Toy Story: A New Home; A New Beginning

'Look out Woody the scary Witch is going to attack!'

(The scary Witch laughs evilly) 'Hahahaaa you'll never escape me now, I'm going to finish you off right now!'

'Oh yeah?' 'I don't think so Witch. "To infinity and beyond!"

'Buzz Lightyear!?' Woody exclaimed.

'Yes it is I the one, the only BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!'

"To infinity.."

'Oh mister Lightyear sir...' Interrupted a nervous big green Tyrannosaurus Rex, 'could I have your autograph?'

'Why certainly, oversized lizard.' Buzz replied cheerfully.

'Here ya go a great big autograph from me.' 'Now where was I? Ah yes "to infinity and beyond!"

(Noise of a spaceship taking off)

"Bonnie, Bonnie?" "Oh Bonnie honey it's time for supper." Her mother explained.

"Oh boy!" Bonnie cried as she threw the little Woody doll next to the Buzz Lightyear action figure. As soon as it was all clear that no humans were around the toys came to life. Woody sat up cautiously blinking a few times to get his eyes adjusted to the light. He stood up slowly stretching his old aching muscles, he watched as everybody else was having fun and chatting and laughing but Woody wasn't in the mood for fun. He stared out the window and ponded for a moment. 'Are you alright Woody' Dolly asked concerned. 'Yeah everything's alright thanks Dolly' Woody lied. He knew deep down on his heart that it really wasn't OK, he missed Andy so much but he chose this he could have gone to college with Andy. Instead he couldn't possibly leave his family even if it meant saying goodbye to Andy.

Six years ago Woody had an owner his name was Andy, now, Andy and Woody were the best of friends they did everything together, they would do all sorts of things but one of Woody's favourite things was chase down EVIL DR. PORKCHOP! Not to mention his Space Ranger friend Buzz Lightyear, his trusty steed Bullseye, Cowgirl friend Jessie and many more.

In time though Andy grew up he was seventeen and was heading off to college, the toys knew they were running out of option in a desperate attempt to get Andy to play with them like he did when he was younger. Molly, Andy's younger sister asked if she could have Andy's old toys but he refused. He eventually decided to put the toys into a big black garbage bag and then put them safely in the attic, but whilst climbing the stair to the attic he saw his sister having trouble with some boxes so he decides to go help her. Unknowingly he put the bag with the toys that were going in the attic right in the middle of the hallway and Andy's mother tripped on the bag and muttered under her breath. She took the bag out to the rubbish bin where the garbage collector was coming along a couple streets down. The toys thought that Andy threw them away and were horrified so the toys decided if Andy doesn't want us then we'll get donated and that's exactly what they did.