost! Not only you, but Sasori got himself killed! Hahaha, that's priceless!" Hidan exclaimed as he continued to laugh, only to anger Deidara more.

"Enough." Pain spoke up. "Based on what Deidara has reported, it's prove that it was indeed the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki controlling the dark creatures. It would seem that after he vanished, he became more powerful than we thought."

"Powerful enough to release the Tailed-Beasts from their hosts without killing them." Konan continued. "Whatever he did, he knew that we were going after them, so he went to the remaining Jinchuriki that still had their beasts and freed them of their prison."

"Huh, so in other words, the Tailed Beasts are still out there somewhere." Kisame said. "But the question is...where the hell are they?"

"The only way for us to know for sure..." Pain spoke. "Is to find Naruto Namikaze. He released them so only he knows their whereabouts."

"Oh believe me...I will find that brat if it's the last thing I do." Deidara swore to himself.

"Good...then you know your mission." Pain said. "Find Naruto Namikaze and bring him in. However, if any of you find out where he is, let us know. After what happened to Sasori, it would be dangerous to fight him head on."

Everyone nodded their heads and each of them disappeared, leaving Deidara by himself.

"I'll show you Brat. That Art is truly an explosion!"

(Hidden Sand Village)

Hinata was groaning in her sleep. She slowly woke up and the first thing she noticed was the darkness that covered her vision. She felt cold hard ground beneath her, making her sit up before she heard something metal like cling together. Her eyes widened as she looked down and she found herself in chains!

What was going on!? What had happened?

It was then her eyes widened further as she recalled what happened. She had found Naruto's daughter in the Kazekage's Office, playing. The two of them talked for a little bit and she heard Yami call out to her father. Before she lost her vision she saw Naruto's face for the first in decades and he had grown into a handsome man.

She heard groaning in the darkness, making her jump a little. She activated the Byakugan and sighed in relief as she saw half of her team are okay. They looked beat up but were still fine. They were also in chains just like her.

"Hinata Hyuga."

Hinata recognized that voice as it belongs to the Kazekage of the Sand Village, Gaara of the Desert. She looks behind her and saw the Kazekage by himself, staring at her with an emotionless expression...but she could see in his eyes that he was furious to see them here in his home.

However what she didn't know is that he wasn't alone in there.

"Lord Kazekage." Hinata bowed her head.

"Why have you come here?" Gaara demanded.

"We..." Hinata looked hesitate before she looked back to him. "We heard about your capture and we came here to-"

"Rescue me and thought by doing so might re-build a relationship with my village." Gaara stated. "But I know the real reason why you came."

Hinata flinched at the hidden angry tone and at being caught. " is he?" She just had to ask that question. It's's just been so long since she last saw him and after the horrible incident she and the others caused.

"Why do you even care?" Gaara shot back. "Is it because that you still love him after the attack you and your friends pulled 10 years ago?" He saw the shocked expression on her face. "He told me everything after he rescued me. And from what I heard, your exact words were 'I hate you Naruto Uzumaki'. So how can you still love him after saying those words to his face? Do you truly love him or the fact that you found out he's the Son of the Yellow Flash and loved him again?"

"That's not true!" Hinata exclaimed. "I...I love Naruto with all my heart! Back then, I wasn't myself! None of us were!" She looked down at the ground. "Ever since that day, I cried every single day because of the things I had done and said to him. For 10 long years, I've been searching for him so I can apologize for everything and explain what happened that day!"

Gaara stared at her, wanting her to continue.

"I remember exactly what happened when Tsunade called us to her office. She wanted us to attack Naruto because she told us he was a demon, I didn't believe her but the others did. I was shocked and I looked at them but I saw something strange."

Gaara raised an eyebrow at her. He could easily tell when someone's lying, but she was telling the whole truth. His eyes moved to the side as he heard a silent growl before he looked back at Hinata.

"And what was this strange thing you saw?"

"Their eyes. Their eyes looked exactly..."


Hinata and Gaara looked to the new voice and saw Sakura was staring to wake up. It wasn't just her. Neji, Shikamaru, Kurenai, Asuma, Shino, Chouji, Lee, and Tenten were waking up as well .

"Ow, my head hurts." Tenten flinched as she rubbed her head. She tried to get up but found herself chained. "Huh?"

"Where are we?" Lee asked.

"In a Prison Cell." Gaara answered as the door opened up and Temari walked in. "What is it Temari?"

"The Council is calling for you, concerning our...guests." Temari spat as she glared at the Leaf Ninja.

Gaara nodded as he turned his back to the Leaf Ninja. They watched as he looked to the side and stared at the shadows, causing confusion among the group, except for Shikamaru, who already knew who was there. He and Temari walked out and closed the door, leaving them in the darkness.

"What was that about?" Sakura asked as everyone, except Shikamaru, who was looking at the spot Gaara nodded to, shook their heads.

"I hope the others are okay." Kurenai said.

"I agree." Lee said, looking down. "Naruto has truly gotten stronger these past 10 years."

"What do ya expect?" Tenten asked. "That guy is full of surprises."

"No kidding." Asuma nodded.

"Lady Hinata." Neji spoke. "Are you alright?"

"Yes. I am fine." Hinata replied.

"So what was she like?" Sakura asked curiously. "Yami I mean."

Shikamaru kept his eyes on the shadows, to watch for any movement, and he heard the sound of someone, gritting their teeth. It was silent so that none of them wouldn't hear it. But he heard it.

"She's exactly like Naruto was when he was young." Hinata smiled. "But, she's more respectful."

"Everyone..." Shikamaru spoke up for the first time, getting their attention. "We're not alone here. Am I right...Naruto?"

Music: Mephiles' Whisper [Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)]

Everyone's eyes widened before they stared at the shadows. Their eyes widened further as they saw a pair of glowing red eyes with a green slit in them. The eyes walked closer to the light , before they revealed to be Naruto Namikaze, his eyes showing deep hatred.

"Naruto..." Hinata whispered. A blush appeared on her face as she realized that he was standing there the whole time and heard her confession.

"You really have some nerve to come here and face me." Naruto said as he narrowed his eyes at them. "Some nerve indeed."

"Naruto, listen, I know you're mad at us..." Sakura started but Naruto cut her off, angrily.

"Mad!? I'm more than mad at you!" Naruto growled, making his former teammate flinch. "No words could express how I feel seeing your faces again! After all the shit you and everyone in that damn village put me through during my childhood, you better be thankful that I'm not destroying it right now!"

Everyone stared at Naruto with shocked eyes before they looked down, deep regret on their faces. They knew he was right and he had every right to be angry at them. They attacked him, shattered his heart, betrayed him, and worst of all...abandoned him.

"Now I'm gonna ask you a question; and you better give me an honest to God answer...cause if you don't..." Naruto's hands glowed purple, causing them to gulp. "Now...why have you been looking for me for 10 years?"

"We came here to try and get you and your daughter back to the-" Neji spoke up, but Naruto punched the wall behind him, causing a fist sized crater to be formed.

"I'M NOT GOING BACK THERE!" Naruto yelled in a demonic voice. "And neither is Yami! I know exactly why you were looking for me! You only just want your weapon back in your control! As for my daughter, you want to keep her there so she can be used to make babies!"

Everyone trembled as they looked at Naruto's face as it shifted to reveal a crystallized version of him, before it returned to normal.

"That's not true, Naruto!" Hinata exclaimed, getting his attention. "We all just want you to come back to us! We regret what we had done to you all those years ago, but you have to understand that we had-"

"What? Control?" Naruto asked, his voice returning to normal. "Are you trying to tell me that you were being controlled into attacking me and saying those things?" He said it in a tone that said he didn't believe a word she was saying.

"Yes!" Hinata nodded, causing Naruto to narrow his eyes.

"Oh yeah? And I assume that Sakura and Ino were being controlled along with everyone who was waiting for me that day at the gate." Naruto stated mockingly, causing Sakura to flinch at the memory.

"I...that was..." Sakura had no words to say to that except looking down in regret.

"Thought so." Naruto said. "You all say that you want me back because you regret what you done, but in reality, you want me back because I'm the son of the Fourth Hokage and because I'm too powerful to be taken down."

"Naruto..." Hinata muttered as tears gathered in her eyes.

"Hm." Naruto's eyes looked to the side. "Looks like your friends are waking up. Time for me to say hello." He gained a dark look as he said this and he turned around.

"What has happened to you Naruto?" Lee asked. "What has happened to the most Youthful person we all knew and love?"

Naruto remained silent as he looked over his shoulder and stared at everyone. "He's dead. All of you killed him." He vanished to the shadows.

Just as he left, Hinata had tears falling from her eyes and everyone stared at her sadly.

"He's right." Shikamaru sighed. "The Naruto we know is long gone. We did kill him."

"And in his him." Neji added.

Music Ends


Jiraya and the rest of the team were awake as they stared at the ground, recalling what happened. Naruto utterly destroyed them in battle, without even breaking a sweat! It was insane just thinking about how strong he become over 10 years! Those attacks of his, the monsters he summoned, that dark power of his, Naruto certainly lived up to his reputation as Naruto the Dark.

Jiraya narrowed his eyes. He just couldn't believe what he saw back there. Naruto actually completed the Rasengan! After Minato developed the technique, he was going to add his element to it, but never got the chance as he passed away. Even though he was taught the technique, he never completed it either.

Jiraya really shouldn't be surprised by this. Naruto's an unpredictable Ninja and he's in the Bingo Book, so of course he would complete it. Just thinking about the younger Naruto brought a smile to his face. A sad, regretful smile. If only he was in the Village sooner than maybe Naruto wouldn't have been banished. No...if he was there in Naruto's life from the beginning then he wouldn't be who he is today.

"You look like hell."

Everyone quickly turned their attention to the door and their eyes widened as Naruto stood there, a blank look on his face.


"Save it Hatake." Naruto interrupted. "The other half of your team told me everything."

"I bet. But did they tell you what's happening in the Leaf Village?" Jiraya asked.

"Does my face look like I give a shit about your village?" Naruto shot back, his face still blank, but they could tell from his eyes that he was beyond pissed seeing them again.

"Naruto please listen." Shizune spoke up. "The Leaf Village is in crisis! After you were banished, many of our allies from different countries abandoned us, even the Toads!" She looked down. "We barely have any missions and the village will soon be..."

"I. Don't. Care." Naruto grounded out, gritting his teeth in annoyance. "Do you honestly think that I care about that Village!? After all the shit they done to me during my childhood up to my banishment! Huh!?"

Everyone, except Sai, flinched at the angry tone Naruto used.

"Naruto." Iruka said, getting the black streak's attention. "I know how much hatred you've been holding in to everyone in the village. But there are some who still cares about you." He finished with a smile.

"Iruka-sensei..." Naruto's eyes softened as he stared at him. He was right. Beisdes Iruka, there was the Konohamaru Ninja Squad, the Ichiraku family, Kotetsu and Izumo. Those were the only people who saw him as a person and not a monster. At least they had brains.

Just the thought of them, brought a very small smile on his face. But then it disappeared.

"I know. And I think about them every now and then, wondering how they're doing." He said. "But that doesn't matter now."

Iruka looked sadden by that but a small smile does appear as Naruto thought about them.

"Naruto, we want to bring you and Yami back. Not only because everyone in the Leaf Village regret what they had done to you, but because we want to protect you two from the Akatsuki." Kakashi told his former student.

Naruto stared at him. "I swore to myself that I would never go back there ever again, especially since I have a child. We don't need any protection from anyone, not even from all of you. If anything I'm protecting Yami from the Leaf Village."

"But what happens if you die?" Sai spoke up for the first time. "If you were to diie, right here and now, then who would watch over Yami?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at the mysterious man. "Hmph, and who are you suppose to be? No wait, don't answer, you're my replacement." He stated. "As for your question, Gaara and his siblings will take care of her."

"And what about Sasuke, huh!?" Kiba demanded.

"What about him?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.

Kakashi sighed. "3 years ago after you were banished, me, Sai, Hinata, and Sakura heard about Sasuke's whereabouts. So we went and searched for him, thinking that you were with him. We found him and...well...he told us what you told him."

"And how did he react seeing you again?"

"He attacked and almost killed Sakura." Kakashi replied. "He also said that he's going to find the other Uchiha Children who survived that night. He's going to train them and come and destroy the Leaf Village and rebuild it."

"Oh? So he's going to destroy the village huh?" Naruto asked. "I don't really blame him though. After what they did to the Uchiha women and what they were going to do to his cousins, I can't say I'm surprised."

"What!? You're not going to stop him!?" Guy asked in shock.

"Why should I?" Naruto asked with a dark look. "If anything he's doing me a favor. So unless you all don't want to die then I suggest you hurry up and leave the village."

"Naruto you and I both know that your parents wouldn't-"

"MY PARENTS!?" Naruto roared as Killing Intent was coming off of him, shutting Jiraya up as his and the others expression were that of fear. "DON'T YOU DARE BRING MY PARENTS IN THIS SANNIN! MY PARENTS ARE CRYING TEARS OF BLOOD FOR ALL THE SHIT THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE! My father trusted everyone in the village to see me as a hero! But no! They only saw me as a Demon! You all betrayed my parents trust and so did Hiruzen Sarutobi!"

He turned around. "We are done here!" He vanished in the shadows.

All was silent as they stared at the spot where Naruto vanished.

"We fucked up big time." Jiraya said.


Naruto was in the outskirts of the village as he was destroying anything that was in his path. It was dark outside as the moon was glowing down on him. He had to take his anger out on something. How dare he! How dare he bring his parents up like that! He betrayed them! He was suppose to be his Godfather but he never took care of him! He was more interested in his fucking peep shows than him!

And the others...did they really think he would come back to them!? JUST LIKE THAT!? HE WOULD NEVER FORGIVE THEM! Even in death! And then there was Hinata! Did she think he would return her feelings after crushing his heart like that!?

Naruto took a deep breath and looked around, seeing there was craters everywhere. He sighed and turned to head back to the Sand Village before he stopped as he saw a figure stand a few feet away from him.

This figure was obviously male. He wore a similar outfit like Naruto except his was red with orange flame like designs on the sleeves and bottom cloak. He wore a hood on his head as the shadow covered his face.

"Hmph. Well now, this is damage you caused here Naruto. Was it something that Jiraya said?" The male asked.

"Who the hell are you?" Naruto growled.

"My, my, such temper." The figure waved his finger back and forth. "As for who I am...well that's a secret. As for why I'm here..." Crimson flames mixed with lava erupted from his fists, making purple energy erupted from Naruto's hands.

"Let me see how strong you are."

Music: For True Story [Sonic Adventure 2: Battle]

The Mysterious Man charged at Naruto, fist pulled back. The black-streaked blond dodge the fist as he sent an upper cut to the Man's chin, only for him to back flip away. Naruto charged at the Man and sent a barrage of punches at him, only for the man to either block or dodge them.

The Man spun around behind Naruto and did a spinning kick to his head, only for Naruto to duck under it. He then turned around and kicked him just as he landed on his feet. The Man blocked the kick but he slid on the ground.

"Not bad. Not bad at all." The Man commented. He then dashed at Naruto, faster than before, and punched him in the stomach, causing him to gasp before he punched him in the air.

Naruto grit his teeth as he flipped in the air and was glaring down at the Man. Who the hell was this guy? No one's ever attacked him in a fight before. This guy was good. But he don't know who he's messing with!

"Dark Chaos Lance!" He shot his Lance at the Man, only for the Man to smack it away like it was nothing! "What!?"

"Nice try." The Man chuckled before he aimed his hand at Naruto. He unleashed a giant crimson lava/fire ball at Naruto, but he dodged out of the way just in time.

Naruto then dashed at the Man, as he got in the stance, but he turned into an after image. Naruto appeared behind him and punched him on his cheek, making him fly and slid across the ground again.

The Man did a flip and landed on his feet but found himself dodging a Dark Chaos Lance from Naruto. He looked and saw a familiar cross as 3 more Narutos appeared in clouds of smoke. The Narutos ran to the Man, as a hidden smirk appeared on his face.

The Man blocked every punches and kicks that each clones sent him. The Man then burst into the flames, destroying the clones in the process, as a flame-like aura appeared around him.

Naruto stared at the man as a black and purple aura appeared around him as well.

The two dashed at each other, causing an aura of flames and black/purple to mix. The two then sent a barrage of punches and kicks at each other. From far away, it would seem like a crimson light and black/purple light clashing into each other and are flying all over the place.

After one last clash, the two were a few feet away from each other. Naruto raised his hand as the Rasengan appeared. The Man watched as it covered in darkness with a purple aura surrounding it.

"So that's how you wanna play huh?" He asked as he held his hand out.

Naruto's eyes widen in shock and disbelief as he saw the Rasengan appeared in his hand. Only this one was different. It was crimson red and it looked like Lava. It also had an fire aura around it.

"How did you learn that technique!?" Naruto demanded as he increased the power of his technique.

"Trade secret." The Man smirked, causing Naruto to growl in anger, as he too increased his power as well.

The two then ran to each.

"Dark Style..."

"Lava Style..."

Music End

"RASENGAN!" The two attacks clashed into each other causing massive winds to erupt from them and making a large crater to be formed underneath them.

Black and crimson auras appearing in the sky as the two were trying push the other away. A large black dome surrounded the two and covered them. The two were now in a white space as they stared at each.

The Man then laughed. "Impressive Naruto! Very impressive!"

"Cut the crap!" Naruto said angrily. "Now answer my questions! Who the fuck are you and where did you learn the Rasengan!?"

"Again, the temper." The Man grinned making Naruto glare daggers at him. "But don't worry, you will learn who I am soon. Very soon..."

"What?" Naruto asked.

"Sayanora Dark." The Man said as he vanished.

A second later, the dome had disappeared and Naruto was standing in the middle of the crater. He looked around and saw the Man in Red was long gone. He grit his teeth before he looked up in the sky.

"This feeling..." He thought to himself. "It's just like from 2 years ago...what the hell is going on?" Wings grew from his back as he took to the sky and headed back into the Sand Village, already knowing that everyone felt that Chakra.

As soon as he left, the Man in Red appeared again and watched him fly. He heard footsteps behind, already knowing who it is, without facing them.

"He's not half bad." The Man said. "What about you?"

"I gave him some of Dark Gaia's energy and from the looks of it, he was enjoying it." A young boy's voice said.

The Man turned around and looked at the 12 year old boy in the mask. "Great. But did you fight him?"

"Oh no. Not yet. Right now, the Chunin Exams is going on over there. He's probably in the Preliminary Round, waiting on his turn to fight." The boy said.

"Ah, and when it's his turn..." The Man trailed off as he knew the plan.

"Then I'll mop the floor with his face." The boy finished as a dark chuckle escaped his lips. "By the way, how's King Green doing?"

"He's still ruling his Kingdom." The Man replied.

"That or he's probably sleeping with his women." The boy deadpanned, making the Man shrugged. A portal appears behind the boy. "Whatever, knowing him he probably meet his counterpart sooner or later."

"Yes." The Man nodded. "Try and not hurt him too badly."

"Can't keep that promise." The boy said as he entered the portal and disappeared.

The Man chuckled as he looked ahead. "Oh yes. This is gonna be one hell of a fight." He vanished in a swirl of fire.

Chapter 7: Fin

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