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Derek Morgan stepped into his warm house, closing the door and locking it while taking off his jacket and shoes. It had gotten cold outside, below freezing for the past couple of days, which only brightened up his hopes of having a white Christmas. As he walked into the kitchen he could hear the TV on in the living room and the 'tap-tap' sound of Clooney's claws against the hard wood floors. Grabbing the teakettle he filled it with water and placed it on the stove just as Clooney reached his side.

Kneeling down he scratched his dog's ears as he says, "There's my boy. How you been today, huh? You like having company all day?" Clooney barks and Morgan can't help but laugh. "Go find him; go find Spencer." With the command issued, Clooney takes off and Morgan stands when the kettle starts singing. Grabbing a mug for himself and for Spencer, he pours a pouch of hot chocolate mix into both cups and pours in the hot water, adding a tiny bit of milk into each. Knowing his man was craving sweets he throws in a peppermint and after stirring, he grabs the mugs and walks towards the living room where he finds not only Clooney but his heavily pregnant husband laying on the couch, blankets tucked tightly around him, fast asleep.

Morgan walks over and sits in the chair next to the couch and places Spencer's cup down on the coffee table and watches him sleep peacefully. Ever since the baby, their child, had started moving around Spencer found it difficult to sleep at night, the time when the baby was most active. Some nights he would make it into bed with Morgan, but a few hours later he would get up and move to the couch so Morgan could get some sleep. Other nights Morgan would leave him on the couch where he had fallen asleep while watching TV or reading. Leaning over Morgan pushes back some hair that had fallen into his mans face, smiling when Reid unconsciously leans into it. Leaning back into his chair Morgan takes a sip of his hot chocolate and then closes his eyes, thinking back on the past few years.


They started dating after the anthrax case, after Reid had spent a week and a half in the hospital recovering. During his stay Morgan had never left his side, unless someone from the team was there to keep an eye on him. It was when he had those moments alone back at his house that he realized how much Reid meant to him. When Reid was released, Morgan told him he was staying with him so he could keep an eye on him until he was cleared to go back to work. During his stay was when Spencer became aware of his attraction to Morgan, and suspected Morgan felt the same way. One night when they were watching TV curled up on the couch together, Reid decided to see if Morgan really did feel the same way. He moved his hand so his fingers intertwined with Morgan's, and he couldn't be happier when Morgan only tightened his grip. They stayed that way for a few minutes until the characters in the show they were watching leaned in to kiss each other. The two men glanced at each other. Then they found their bodies moving, getting closer to each other until their lips meet each other's. The kiss started off sweet and slow, but as their confidence grew they started exploring: lips tracing the edges of mouths, tongues entering mouths and tasting one another. They didn't pull away until it became necessary to breath. Both gasping for breath they looked into each other's eyes and knew feelings were being reciprocated. Morgan kissed Reid's forehead as he snuggled in closer to Morgan's side, smiles on both of their faces with how the night had turned out. It wasn't the traditional way relationships started but it was unique to them and they liked it that way.

Over the years they grew as a couple and dealt with the hardships of their job. Morgan was there after Reid got shot in the knee and remained by his side after the surgery and through his painful physical therapy sessions. He helped him fight the cravings for Dilaudid and made sure he got his NA meetings. They managed to keep their relationship steady when Derek got promoted to Unit Chief, and they dealt with the long nights Derek had to put in to get all the paper work done and didn't come home until late at night. Sometimes Reid would even stay with Morgan and help him even though Derek wanted him home. Even when Derek snapped at Spencer in Los Angeles when they were trying to find Elle, Spencer didn't take it to heart and they made up afterwards. When JJ left, Morgan held Spencer as he cried once they got home and comforted him when he asked if he was going to leave. Spencer had managed to hide his intense headaches from Derek for some time, but after Emily had been killed he couldn't hold it in anymore and nearly broke down in the tiny bathroom in Oregon when Derek asked him what was wrong. They managed everything that came their way.

Only a few weeks before the Face Card case was when Derek decided he wanted to make their relationship permanent. The team had known of their relationship for some time now and they were perfectly fine with it and very happy that they had found each other. With Garcia's help he picked out the perfect ring, nothing too flashy or big since it wasn't either of their style, and together they came up with the perfect plan for the proposal. However, that all changed when the case came. With how Derek feared for Spencer's life, even though he wasn't in the field most of the time, Derek didn't want to wait another minute. So, with Garcia's help and JJ's approval, after JJ and Will were married Derek pulled Spencer from the dance floor to one of the many trees in David's yard. Derek told Spencer how much he meant to him and how he never wanted to spend another day away from him. Then he spoke the four most important words he would ever speak: "Will you marry me?" To say Spencer was speechless was an understatement; the genius started at him, mouth gaped open but no words coming out for a long while. Eventually he had said 'yes' and jumped into his open arms, kissing him and tears streaming down his face. It was the perfect ending to a horrible day.


They married a few months later, a small ceremony with just the team and Morgan's family. Garcia had wanted a bigger ceremony but neither man would agree to it since there was no reason for it. Hotch had managed to get their annual leave the same week so Spencer and Derek were able to take a real honeymoon. Where they actually went no one knew but they suspected it was somewhere where the sun shined all day because Reid came back with a slight tan. Spencer finished moving into Derek's house and they lived happily with each other and Clooney for about a year. It was April Fool's day when they found out the biggest surprise of their life.

Derek noticed Spencer hadn't been feeling well for about a week prior. He would wake up with a headache every morning but they though nothing of it, since he had been living with them for a while now. When he started feeling nauseous from the moment he woke up until he fell asleep was when Derek thought something wasn't right, but Spencer would tell him he was fine. When he and Spencer noticed that his appetite was growing and he was slowly gaining weight despite getting sick almost everyday now, Spencer made an appointment to see his doctor. He left work early on April Fools day after pulling off a successful prank on JJ to see his doctor, Hotch not allowing Derek to come with him since he was far behind on his paperwork. Derek couldn't wait for him to get home and hopefully have some answers as to what was making his Baby Boy so sick. When 5pm came he practically ran out of the building and rushed home. He walked in to find Spencer sitting on a chair by the island in the kitchen, a mug in his hand and Clooney sitting by him. He walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder and saw tears in Spencer's eyes. Derek asked him what was wrong. Spencer's response would forever be in his head.

~"You're serious about this right? This isn't some April Fools joke right?" he asked Spencer after he told him the news.

"No, I'm not kidding. Why would I joke about this?" Spencer asked him, looking down at the piece of paper in front of him with the results, the positive pregnancy tests sitting right next to it.

"How it possible? You're a man."

Spencer nodded his head up and down, a hand placed on his slightly rounded stomach. "I know I'm a man, but there's a gene where males can get pregnant. I didn't know I had it, otherwise I would have told you. I'm sorry Derek." He moves his hand away from his stomach and places it on his head, his head looking down at the counter, tears now streaming down his face.

Derek moves closer to the love of his life and envelopes him in a hug. "Shh, it's ok Spence, it's ok." He says this over and over until Spencer stops crying. Morgan uses his fingertips and wipes away tears as they fall from Spencer's eyes. "Baby, look at me." When Spencer only shakes his head Morgan keeps speaking. "Listen to me. This doesn't change how I feel about you at all. If anything it makes me love you more. We've talked about wanting to adopt, but now we can bring a child into this world that is half of both of us. This is an amazing gift and I am 100 percent for it, if you want to continue with it."

Spencer looked up at his husband, searching his eyes to see if his words held any truth in them. "Spence, I'm serious," Derek says, looking him straight in his eyes. "If you want to continue the pregnancy then I'm there for you all the way." Spencer leans up and places his lips onto Morgan's, wrapping his hands around Derek's neck. They stay that way for some time until the need to breath takes over. "So is that a yes?" Derek asks. Spencer can only nod his head up and down and say "Yes" before the tears start again, only this time they're happy tears.~

The team had been fully supportive when they were told the news. They were shocked, much like Spencer and Derek had been, but were thrilled for the happy couple. Spencer had written a letter to his mother explaining that she would be a grandmother, and Derek's mother and sisters nearly blew out Morgan's eardrum when he had called to tell them the news. Mixed reactions were seen from their fellow colleagues outside their team; some were very happy for the couple, while other's showed their distaste. Spencer had gotten used to the stares and side remarks people let slip, and even the faces of disgust from others, but what he wasn't prepared for was the ways some tried to deliberately hurt him.

It was rare that it ever happened, since he was always with either Derek or someone on the team, but if he were ever alone they would try their best. Normally it was just the simple action of trying to trip him while he walked. There was one time where it had gotten bad, and Spencer needed to go to the hospital after a homophobic man hit him so hard it knocked him unconscious. Luckily someone was just walking in and managed to catch Spencer before he hit the ground. Shortly thereafter, Derek and the team showed up. Derek didn't pay attention to the man that had hit his husband, or when Aaron had placed him in handcuffs. His only focus was trying to wake Spencer up and make sure the baby was still moving. Spencer and the baby ended up being fine; nothing was wrong with either, besides Spencer having an even worse headache than he already did before. After spending the weekend home being spoiled by his husband, he returned to work on Monday.

The pregnancy overall hadn't been difficult. Spencer was gaining the recommended weight and the baby was developing normally. They decided to wait until the baby was born to find out the gender, much to Garcia's dismay who wanted to help with the nursery. Morgan was there when Spencer freaked out when his usual innie belly button became an outie, and when Spencer had his self-doubts of being a good father. The team helped with the nursery by painting it a light green and placing the characters of Winnie-The-Pooh all around the room. When the two men were asked about the theme, Spencer spoke up first with "I want the baby to love literature like I do" and Derek supplied next, "And Winnie-The-Pooh was how my room was decorated when I was born." The girls did a collective "aww" while the men just smiled.

The biggest scare of the whole pregnancy they had happened only last week. It happened the last day of work for Spencer before he went on maternity leave. He was now officially 36 weeks pregnant and he felt miserable: he couldn't see his toes anymore when he looked down, Derek had to help him with his shoes, his ankles were swollen everyday by noon, his back was always hurting and he was always tired. The day had gone by as smoothly as it possibly could in the BAU: Emily and JJ had gotten Reid whatever he needed, Garcia had brought him a gift basket full of all the sweets he was currently craving, gift cards to use and relaxing bath salts and scrubs he couldn't wait to use. Derek had checked in on him constantly making sure he had eaten and that he was drinking plenty of water, something his doctor wanted him to do more. Rossi and Hotch had only come out of their offices to say goodbye to Reid as he and Derek left for the day.

They were waiting for the elevator when Derek noticed Spencer had his eyes closed tight. "Hey Spence, you ok?" he asks. As he waits for his reply he notices Spencer get pale and sway slightly. Derek drops their bags and the gift basket just in time to catch his man as he collapses. "REID!" Derek yells as he places him gently on the ground, his fingers going to his neck to feel for his pulse. He hears the doors open, but doesn't look up as he screams "Call 911!" Help came quickly and Spencer started waking up in the ambulance, calling for Derek in the loudest voice he could. Like he had in the past Derek never left his side as Spencer was set up in a room and hooked up to many different machines to monitor his and the baby's vitals. It turned out Spencer's blood pressure was high, a sign of preeclampsia, and was mandated to bed rest until he went into labor.

They went home the next day, thankfully a Saturday, Derek taking care of everything Spencer needed whether it be food, a drink, a book or to even changed the DVD that was in. The only time Spencer moved from the bed was when he either needed to pee, which was almost every hour on the hour, or when he wanted to take a bath. Derek had joined him on many occasions; he loved being able to wash his lover's pregnant body while he relaxed in the tub, the water taking some of the pressure on his pelvis away. When Monday came Derek wanted to stay at home with Spencer, but Spencer wouldn't allow it because he would be home with him full time starting next week until after their child was born. After much debate Derek did end up going to work only after Spencer agreed to keep his phone on full volume and be careful when he had to move around. The week had gone by slowly for Derek but the team did the best they could to keep him distracted. Finally it came to be Derek's last day, the day before Christmas Eve, and he no longer had to worry about work. He was now officially on leave with Spencer until their child was a month old. He couldn't be any happier.

Derek turned his head when Spencer moaned. Getting up off his chair he kneeled down by Spencer's head and used one of his hands to brush his thumb along his cheek, his other hand going to his bump. He smiled when he felt a rather large kick press against his palm. When he felt Spencer stirring, Derek placed a gentle kiss on Spencer's lips as he blinks his eyes open. After a few seconds he responds to the kiss, putting in as much passion and love as he can. He only pulls away when the baby gives a sharp kick to his kidneys and he gasps in pain.

"Hey Pretty Boy," Derek greets his husband as he slowly sits up. Derek assists him then sits besides him. "How was your day? The little one treat you ok?"

Leaning his head on his husbands shoulder Spencer closes his eyes. "It was quiet for the most part," he says as he rubs his stomach, hoping to calm his child down. "Did some laundry then I crashed on the couch after a light lunch. Or I tried to at least. As soon as I sat down the baby started moving more so I couldn't get comfortable. Finally fell asleep at three. What time is it?"

Looking at the clock above his heard Derek says, "Almost seven. I would have been home sooner, but Strauss needed me to do some last minute paperwork. But I'm done now Pretty Boy. I'm done with work until our child is at least a month old. She even offered me more time if needed. What are you in the mood to eat? I'm not letting you go to bed without eating."

When he heard Reid moan he turned his voice from playful to serious. "I mean it baby. You can't be skipping meals and I'm not going to let you. You think my mom is going to let you miss a meal when she gets here tomorrow? She's probably going to yell at me saying I haven't feed you enough."

"Do you have any idea how much weight I have gained during this pregnancy Derek? I feel like I'm triple my size and I just can't wait to get my body back. I'm sick of this." Spencer feels tears slide down his cheeks and he lets them, not caring at all. His self-consciousness had only grown as the months progressed in the pregnancy. His weight gain had been steady, and it was more than his doctor had expected him too, but Spencer couldn't help but focus on the growing number every time he was weighed. He knew it was expected to gain weight, but he was shocked to see how much he was putting on, seeing as he had always been lean. At this point, being close to full term, he just couldn't wait to fit into his own pants again, having been wearing maternity clothes since he was five months along.

He feels Derek's arms wrap around him and Spencer moves his head to rest on his shoulders. "I know, Pretty Boy, I know. You're doing so well though. You'll have your body back in no time. You're almost at the end baby. Pretty soon our little one will be with us and you'll be yourself in no time." He places a kiss on his forehead and rubs his back as he lets Spencer cry.

After some time Spencer stops and pulls away from Derek, wiping his eyes of any left over tears. Derek pushes some stray hair back as he asks his man, "Better?" When he sees Spencer nod his head he places another kiss to his forehead before moving to his lips. When they pull away Derek looks him in the eye again before saying, "So…what do you want for dinner?"

Spencer thinks for a while before answering. "Grilled cheese…with tomato soup." Derek pats his knee and gets off the couch heading towards the kitchen. He stops when he hears Spencer say his name. "Can you help me up? I have to use the bathroom?"

"Of course baby." He walks back over towards the couch and sits besides Spencer once again. He places Spencer's arm around his neck and wraps one of his own arms around Spencer's lower back. "On three ok? One, two, three," and they rise together, Spencer moving his free hand to his lower back where Derek's lay. When he's steady on his feet, he nods his head and Derek lets go.

"This is getting ridiculous," he hears Reid mumble as he waddles away towards the bathroom.

"It'll be over soon Pretty Boy," he calls out as he reaches for the frying pan. "Not much longer until our little one is here."

Neither of them realized how true those words would turn out to be.


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