Blue Cheese

"He wouldn't." Kili muttered edgily. "Look at it, it's gone off completely. Even the elves wouldn't eat it."

A vague nod from his brother was the only answer he received, the company's attention entirely fixated on the oblivious hobbit.

"He's the fussiest thing in Middle Earth, surely he won't..." Kili continued doggedly.

No one answered. Kili fidgeted.

And then kicked Balin who glared at him.

"What do you think? I mean, it stinks! I can smell it from here." Balin hid a smirk as he listened to the complaint and pretended to ponder the conundrum.

"Yes... I mean it is completely riddled with mould, isn't it..."

"Exactly!" Kili agreed excitedly.

"To be honest, one might think that our hobbit would have to be, well, mad to even think about eating such a thing."

"That's just what I mean!"

"I mean, just the colour... It's blue."

"Yes! Blue!" Kili was almost bouncing with agreement.

Balin paused.

"One bag of gold, he eats the whole thing."

"Of course!" Kili accorded enthusiastically. "Wait... What?" He questioned-

-Just as Bilbo, still completely unconscious of his audience (of the whole company attempting, in a rather terrible fashion, to hide behind a pillar), shrugged genially 'If Bombur's allowed to do it, so am I' and stuffed the whole block of cheese into his mouth.

Kili's jaw dropped. Balin just smiled beatifically.

"Mmmm. Delicious." The hobbit smiled, settling his hands on his happy stomach before at last catching sight of the company. "Oh, hello there! They have the most wonderful Stilton here, you know! If only you came by earlier, I could have shared."

He blinked at their pale faces and ill expressions. 'Maybe they ate something bad?'