"Admit me, you'd have missed me," I heard Woody say, despite the fact that I bet he was hoping I wouldn't.

I also saw it when Jordan glanced at me before answering, trailed her fingers down his face and admitted that she would have.

I know my daughter. This is one of the most blatant invitations she'll ever give him. It wasn't a big surprise when she promptly walked away from him, heading out of reach, out of eye contact, from Woody and from me.

"You know, Woody, I like you..." I began, looking at the smiling man in front of me, even though I suspected his thoughts weren't focused on me at all. I know that look on a man's face, there's nothing else in his world right now but Jordan. Ahh, to be young again. Of course, I'd like it a lot better if it weren't my daughter, but there you go.

"I know what you're going to say, Max, and I'm ashamed of you." Woody's voice broke into my train of thought, sounding almost indignant. He then went on to catalog a list of reasons why his dating Jordan was just insane, checking off all the reasons he was sure I would give him. I gotta say that I was impressed; if I was gonna warn a guy off my girl, that's exactly how I would do it. Nice to see he wasn't as naive as he looked. I fought a smile as he talked. Been thinking about that awhile, have you, Woody?

When he had finally run down, I stepped back in to the conversation, trying not to laugh too hard. "Actually, I was going to say that I'm glad things worked out for you." All right, so there was a good chance I would have added all that stuff about why he should escape from Jordan before he got so far into her orbit he didn't know which way was up but really, I had been thinking that it was way too soon for that conversation. Just to torment him some more, I added, my voice carrying a warning, "Although maybe you should listen to that little voice..."

But he wasn't hearing me, he was already lost in my daughter. Turning my head, I could see why Woody was no longer listening to me and knew it was too late even for a real warning. Jordan had started some music up, and she was dancing, and I could have been telling Woody I was really a hired killer and he was my next contract and I don't think he would have paid attention to me.

Like I said, I know that look on a man's face. I saw it on my own face every time I remembered how much I loved my wife, no matter how sick she got. I saw it when I married her and I saw it when I committed her and I saw it when I buried her. It's the look of love that's there for the long haul. This is a man who does not care how rough the ride is, because he knows it will be fun. He's going to go after her. All common sense, all reason has gone out the window for this boy. He's going to go after her because any fool can see that's what he wants.

Even Jordan can see it now. I watch as she opens her up to him, silently inviting him to join her. I think she was running from it, from the way he felt, for a bit; she was always good at running. Nice to see that she's stopped that. Even I can she that running is just not going to work with Woody. This is the man who trailed her to California and back. I think she's finally understanding that she can't outrun him.

And yes, he's up and dancing with her. First a ways away, but getting closer every second, drawn in by my daughter, who is sometimes so much like her mother it hurts to look at her. And now she's in his arms, and all I can do is shake my head as I watch them forget the world around them, even if it's just for the length of a song. History repeats itself is all I can think, watching my daughter and the man who wants her, remembering the first time I danced with my wife, the first time I decided to forget that little warning voice in my head. Takes a strong man to love a woman like my girl. Woody pulls her closer yet and I can't help but smile.

Maybe this is the man for my Jordan.