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~~~**~~~ 1. New beginnings and old visions. ~~~**~~~

Hitomi was sitting on her bed staring out the open window at the star filled sky. It had been two years since she came back from Gaia and everything was somewhat back to normal. Yukari and Amano was a couple now and she was happy for them. But she felt out of place around them. She felt like the fifth wheel all the time. They really did try to do things with her but it always ended with Hitomi going home. She missed Van and the others.

"Van..." She was a bit startled when the phone rang, as the sound stirred from her thoughts.

"I'll get it!" She called to her mother and picked up the phone.

"Kanzaki residence."

'Hey Hitomi!'

"Hi Yukari. What's up?" She sat down at her desk and waited for Yukari to continue.

'I was just wondering if you would like to do something tonight. Girls only.' Yukari sounded cheerful like most of the time, making Hitomi smile.

"Sure why not. Where's Amano at then?" Yukari let out an 'hmph' and then said with a little irritated tone.

'He said that he had some important stuff to take care off. So I thought we could do something. It was a while since it was only us girls, ne?' Hitomi let out a soft sigh and let her smile drop a little.

"Yeah, that's true. So where are we going?"

'I was thinking of that new club down town. It's supposed to be really fun around there.'

Hitomi agreed to meet her friend in an hour outside her house to drop of Hitomi's stuff because they planned for Hitomi to spend the night too.

Hitomi got up from her desk and walked over to the closet digging out a sport bag and chucked it on the bed.

*I guess it'll be nice to do something with Yukari... even tough I'm the substitute when Amano is away...* She sighed and dug out some extra clothes and threw them on the bed. A dark blue short slewed shirt, a pair of well worn Jeans and a pair of sneakers, then she got up and walked to the dresser and got the other stuff from there.

"I hope it'll be fun tonight..." She brushed her now long bangs away from her eyes. She had let it grown quite a bit and her bangs framed her face reaching to her chin, but it was sorter in the neck, she had never liked it when she got all sweaty at the back of her neck while training. That's why she had had short hair.

She packed the bag and walked back to the closet to find something to wear for the evening. She settled for a pair of black Jeans and a matching top. She examined herself in the mirror and smiled a little while she brushed bangs from her eyes.

"That'll have to do..." She took out a pair of high-heeled sandals and walked downstairs to say goodbye to her parents, even hugging them before she walked out the door. She just felt she had to.

When she was walking towards Yukari's house she felt something stir in the air, like a freezing gush of air. Hitomi shivered and pulled her jacket closer around her and a second later she was consumed by a pillar of light.

Hitomi was scared at first, then it felt like she was going somewhere she belonged, so she relaxed letting the light carry her away.

It was just a moment and then she was on solid ground again. She kept her eyes closed longer then was nessisary. But she was afraid to open them, to see where she was.

*Com on Hitomi. There's nothing to be afraid of.* She opened one eye and looked around. It was dark, and she was defiantly outside. She glanced up at the sky and saw a moon and the earth. She smiled a smile full of joy, she could barley believe it, she was back.

She looked at her side and found Escaflowne kneeling there. She knew where she was, and where she was going. She walked at a steady pace towards the castle and could feel her pulse beat a little faster.

There weren't many people out on the streets of New Fanelia. It looked much the same as it did before it was burned to the ground.

When she reached the castle there were a lot of sounds, and music, coming from within. She walked towards the commotion and was surprised that there were so few guards around. But shrugged it of and continued on her way.

She got to the main hall and lost her breath. It was beautiful, everyone was dancing and talking. They seemed so happy about something. She ducked into the shadows to take the whole scenery in and try to calm her racing heart a little.

It was about then she spotted Van. He looked so handsome, he had grown quite a bit but he was still skinny. Hitomi smiled she wasn't able to keep quiet no longer.

"Van..." It was just a whisper from the start, but she could see Van stop and look around. Hitomi was gripping the strap of her bag with both hands, her knuckles were turning white. Then she called out to him, with all the pent up longing and feelings for him.

"Van!" Van froze in his tracks and turned towards the voice, thinking that is must be his imagination.

"Hitomi?" Van asked out loud. The people around him turned to look at the strange girl. Hitomi called his name again and then dropped her bag and ran over and threw her arms around his neck. The people in the room gasped and started to whisper to each other. Van kind of blanked for a few seconds then returned the embrace.

"Hitomi?" It was a whisper now and Hitomi felt tears of joy threatening to spill.

"What are you doing here Hitomi? How did you get here?" Hitomi just looked up at Van and smiled and then shook her head.

"I don't know Van... I was just walking in the streets on my way to a party... and when I opened my eyes again I found myself here."

Van looked a little confused and then hugged Hitomi again before letting go. Hitomi scrubbed a little at her eyes then straightened up.

"Hitomi?" Said girl turned around and smiled brightly at the Knight.

"Allen-san!" She gave the blond haired man a hug and then looked around and found that everyone was staring at her. She blushed a little and felt out of place once again.

"It's very nice to have you here Hitomi... but I think we'd better talk somewhere less crowded. Van's just going to settle everything then he'll join us in a little while, right Van?" Van nodded and Allen led Hitomi out of the room, grabbing her bag on the way.

When they were out in the hallway Allen looked down at the girl form the Mystic Moon. She had grown into her body and was looking even more beautiful then when she had left. Allen knew beauty when he saw it, and Hitomi was one of a kind when it came to that.

Hitomi turned when she felt Allen's eyes on her and looked up at him.

"Allen-san, what was everyone celebrating? It was a really big party in there." Allen's face looked too serious and Hitomi started to wonder.

"It's Van's place to tell you." The way Allen's voice sounded and the expression on his face told her that she wasn't going to like whatever it was that they were celebrating, leaving her with a sinking feeling in her stomach.

A few minutes later they were sitting in a library of some sort. Hitomi was looking out at the night sky, the moons gentle light was soft on her face and hair. Her green eyes were glittering, partly from unshed tears and partly from happiness for being back. It felt so much better to be on Gaia then on Earth.

Allen gazed at her while he leaned against the opposite wall. He knew that Hitomi was going to get hurt by what Van was going to tell her. Hitomi turned around and looked at Allen with a sad smile on her face.

"You look nice Allen-san... really dressed up and proper, not that you were un-proper before."

Allen returned the smile and was going to compliment her, but was interrupted by the door opening and Van walked in.

"Van... I hope that I didn't cause any trouble." She looked a bit nervous and so did Van. It wasn't until then she noticed that Van was also very well dressed. Hitomi stood to walk over to Van but had a dizzy spell, just like the ones she got before she had a vision.

Allen hurried to her side and caught her before she hit the floor and called her name with a hint of panic in his voice.



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