Timeline:  First Season, virtually AU

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AN:  I just wanted to test the field.  If you don't like it tell me, flames warm my heart.  And if you do like it, tell me you want more, I promise M/L shippiness. 

Holding On

"Logan," Sam began as he walked into Logan's room.

"Let me start you out Sam," Logan sighed seeing the doctor's face.  "Logan, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you."

"I am sorry Logan," Sam said, "but surgery is your only available option now.  I shouldn't have let you progress to this point.  I'm scheduling you for Thursday morning, which gives you two days to get your affairs in order and for us to locate blood for you.  I won't lie to you, this is one operation you may not survive—but you won't live another month without it."


"Logan," Max called out as she entered the apartment.  "Your in-house cat burglar is here and she wants to be fed."  She said moving from room to room.  "Logan?" she asked perplexed one last time as she looked around the empty apartment.  Guess I'm early for once, she thought moving to the kitchen.  Taped on the front of the refrigerator she saw an envelope with her name on it.  Ripping it open she saw it was from Logan. 

Max, I figured you would go straight to the fridge.  There's some left over chicken just pop it in the microwave for about two minutes if you want a snack.  Sorry about ditching you but I forgot I had an appointment with Sam today.  Back soon, Logan.

"Oh you know me all to well, Mr. Cale," Max replied as she finished reading the note.  "And while I am hungry, you have presented me with a unique opportunity.  To be in your home—invited—and alone.  Perhaps a little snooping is in order, just to make sure there are no more ex-wives or ex-fiancées popping out of closets."  Max wandered through the apartment as she mulled over her starting place, until she finally decided on Logan's office.

"At the very least, maybe I can get a feel for what you want me to do for the latest Eyes Only crusade," Max said silently, trying to appease her conscious which sounded vaguely like Logan.  She walked over to the desk and picked up the folder on the table, thinking it was research for the latest case.  Instead of a folder filled with corrupt officials, Max discovered that it was Logan's medical file.  I really shouldn't be reading this, but what if it says something I need to know about?  No, Max thought as she started to put the folder down, he would tell me if anything was seriously wrong.  Like he told you the last time, a nagging little voice from the back of her mind teased her.  On second thought, Max decided as she opened the folder and began to skim the contents of the folder.  "So what do we have here?"  Max asked as she dropped gracefully into Logan's chair, BP normal, good cholesterol, she thought as she perused the CBC, hmmm, the RBC's and the platelet counts are really low though.  She flipped the page over and looked at the notes behind it, PNH seems to be at bay.  Adding lorazapam to calm nerves.  A glance at the date told her this information was from almost a year ago, so she shuffled the papers around until she found the most recent entry.  "Oh my God, Logan," Max whispered as she read Sam's notes.  PNH has become increasingly aggressive.  RBC's and platelets continue to plummet, liver functions decreasing.  Exhausted all non-invasive treatments.

"Logan, what the hell is wrong with you?"