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Petunia Dursley considered herself a very accepting woman. She was content with Dudley's low grades, Vernon's temper, and even allowed her freakish nephew to live in her house. But she would probably die of shock if she had seen what her house held in the morning light.

Two young wizards, one light haired and one dark haired, lay snuggled together under a shabby blanket. Pleasant smiles lit their faces and smoothed their usually troubled brows.

Harry Potter opened his eyes and found himself staring at a pair of silver eyes that slowly narrowed in anger.

"What did I tell you yesterday Potter?" Draco asked in an angry voice. Harry glared and sat up.

"And yet again I tell you. YOU were the one who moved across the bed to be in MY arms." Harry finished gesturing to their current position. Sure enough, Draco was on Harry's side and had been in his arms. Draco glared even harder and got off the bed.

"Well I'm going to fix this problem now. Your Godfather must know a spell to split the bed. He's a fully qualified wizard and all. I'll just ask him to do it." Harry rolled his eyes at Draco and got out of the bed too.

"All right, but he may still be asleep. We should be quiet so if he is we can surprise him." Harry said grinning. Draco almost grinned back and followed Harry out of the room and down the stairs as quietly as he could. They checked the living room couch, where Sirius said he would be sleeping, but he was gone. As they widened their search Draco noticed the kitchen door was ajar and noise was coming from within. He motioned Potter over and they both quietly pushed the door open. Draco felt his jaw drop but no sound came out. But Harry made enough noise for both of them.

"What the fuck is going on here!"

Sirius shrieked and dropped Remus, who had been sitting on his lap being ferociously kissed. Remus then proceeded to yelp and call Sirius several names best not mentioned in public.

"Harry! What are you doing up so early?" Sirius asked turning almost as red as the numerous love marks adorning his neck.

"Early! It's almost noon. We just got up and found you snogging Lupin like you were about to die. What is going on?" Harry crossed his arms and glared at both of them. Sirius looked at Remus and he nodded.

"Harry, you see, me and Moony used to date during school in our seventh year and off and on up until I was framed for all the murders. Azkaban really seems to put a damper on one's relationships." Sirius grinned apologetically.

"Last year when the Order reunited I found out about Sirius's innocence and we have been slowly building our relationship back. We were separated though because I was sent to spy on the werewolves and Sirius was a wanted criminal. This was the first time I had seen him since Christmas." Remus finished. Sirius pulled him off the floor and into the seat next to him. Harry looked shocked for a minute, but Draco pulled on a mask of indifference.

"I assume no one else knows?" Draco asked.

"Not even Dumbledore, we think," said Remus. Draco nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Harry demanded. Remus and Sirius looked at each other.

"We didn't think you'd like the idea of your Godfather kissing you former DADA teacher and friend all over the place. You are a good person Harry, but we know muggles can be very narrow minded and we didn't want you to be upset if you were taught certain things growing up. From what you've told me the Dursley's don't seem a very accepting lot." Harry looked at Sirius and smiled.

"You're my Godfather. I could care less who you have a relationship with. Unless it were Snape or someone like that. I think you and Lupin are a great couple. The Dursley's may hate magic and anyone different, but that doesn't mean I do." Sirius smiled back at Harry and turned to Remus.

"You were right. Harry doesn't mind."

"Of course not you prat. You guys are crazy about each other and nothing could change that." Remus said. Draco looked on at the happy scene and felt his mask slipping. How could they be so happy when he felt so miserable? The happy family made him feel ill and he quietly excused himself upstairs while Potter and Lupin started breakfast.

Upstairs Draco sat alone on the bed staring at the birds nesting in the branches. Happy families all happy together in a happy world. Bitterness engulfed him and angry tears swelled up in his eyes. And for the first time in his life Draco Malfoy cried.

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