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Hermione POV

The day of the interview arrived without any disturbances. Draco and I have more or less stayed below the radar and barely spoke a word to each other between me heading off to filming and him with the Malfoy business.

However, the morning was one of arguments and swearing since apparently, Mr. Malfoy was not aware of the foreboding interview. As I reminded him of the night of which I told nm, he simply blamed it on the shores of sleep and whatnot. Thus, after our bickering, it was settled that he would have to cancel his meeting the with the stockholder and attend the questioning with me.

Dressed in an impeccable navy suit (muggle style of course) and a matching dress, we apparated immediately to the studio. Almost instantly, we were swept into a whirlwind of flashing cameras, bustling people, and papers being thrown in our faces with 'prep questions'.

Before long we were awaiting our cue to enter on stage as the Host, Joey Farsi, introduced us. When a bright golden light flashed on the stairs before, we headed up with our hands intertwined and a smile plastered on my face. Don't get me wrong. I love my fans but after the dispute prior, I was in a not-so-happy mood.

I waved at the cheering and clapping crowd before seating myself on the opposite leather sofa with Draco by my side.

"Good morning Miss Granger!" Joey exclaimed in that oh-so-surprised voice that hinted we have yet to see each other, though we have. "How have you been?"

"Joey! I've been nothing but fabulous! And this is my new boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. I'm sure you've heard," I said, winking at him. He let out a slow chuckle before shaking my 'boyfriend's' hand.

"So I've heard that your ex had quite the scandal, eh?"

"You could say that," was my response. We plunged into a tornado of questions and answers revolving about the oats two weeks, transitioning to the breakup to my new date. I tried to answer as honestly as possible while still abiding by the act.

"He sure had the gut. Well now you've got yourself another gorgeous man falling at your feet, and I bet he will not make the same mistake as Ronald Wealsey."

"I'm positive Draco will not do the same. As they say 'fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me'."

"Couldn't have said it better. And now, before our little time together ends, I want to welcome another guest. She says she attended the same school as you and rather close with both of you." I was confused by this and I didn't know who to expect. I raised an eyebrow at the man as he swept his arm in a majestic fashion and the light revealed another person, clad in a yellow gown of chiffon.

"Pansy Parkinson everyone!" he exclaimed, flashing a great smile. It took every cell in my body to not show my disgust and repulsion. I just knew the night would go downhill from here as she walked over to the chair by us and made sure to bend extra low as she sat. Her low neckline showing too much for comfort and she smirked smugly in my direction. I risked a glance at Draco to see him with a bewildered expression on his face.

"Morning Joey!" she said in her over-excited voice and beamed at him. "It's such an honor to be here! I'm your biggest fan!"

"Why thank you, Pansy. Aren't you just the sweetest. I was shocked to find someone willing to tell us everything from her perspective, not only on the newest update but also the past of our lovable star."

"It's my pleasure." The way she said it sent shivers down my back. I felt a knot forming at the back of my throat as I smiled at her. Oh no, what did she have up her sleeve? "And Hermione! It's been so long!" Yeah, if 'so long' meant four days. I did not say this, of course, but instead opted with:

"You too. You look stunning in that dress! What brand?" I knew I caught her off guard, her not knowing the muggle ways.

"Um… It's… It's a custom! Yes…I had a dear friend of mine made it just for me!" She beamed at me as if she was oh-so-intelligent. I got to give it to her though, covered up pretty quick.

"Well, it looks beautiful. You should give me her contact info so I can get a custom! She'll go viral!" I turned to Joey. "Oh sorry Joey, for taking away from your time."

"Not a problem. Seeing you two reunite is beautiful." I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Where did she get the idea that she could pull it off as my friend? I don't lie because I know every lie (especially in this industry) comes back to bite you in the arse. Thus I cleared up the matter right away.

"You see Joey. Pansy and I aren't exactly chums per say. We attended school together but it was more her and Draco. Which brings to my attention. Draco? You haven't said a word!" I peered out the corner of my eyes to see Parkinson scowling. Not that I cared.

"Morning Parkinson." His gaze bore into Parkinson's.

"Morning you took Drakey! Ooh, did you know Joey? Draco and I used to be a thing," she said sending a wink towards 'Drakey'.

"Actually, Parkinson, I remember you thinking we were a thing, but it never was official," Malfoy defended immediately, scowling just the bit to not be noticeable.

"Ah, touchy subject eh?" Joey intervened, seeing it getting dangerous. "Anywho, Pansy why don't you tell us a bit of your school days with Hermione?"

"Granger? Well she was a bore back then. All she did was study and read. Never saw her doing anything else. And she caused quite the fights here and there."

"I think you've got it wrong there, Parkinson. Ron and Harry caused the fights and I broke them up-"

"Anyway, she was also hideous! Her hair was a wild birds nest and she dressed in these muggle clothes!"

"Muggle?" Joey asked, obviously confused. As Pansy's eyes widened I stepped in:

"It's a brand that my friend ran. Pansy and her posse didn't like her style so constantly went out of her way to point it out."

"I see. So your friends and her friends are the two arch nemesis of your school?" Joey inquired, highly intrigued by my past.

"You could say that. Although Harry and Ron did nothing without someone provoking them. I can assure that."

"Except for the time Harry attacked Draco in the bathroom. He was bleeding everywhere!"

"Hey! Don't drag me into this! Besides, that was because I might have threatened him in one way or another." Draco looked down at his hands, mumbling under his breathe.

"That reminds me! Hermione, how has your friends and family taken your new relationship? From what I can tell, Draco was not always your idea of the perfect date eh?"

"Well my family was mainly concerned with Ron but my friends have been understanding."

"They were? I mean you get dumped and you're already on the next boy!" Parkinson exclaimed, smirking.

"But Draco and I have gotten closer during our last year of schooling and he still is a gentleman. And I guess with Ron, it had ended long before. The accident, I suppose, was the official breakup."

"Well that's all the time we have! Thank you Miss Granger, Miss Parkinson, and Mr. Malfoy for coming!"

"Thanks for having us," I respond standing up to give him a kiss on the cheek. We headed back to where we came in as Joey wrapped up the show. As soon as we were safe behind the set, I whirled on Pansy. Before I could say a word though, Draco had already erupted in a wild whisper-shout.

"What the hell Parkinson? What did you think you were doing?" he said running a hand through his hair and growling. Parkinson visibly shrank back.

"I had some things I could share you know? And I think they all need to reevaluate what they think of Granger. She's not some perfect girl," she was barely whispering but I caught every word.

"Well, mission failed because you obviously did not achieve that! And Hermione is perfect!" He nearly screamed, causing some people to turn towards us. I couldn't help but feel a flutter in my stomach, did Draco just say that I was perfect? No. It's just part of the act, I reminded myself. I was so lost in thought I didn't even register that Draco was leading me out. As soon as we were in the comfort of his flat, he let out a scream that caused me to jump.

"Draco!" I scolded, "Quiet down!"

"I'm sorry that our cover was almost blown and that Parkinson was being a bint and that she was trashing you and just about everything!" he dropped down on the couch and leaned his head back.

"Draco! Just calm down, what did you expect? It's Parkinson. And seriously, I'm used to that, I may have a bunch of fans but I also have my share of haters. I've learned to ignore it and you should too." I sat down by his side and leaned back as well.

"Well, I'm never going to a damn interview again. That was horrible! People and cameras and more people watching us answer stupid questions. And that muggle kept droning on and on and on and on-"

"Okay. I get it. I'll make sure not to make another interview appointment without your consent. However I can't promise that there will be no more. I mean I have to be your girlfriend so you might as well give me this in return," I said, placing my hand tentatively on his arm.

"Whatever." He then preceded to getting up and heading to our room, leaving me go wonder what else is up ahead. Parkinson's got more planned to tear us apart. I just have to watch out or else everything, from my reputation to my career, will be left in shambles.