Author's Note: Hello Fan fiction readers! I love to read fan fiction and just thought what the heck, let me just write my own. This is my very first story, and since my first fan fiction I ever read was Divergent, my first written should be Divergent!

Disclaimer: The wonderful world of Divergent and all its characters belong to Veronica Roth.

Tris' P.O.V-

As I finish my 20th tattoo of the day I shake out my hand. It's the end of the day at the tattoo parlor, and I have been fantasizing of my bed since lunch. I have settled into Dauntless better than I expected. Of course I'm Divergent, but still coming from Abnegation, I didn't even expect to make it into Dauntless.

As I clear my station at Tori's tattoo shop in the pit, I hear the front door open.

"We're closed, but you can come back tomorrow," I said, only letting a hint of annoyance seep into my voice.

"Well it's a good thing I don't want a tattoo," a cheerful voice said from the doorway. My lips morphed Into a broad smile as I turned to face Uriah. I set down my tattoo machine and walked up to him.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of Pedrad prescence?" I asked looping my arms around his waist and his encircled my waist.

"Nothing, I just came to invite my favorite Prior to a game of Truth or Dare," Uriah said with a devious glint in his Dauntless chocolate cake eyes. I hesitated. I had never gone to a Pedrad Truth or Dare party, but Marlene told me you either leave embarrassed, pissed off, or half naked. But I am Dauntless now.

"Where is it?" I asked.

With a boyish grin Uriah told be room B46 at 10:00 pm.(Do you see what I did. 46 and 10:00. I'm such a dork!)

I finished cleaning up the shop, told Tori goodbye, and walked to my apartment. When I got to my door, I saw the door slightly ajar. With a shot o fear I grabbed the knife from my combat boot and kicked the door all the way open. I was about to let the blade fall when I saw the mountain of dresses piled up on my dark, grey couch and the silhouette of my best friend Christiana. I kicked the front door shut and stuck my blade into my back pocket.

"Christina, what the hell are you going here?" I asked trudging to my kitchen. I returned with a water.

"Well, hello sunshine. I am here to pick you an outfit for truth or dare." Christina replied turning back to Mt. Everest or fabric.

"How did you..." I trailed off.

"Ohhh, well Uriah told me on the way back to his apartment." she said with a sheepish grin.

"You know what I don't care!" I said like a dramatic teenager to her mother. I sat on my favorite armchair and closed my eyes for a few seconds, only hearing the occasional shuffle of fabric and a Maybe or I don't know from Christina. As I was about to doze off when I got a mass of fabric and a heel to the face.

"Shit Chris! I'd rather to keep BOTH my eyes!" I screamed.

"Oh, sorry" Christina replied with no remorse in her words. I carried the bundle to my bedroom, already knowing the drill. Please no dress, Please no dress I chanted as I closed the door. I laid out the separate pieces of the outfit on my black sheeted bed. It consisted of a set of underclothes(black with grey lace overlay, of course) a red tank top, a black shimmery crop top, a pair of black skinny jeans with red strips down the side and to top it all off, a pair of red stiletoes with silver spikes around the heel. It could be worse, I thought as I changed out of my work clothes. After a hot shower I changed into the outfit and walked out to Christina. The mountain had magically disappeared and she was dressed in a black maxi skirt and a red crop top. Her makeup and hair was impeccable as ever and she was adjusting her heels on her feet.

"You look hot," she said straightening from her previously hunched position with a dazzling coming to Dauntless I grew to a whopping 5'5" and have acquired a few curves.

"You do too" I replied as I sat down at my kitchen table in front of an array of hair and makeup products. After an hour of torture, we were finally ready to go. I slipped on my worn leather jacket, trying to have as many layers as possible, and repositioned my blade in my pocket.

On the way to Uriah's Chris and I made small talk. I told her I am so going to hook her up with Will tonight. She would rather dance around her feelings than confront them. Not very Dauntless, or Candor if you ask me. So I'm gonna give her the shove she needs.

I arrived at B46 and felt the vibration of music under my feet as I knocked on the black door.