It was spring right now and the weather was gorgeous this time of year. It was great out for doing things outside. All creatures loved being outside. Including the ninja turtles.

The guys were all just out enjoying a good run most of their nights out on patrol, but would always be more than willing to gladly protect someone in need, and loved foiling bad guys' plans. But it was also because of what the turtles did to stop the bad guys why the bad guys hated the turtles so much.

One night, there had been a girl in trouble being cornered by some Purple Dragons and the turtles stepped in to help her. But while this was going on, another woman and some bodyguards were passing through at the same time and heard the racket going on in the alley.

This woman, as she watched, she became enthralled by these big, human sized turtles. She had to find out more about them. They were unlike anything she had ever seen before.

She saw that they saved the woman and beat up the punks threatening her. But she didn't stick around to do much more. The watch woman and her bodyguards stayed out of the way. Then they saw the four turtles jump back to the safety of the rooftops.

She and her men went down the alley to talk to these punks as they were waking up.

"Hello boys. I saw what you were doing and you should know better." She said.

"Aww, look. Another girl we can have fun with."

"I don't think so. See, these are my bodyguards. Dare to mess with them?"

The punks took one look at her men and were instantly intimidated.

"What do you want?" One punk with blonde spiked hair asked nervously.

"I want to know about those turtles that you were fighting. Do you have information about them?" She demanded.

"They are a menace to this city! They often beat us up just because of what we do to try to have some fun."

"Well, raping women is not considered fun. But I want to know everything you know about those turtles. Do you know of anyone who might?"

"Who are you, girl?"

"My name is Beatrice Stanley. I am one of the richest young women in this city. And I always long to get what I want. Now tell me."

The punks talked of what they knew, but also told her she could talk to the leader of the Purple Dragons, Hun, who could tell her more.

Beatrice went to this Hun and she was more than happy to pay him to tell her everything he knew of the turtles.

Hun didn't know much about the turtles' personal lives, but he knew what the turtles were like out on the streets. The one in blue was the leader, the one in purple was the smart one, the one in red was the fighter, and the one in orange was the jokester.

Beatrice was enthralled at the thought of the smart one. She wanted to know more about him. But just wanting to know about all the turtles at the same time, to see which one was the best one to get for herself.

Hun knew of someone else who might be able to help her out there. The Foot's new leader, Karai, would more than likely be able to help her out as she had been close friends with the turtles once. She was about the only other person he could approach. And another might have been the mysterious Agent Bishop, but he wasn't so easy to find.

She was referred to Karai of the Foot Headquarters, and Beatrice and her men headed there.

Once in Karai's office, meeting her, she was impressed with how much this Japanese woman knew of these mutant reptiles.

"But what is it that you could possibly have to offer me should I help you get the turtles?" Karai asked.

"I have an interest in the smart one. Could he actually be the most dangerous of them all, considering what he is capable of doing? If I could have him, you could deal with the ones that are not that smart." Beatrice said.

"What you say makes sense. I will grant you this request. But when you get him, what do you intend to do with him?" Karai asked.

"That's my personal business, but let's just say, special plans."

Karai and her Foot minions began planning a capture for Donatello. Beatrice left the headquarters and began her own planning. She began to buy animals for scientific experiments. She wanted to wait to get the turtle for a little bit yet. She wanted to see if her experiments would work.

Karai granted Beatrice some of her top scientists to work for her for these experiments.

They thought it was bizarre when they found out what they were going to be helping her with.

She wanted to make sure it was going to work first. She worked on getting male animals pregnant and carrying the babies to term. Without the right reproductive organs, it was going to be a challenge.

Many of the experiments failed, but there was one that worked. The baby made it to term.

Through a technique from a tube, some hormones and such, a superficial womb was made for the baby using some kind of alien technology too. The womb would grow as the baby would, but it had to be attached to one of the lower organs in the digestive system. It would be attached, but wouldn't harm the organs.

The baby though would always have to be born by open stomach surgery.

It had taken most of the rest of the year for this experiments to take place. Now that it was done, she was ready to have her turtle retrieved.