Part-time Mafia Boss!

Summary: One day Vongola Decimo woke up to find himself in an extremely small budget apartment room. He then found himself without money and having to live normally as a part-timer! But things weren't actually 'normal' as it seemed. Parallel World. Adult!Vongola. Part-time!Vongola. Partial-AU. No pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own KHR. It is owned by the great mangaka, Akira Amano!

Chapter 16

The mafia boss does a passenger-counting job

Kurokawa Hospital, 6 AM

Kurokawa hospital in early morning was as serene as ever.

Aizawa Kaoru, a young nurse wiped away her sleep tears. She just couldn't get used to anti-social working hours like this, even starting to resent her work. So sleepy yet busy. She was pacing around, on her duty to check the patients.

It would be one of those normal, boring mornings for her had she not come across a guy about to move the freaking hospital bed out of the room!

"What the–" Aizawa tried to suppress the urge to swear, "Wh-what are you doing, sir?"

Robotically the man said as if talking to the ceiling, "I need to move her away from here."

"Excuse me?" the poor nurse was utterly confused.

"I said I need to move her out of here," the man said as if possessed.

Though very shocked, the nurse was not unused to mentally unstable patients/relatives trying to disturb other patients.

When it comes to this, Aizawa's experience is to be strict but logical. Breathing in and breathing out, Aizawa stated professionally, "It's dangerous to move the patient's around without the physician's permission."

But for some reason the man gave an intimidating glare, with his scary golden eyes, in return.

Suppressing the urge to wince at the menacing person, the nurse said more irritatedly, "Here, she would be in professional care. While with you, a professionally ignorant person, it's basically like selling your soul to the satan."

Auzawa actually wanted to crack at her own weird analogy. But well it's still early in the morning and her brain is still a bit hazy.

Ignoring her, the man wordlessly proceeded to move the bed out of the door.

"W-Wait!" the nurse tried to stop the man.

But the man gave her death glare, which made her helplessly frozen in her tracks.

Thankfully, before it got out of control, a black-haired man in his twenties stood in front of the robotic brunet.

"Tsuna, just what are you doing?" he said, making the nurse wonder if the brown-haired man called Tsuna is normally sane because even his friend was as surprised as she was.

"Yamamoto?" the patient kidnapper (at least that's how Aizawa decided to brand him) paused. He then looked down at the hospital bed, "Wh-What's this? Wh-why am I trying to move her?"

The man called Yamamoto approached him, "You suddenly rushed out of the flat, so I was a bit shocked. What happened to your mother?"

In shock, Tsuna let go of the hospital bed, which Aizawa promptly seized and took back to its place.

"I-It w-was," the brunet was shuddering from head to toe, even his voice, eyes look totally lost and confused, "like a-a r-reflex.

"Just calm down," his flat mate patted his back comfortingly, "maybe you just... you just... sleepwalked!"


Yamamoto tried to chuckle, "Have you heard of cases where people drive a car or even kill someone while asleep? That sort of thing does exist."

For the former hitman Yamamoto, he always knew Tsuna as lively and confident, though somewhat cheeky guy, with mature view of the world as if nothing could shake him.

But now he was shaking and looked so weak.

Yamamoto decided that it's time he needed to look after and comfort his life's saver who changed and forgave his bloodstained life.

But for Tsuna, even sleepwalking is terrifying.

Because what could happen or could he do despite not being conscious of that?

"Hey, don't space out!"

A voice broke Tsuna from his train of thoughts.

Before Tsuna were humans marching here and there monotonously, just living their daily lives of commuting to work, school and so on. The somewhat annoying pip-pip sound every time an IC card is placed on the gate's scan rang everywhere.

Beside Tsuna was Irie Shoichi, a second year engineering student who clicked the metallic cylinder which changed its number display every time a passenger came out of the gate.

Oh, yes, he's doing a passenger-counting job with Shoichi.

"I know it's a boring job, but the money is good and it's easy, so just bear with it," said his friend.

Despite the tumult and unrest in his mind, Tsuna decided to force a smile and strike up a comversation with Shoichi so that his friend would not notice that something just happened, "How do you know about this kind of job."

Getting an unexpected question, Irie quirked his brows, "Well, Sawada told me, so..."

Shoichi smiled fondly as he reminisced his younger days, "It was a summer vacation after we finished our exams. I told Sawada I wanted to earn some money quickly and easily although I simply wanted to keep him company. So he dragged me to do this sort of work. To be honest, it was so boring that I slept in a few hours."

"You must really care about him," Tsuna could see that from how Shoichi reminisced about his friend.

"Of course!" said the brick-haired student, continuing with excited eyes "Anyway, Sawada was amazing! He didn't even doze off. He does his job perfectly! Didn't lose sight of a single passenger."

Tsuna looking at the cylindrical tool in his hand was, however, unconvinced, "I don't think there is such a perfect person."

"Well, I wouldn't say Sawada is a perfect being," Shoichi said as if in deep thoughts, "but he certainly is a hard worker. He managed to do so many things single-handedly!"

Tsuna felt sorry for interrupting an admirer of this world's him, but he couldn't help but correct, "You know, I might be an outsider, but there are a few times when you actually helped him escape from the bad guys, remember?"

"That's true, but I was in the way rather," Shoichi said with a voice laced with shame.

"Nah, remember that time you tampered with the mafia's car, so it exploded before they could go to the hospital where Sawada's mother is. You really helped him there."

"Huh?" it was now Shoichi's turn to be confused himself.

"Was I wrong?" Tsuna felt awkward for trying to act cool and comfort his friend but ending up saying the wrong thing, "Argh, just forget it."

"No, it's accurate," Irie Shoichi said with a gulp, "too accurate, to be frank."

"And," Tsuna clicked as he spotted another passenger exiting the gate, "what's wrong with that."

"Well, I'm pretty sure I haven't told you in such a great detail," Irie frowned.

Feeling suspected for strange reasons, Tsuna automatically insisted, "You really did. Otherwise, how could I, someone from another universe, would know it?"

"That's exactly the thing!" Irie said as if he had his moment of eureka.

Suddenly, the engineering student grabbed his friend's shoulder with so much force that it hurt, "Maybe Sawada is still inside you after all!"

Feeling very uncomfortable, Tsuna extracted Shoichi's hands from his shoulder, "I d-don't understand?

"You said this is this world Sawada's body, right?"

"Yeah, because it's so physically untrained."

Getting excited at the new prospect, the geeky boy stood up, "So I wonder if you could share his memories or something too. Sawada may even here us at this very moment!"

"But I don't feel his presence at all," Tsuna felt sick at the idea.

Ignoring Tsuna's insistence, Shouchi stared into his friend's eyes trying to find something,"Sawada! Are you there? This is Irie, your friend!"

At that, the Sawada Tsunayoshi in front of him went silent.

"Sa-Sawada? Is that you" that really got Irie's hope up.

Only to be tsukkomi-ed by the very same Sawada Tsunayoshi, "Idiot, it's impossible for two people to be in the same body, obviously."

Patting the sore forehead courtesy of the brunet's tsukomi, the red-haired pouted, "But how else could you know in such a great detail?"

The mafia boss sighed, "Dunno. Maybe you do forget what you said sometimes?"

Pretty confident of his memory, Irie frowned. Nevertheless, he also thought his hypothesis was ridiculous, "Yeah, maybe you're right."

The mafia boss sighed again, "It's already 10pm. Let's finish our job."

By the time they finished their work, it was almost 11. Tsuna parted with Irie at the usual junction. Each of them went their ways home.

As Tsuna walked down the narrow street to his apartment, he felt he was being watched.

By the time Tsuna returned to his flat room, Yamamoto was about to sleep.

Sensing Tsuna, Yamamoto greeted groggily, "Welcome back."

"I'm back," Tsuna replied in a subdued voice.

"Are you okay? You looked very... lost... this morning."

The brunet smiled cheerfully back, "I'm okay now. Thanks for your concerns."

But Yamamoto, an expert at faking cheeriness, could immediately detect how fake the smile was.

"I'm going to have a shower. You go to sleep."

Deciding to leave his friend alone, Yamamoto retired to his futon.

As soon as Tsuna let himself in the bathroom he locked the door. Being the small flat room it is, he could see his own reflection on the wall mirror instantly as he stepped in. And this actually made him feel worse.

"Will I die just like this?" Tsuna asked his own reflection almost soundlessly. He tried to tell himself not to be depressed, but...

For some reason, he felt like crouching down. Hugging his face between his knees, Tsuna whispered repeatedly to himself, "I don't want to disappear.I don't want to disappear.I don't want to disappear."

Was Tsuna afraid of the world's greatest hitman or something else?

To be continued.

Author's note: Ahem, Tea here. I hope this chapter is not too depressing. You may notice that there is barely any gag in this chapter at all. But, well, at least, I can tell you that the plot is reaching the point where it will ne serious from now on. Anyway, please read and review!