Out came the president, with Pompeius right behind him, all dressed up in his white suit. President Carlton stood majestically at the microphone and we all fell silent. "250 years. 250 years, of the games, to remind us of the suffering caused by the Districts. To remind us of the Capitols generosity. Pompeius my boy, the card please." He bent down and took the card from the little boy's hand. "To celebrate 250 years, there will be five twists."

The whole crowd gasped. Five!? Oh my goodness!

"One randomly selected district will have three tributes. One district's female tribute will have their father compete too, and one district's male tribute will have their mother compete alongside them. One district will only have twelve year olds, and finally, there will be no weapons at the cornucopia, so every tribute will be given their preferred weapon in the catacombs."

I let out a silent scream. There will be even more massacre than normal. The president smiled slightly, and stepped off his pedestal to a reaping bowl. Justus Carlton swished his hand around and grabbed four slips. "District Two shall have three tributes. District Nine shall have a father with the female tribute, with District Four having a mother with the male tribute. Lastly, District Eight shall have twelve year olds. Thank you Panem, and may the odds be ever in your favour!"

So, this is my SYOT! The form and the available tributes will be on my profile. If you submit the District Four male or District Nine female, then you can have the parents too. May the odds be ever in your tribute's favour!