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Summary: The fantasy of forever had long since withered away in the ashes of their former lives. Anger, hurt, rejection and hatred were all that remained. Jacob Black hoped to never set eyes on Bella Cullen again. Once he did, it all came back. Gone was the innocent teenage couple, equally dangerous monsters stood in their place. The new dilemma was who was predator and who was prey and would either survive the angry reunion that ensued.

Prologue: Outcast

Jacob wiped his lip where the blood oozed down his chin. She was feisty, like always. It didn't matter, she could do her worst; he'd heal up eventually. He had to admit the hurt always felt so good when it was inflicted by her. It actually fueled their fire. He grabbed hold of her hair and roughly pulled her head to exposed her neck. His tongue traced a path upwards against her ice cold skin and she hissed in satisfaction. He stopped just under her ear.

"How do you want it this time?"

She shoved him off of her with such force, he flew through the air and landed on his back in the soft grass. There was no time to react since she was already on him when he shook his dazed head. Her fingers got to work immediately with his jeans. She'd already torn the shirt he wore. They both knew by then whatever clothes they had on wouldn't survive the encounter. He usually put up a little more fight back and forth with her, but he decided to concede for the evening. She wanted to be in control of it all and he'd let her. It was so fucking hot.

As soon as she sheathed herself on him, his eyes rolled back in his head.

He couldn't contain his pleasure, "Fuck, Bells...you're so perfect."

An iron hand clamped over his mouth, "Shut up...you know the rules. No talking."

Sure, he knew that rule, but he didn't think it applied in the moment. She kept her hand gripped over his mouth and nose as she moved up and down on him. He would need to make a decision soon enough: kick her off and take a much needed breath or let her continue to fuck him without the aide of oxygen until he passed out. She picked up speed like only Bella could with him, taking his choice away. No way was he kicking her off. Dizziness and pleasure built up and just at the last possible second she released her hold.

There was no disputing, she always knew exactly what he needed. He gasped at the air only for a few breaths before she covered his mouth again. That time it was with her own greedy mouth. The two of them continued to take from each other's bodies which could easily go on and on. He knew they'd never tire, even him but eventually he'd finally succumb to desire and flesh when he'd spill himself deep inside her. It was only a pause if she wanted more. Most often, they never slowed and went on and on for the entire night.

She pulled off that time without hesitation. She went around collecting her clothes. He followed her to where she was standing on the edge of the overlook. "You're leaving?"

"Yeah, I have to get back tonight." There was a part of him that wanted to beg, please stay; but that wasn't how it was with them.

He reached around and helped tuck in her blouse. He continued to assist her even though she'd probably do it better and quicker. She allowed him to button the last two top buttons. For once, he hadn't scattered buttons all around their feet. Bella never said much, but he still needed the conformation.

"I'll see you in four weeks?" It was a combination of a question and a statement.

"You know I can't stay away." The words were exactly what he had to hear. In the beginning, she always said it was the last time, but now she knew there was no point to the lie. She always came, every month; always to the same place. He'd suggested a room once before but she shot that idea straight to hell. She said it would seem too much like an affair if they did that.

He wasn't quite sure where Bella learned the meaning of affair, but she met him in the woods every month to fuck his brains out for almost a year. She was still married to Cullen and not a soul had a clue what they'd been doing. He kinda surmised that they were up to their eyeballs in a fucking affair, but she didn't want to accept that for whatever reason, so he didn't argue.

At first, there had been very little kissing on the mouth, but now it was expected. Before he watched her leave, he bent down one more time and took what he wanted from her. It would have to tide him over for the next four weeks. She responded with such eagerness, he thought she'd reconsidered for a brief second, but she abruptly stopped and said, "Bye Jake." She darted off into the night in a blur.

He circled around their primitive love nest. Several trees still carried the scars that their activities produced. He didn't like to be there alone, too many haunting memories. He and Bella had been completely different people at one time. Now they only used each other; screwing in the forest like a couple of wild animals. He shook the images away. If she wasn't going to keep him out all night, he might as well join his friends for the bonfire, he knew they were having. He'd politely declined the invites which would have been no surprise to any of them.

Even though she was long gone, he finally said it back, "Bye Bells." Then Jacob phased and returned back to his normal life to pretend once again that nothing that happened out there mattered when he knew that was the biggest lie of them all. It mattered more than anything.

Jacob marched through the sand following the noise and smell of the fire. He was freshly showered and feeling almost normal even though it'd only been an hour or so.

Quil ran up to greet him first, "Hey Jakey, I thought you weren't making it tonight."

"Naw, I made room in my schedule, so I decided to grace you fools with my presence. This is kinda low key, huh?" There wasn't a huge crowd like some of their bonfires, mostly pack and significant others. He winced at the thought because he'd never have her at his side with his friends. That was a lifetime ago when she was still herself, her human self and they 'd all hang out. He made his way over to his father, and Charlie. He found it nearly impossible to look his one time, second father in the eyes anymore. He had distanced himself from him since it happened. Charlie never understood it all, and was left with so many unanswered questions. Jacob could never give him a straight answer, so he had to accept whatever Bella had told him.

"Hey, what a surprise, my boy actually showed up."

"Nice to see you too, Dad. Hey Charlie."

"Jake," was all Charlie said.

He made small talk before he used the excuse he needed to find some food. Jacob made a plate and had a seat in between Embry and Quil. It was refreshing to sit around and bullshit for once. Jacob had been a lone wolf for awhile. After all the dust settled, Sam offered him the choice to come back, no hard feelings. He at one time had Seth and Leah and a couple of newbies, as a result of all the vampires ascending on the region when the Volturi made their stand. Quil and Embry had already pledged their loyalty to him as well, but in the end; he sent them all back to Sam. He wasn't qualified to lead any of them. It was a lonely existence for his wolf, but at least he still managed to keep up the human relationships somewhat.

Quil nudged him, he was afraid he hadn't been paying attention to what they'd been discussing. "Isn't that right Jake?"


"That the reason you're disappearing so much is because you've got a hot piece of ass that keeps you behind closed doors."

"Um, sadly no. Where'd you get that idea?"

"I don't know, you never answer our calls or texts and even when you're here like now, you're somewhere else. I'm pretty damn sure there's a woman involved. Only question is why the secret? I mean this is you, Jake. She's hot, I'm sure of it. Why not show her off?"

Jacob tried to change the subject which made him look guilty as charged.

Paul threw in his two cents, "What the fuck do you even know Quil? You're dating a 4th grader. You don't know shit about women and the only reason Jake's distant is because he still thinks he's better than us. He used that vamp money and got himself a degree and shit. That's why he doesn't give you the time of day anymore dickhead, he's an important business man. Were all a bunch of rez rats, isn't that right?"

Jacob didn't even have the energy to respond to Paul other than the silent "Fuck you."

Quil, however, was very defensive on his imprint to the young Claire. "Take that back. You know it's not like that with Claire. I don't fucking date her, ass clown. I'm practically a monk, that's why the least you could do, buddy is throw some details my way," he tossed his arm around Jacob's shoulder. "Please, let me live vicariously through you. What's the story?"

"There's no damn story, Quil. I'm busy with work, like Paul said except I don't think I'm better than anyone. That's bullshit and you all know it." Jacob drained half his beer in one swig hoping that was the end of the conversation.

"Holy shit...I just figured it out. She's married, isn't she?"

Jacob couldn't let his guard down in front of them. He'd been trying to be aloof about the whole line of questioning since it was instigated by Quil. They all knew he was a special case. Poor bastard had been the horniest out of all of them as teenagers when he was pretty much cursed with a child imprint. He had to change so much to be what little Claire needed which was only a protector, a big brother of sorts. How in the hell did he come up with that?

Jake finished his beer and tossed the bottle in the flames. The glass shattered and splintered in the glowing embers. "For the last damn time, Quil...I don't have anything special going on besides the occasional one night stand to satisfy my urges. Might I suggest you go to a club or a bar and do the same thing, so you don't fucking let your mind run crazy."

Quil apologized and said he'd drop it, but he reminded Jake what he suggested was not possible. "You should know as well as I do, I can't do that Jake. I mean, it wasn't that long ago since..." Jacob was in his face in an instant shutting him down before his big mouth got him into trouble. He loved him like a brother, but he would have knocked him out cold and they all knew it.

"Don't...don't fucking think about saying her name. You don't want to go there with me."

He furiously shook his head, "Sorry man, I didn't mean to bring it up. Forget it. I'm a moron, everyone knows that."

"Finally, someone's speaking the truth around here," Paul said as he tossed a can and clocked Quil in the head. It managed to break up the tense situation at least. They all started a bit of a food fight with the scraps left on their plates. Jake used the distraction to make his escape. He shouldn't have gone, it always pointed out the obvious; how he didn't belong with them anymore. He briefly stopped by his father and told him goodbye and goodnight. Rachel stopped him before he headed to the parking area.

"Jake, wait up...the old man was happy to see you."

He shrugged, he hadn't noticed.

"Will you come to dinner soon...please? We all miss you."

"Lahote misses me?"

"Well, maybe in his own way, but Dad and I do. Please say you'll come."

"Sure, sure Rach, just let me know when. I'd love to have dinner with the family."

He had a lonely stretch of road between the reservation and his place. He had a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It suited his needs, but was nothing fancy. He actually was at work more than home anyway. Paul was right about some of the shit he said. He had taken money from Carlisle and taken classes online when he lived with them those years. He'd got a degree in mechanical engineering and he was making a shitload of money that he rarely even dipped into. Other than the basic necessities and his custom truck, which he did spend a chunk of change on, there wasn't much else that interested him.

He sat out on his small porch sipping his routine glass of whiskey before bed. No wonder, he was so foreign to his one time brothers. He'd abandoned them all; first for her and then for her daughter. He looked out into the night and the forest that echoed life all around him even though he felt dead inside, something he had in common with Bella. He took aim and tossed the glass at the nearest tree and as the glass shattered in the moonlight, he whispered the one name he'd halted Quil from uttering, "Renesmee."

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