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Ch. 1 The Fate from Parents

Harry walked quickly over the dew-covered grass on the quiditch pitch. Today was the Hogwart's Quiditch final, Griffindor vs. Slytherin. As the teams took their places, looking determined, Harry saw Malfoy smirking at him. "Ready to lose Potter?" he said. "Are you?" Harry replied.

Madam Hooch blew her whistle and the game began. Chasers darted in and out, weaving to get to the goal. Beaters swung furiously, launching bludgers at enemy flyers. Harry flew up high, looking for the snitch, Malfoy close behind him. Harry started to turn away but was stopped at the golden glitter by Malfoy's head. As Malfoy opened his mouth to insult him, Harry darted forward and snatched the snitch, winning the quidditch cup for Gryffindor again. As he flew down onto the field he was swarmed with the Gryffendor supporters and carried off to the center of the field were he received the cup from a beaming Dumbledore.

After a long celebration in the common room, Harry was able to sneak up to the owlery to send a promised letter to Sirius. After sending off Hedwig he turned to go, he was stopped by a small noise. Looking around he didn't see any owls awake, most were off hunting at this time of night or the lazy ones were still sleeping soundly. He jerked around as he heard it again. It was a small whimper, like a wounded animal.

Harry's curiosity got the better of him and he walked towards the far side of the owlery, pushing aside old cages and crates of owl food. Then he saw him. His hair was pooled around his face, shining pale silver in the soft moonlight of the high window. As Harry crept closer towards Draco Malfoy, he saw something that froze his heart. Malfoy's hair was streaked red, a crimson blood red, and his hands were clenched together over his knees, also covered in red.

As he took another small step forward he accidentally crushed a mouse skull. The noise made Malfoy's head shoot up in surprise. As Harry saw Malfoy's face he felt his heart drop to his stomach. Malfoy's elegant face was smeared with blood, a wide split lay on his lip, and blood crusted his nose. "Wha-wha-what hap-""Nothing," Malfoy cut him off. "But-""I said nothing," Malfoy repeated. Harry gawked, and Malfoy started to sneer but flinched from his split lip. An idea crossed Harry's mind and a rage filled him. "It was your father wasn't it?" For a second, a shocked look passed Malfoy's face." I knew it!" Harry shouted. "I saw him sneering at me from the Slytherin end when I was looking for the snitch. He looked ready to kill when the match ended." Harry said quickly. Malfoy's look softened slightly. "But why do you care about what happens to me? It's none of your business Potter," Malfoy said. "I care because it's not right for people to beat their children, no matter what they did or who they are." Malfoy snorted.

"Besides," Harry said. "You and I haven't fought very much this year anyway and I would pick you over your father any day. I know we could never be good friends but maybe a small alliance to continue this truce could be arranged?" Malfoy looked at him curiously and then said. "I see what your saying Potter, but I am still a Malfoy, and I don't need to be forming alliances with the wizarding world's savior. I am destined to follow my father's path." Then, as Harry gave him a sad look, he turned and limped out the door.

As Harry turned to leave also he was jerked awake by a loud screech. "Wake up you lazy freak! One of your kind is here." Then Petunia Dursley left Harry's room. He sat up and groaned. Another dream about Malfoy, this was getting ridicules. Malfoy was on his thoughts frequently since he had come home this summer. He often pondered about what the blond was doing with his father currently in jail. Harry knew Malfoy was doomed to follow his father before, but now, would he still have to with his father away. Dumbledore had mailed him frequently during the summer to update him with Order information, after the disaster last year with the prophecy Dumbledore wanted to take no more chances. And interestingly enough one of the spelled letters told him of Draco Malfoy's supposed truce, now that his Father was in Azkaban.

Harry sighed as he thought about an old phrase he had seen when he was young from a small schoolbook,' Children are doomed to the fate of their parents.' This had always stuck with him because of his parents suspicious deaths of a 'car crash'. His suspicions had increased when he had found out about the wizarding world, and were confirmed with Prophecy earlier this summer. As he pulled on pants and a T-shirt his thoughts fell on the image of Draco Malfoy's pale face, shining in the moonlight. 'Such a beautiful face without the blood,' Harry thought. 'If only things had been different, if only...'

End ch. 1

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