Part I


"I don't do set-ups."

"Jade, come on! When was the last time you went on a date?" Tori hands her roommate the freshly washed wine glass for Jade to dry.

"Um, last Thursday, remember?"

"That does not count as a date."

"Why not? We had sex! It wasn't the best sex, but—"

"Please," the brunette interrupts, "spare me the details you so kindly already shared about his…technique." Jade smirks and sets another dry glass on their kitchen counter. "The point is: you meeting a guy at a bar and then going home with him does not qualify as a date."

"Oh, I see. So, you're suggesting that I meet a guy at a bar and then go home with him—the difference being that you know this guy. That makes it a date."

"The date part comes from the fact that you're being set up. This isn't just some random guy that you'll never talk to again; he could be the One!"

"Tori Vega, are you saying you've found my soul mate?" She mocks her longtime frenemy in the Southern belle accent she's used since she was sixteen.

"Ha, ha. Please, give him a chance? Andre says he's really cool."

"So you haven't even met him!" Jade puts the last dried wine glass into the cabinet and walks out of the kitchen area.

"Well, not exactly, no," Tori admits, following after the other girl into Jade's bedroom. "But I trust Andre's opinion."

"Look, Tor. I'm going to give you two reasons why I'm not going, and then we can drop this conversation for good. Firstly: say I go. I go, and I meet this guy, and we hit it off—or we get drunk enough to think we hit it off. I go home with him, we have sex, and then it's awkward. I can't just leave and never see him again; no, his friendship with your boyfriend means that, chances are, I will eventually see him around. Second: I'm not looking for a relationship. I am twenty and currently trying to break into the hardest industry in existence. I don't have time to text someone all the time, or bother with keeping a drawer at his apartment, or meet his family and all of that bullshit. If I don't want a boyfriend, why would I go on a date?"


"She's for sure going?"

"How many times do I have to tell you, man? Yes. She's going. Tori said she's excited."

Beck pulls the red comb through his thick hair another time, making sure that the part is perfect. "How am I going to spot her if I don't know what she looks like?" He asks into his iPhone, which is currently on speakerphone as it sits on his bathroom counter.

"Good point. I'll send you a pic." Two minutes and a Facebook search later, Beck receives the message.

He pauses. "Wait, that's her? Are you serious?"

"What? Don't tell me she looks too much like Emily."

"No, no," Beck nearly chokes out. "God no. She's way prettier than Emily. How come I've never met this girl before? She's Tori's roommate?"

"She just got back from a year abroad. After high school, she did her first year of NYU in Amsterdam."

"Whoa. When did she get back?"

"About a month ago."

Beck is about to reply when he looks at the time on his phone. "Oh, shit. How is it already nine? I've got to go; I'm meeting her in half an hour."

"Alright. Good luck, bro. Text me tomorrow morning after she leaves."

Beck can hear the grin in Andre's voice, and he shakes his head. "We'll see," he replies.

"Hey, and be careful. It's getting freakishly cold."

"Will do. Later, man," he says, and clicks to end the call. Thirty minutes later, Beck walks into Print, a lounge bar on the Lower West side of Manhattan. After taking his seat at the bar, he takes his hat, gloves, and coat off, and rubs his hands together for warmth.

"How bad is it out there?"

Beck looks up at the bartender in front of him. "It's damn cold," he answers.

"Yeah, I hear it's supposed to drop into the tens tonight."

"Crazy. Let's just hope this winter isn't as bad as last year's."

"Yup. Can I get you a beer?" He asks, and Beck nods.

"Yeah, I'll take a Heineken, thanks."

While he waits, beer in hand, Beck keeps an eye on the door to watch for Jade's arrival. When she pushes through the entrance seven minutes later, he's sure she's the girl from the picture Andre had sent. From the look on her face, he can tell she recognizes him, too. As she makes her way towards him, she strips her coat and scarf and then drapes them over the chair next to his.

"Jade, right?" He smiles and sticks out his hand.

"That's me. I'm assuming you're Beck."

"Yep," he answers. Jade shakes his hand and he's shocked by how cold it is. "Damn, did you not wear gloves?"

"No." She gets situated in her barstool and flags down the bartender. "My apartment is on the East side, so I took a cab here." She looks at the guy behind the bar. "I'll take a Cosmopolitan."

"No problem. Can I see your ID?"

Jade smirks and pulls her wallet out of her Chanel bag. "You flatter me," she quips, handing her fake ID across the bar and into the bartender's hand. He does a quick check on the listed birth date (claiming she's twenty-four instead of twenty), and makes sure that her face matches the one on the card before handing it back to her.

"Coming right up, Miss West."

While she tucks her wallet back into her purse, Beck turns towards her. "So I hear you just got back from Amsterdam."

"Yeah, I was studying there for a year."

"Must have been amazing."

"Best year of my life." The bartender sets her martini in front of her, and Jade doesn't take her eyes off of Beck as she pulls it towards her. "So how do you know Andre?"

"We were roommates at orientation, and we just sort of stayed friends. I'm from Canada; I'm guessing you're from California?"

"Yeah. I went to high school with Tori and Andre, as I'm sure they've told you."

"They have. I'm surprised we haven't met before in these few weeks since you've been back. I'm glad we fixed that."

Jade snorts into her drink and nods her head. "So you're one of those?"

Beck smiles. "What do you mean?"

"You're a flirt. You're charming; I can see it. I bet you pick up a lot of girls with lines like that one." He shrugs. "Seriously," she says amusedly. "Tell me: how many girls drop their panties when give them that grin?"

He laughs and signals for the waiter to bring him another beer. "You really want to know?"

"I really do."

"Well, the grin is only the beginning. I introduce myself, and then I do a little one of these," he says, and when he runs his hand smoothly through his hair, Jade curses herself for wishing she could see him do it again. "So where are you from?" He asks, and Jade can tell he wants her to play along. She decides to throw him a curveball.

"Why do you want to know?"

Beck is still smiling. "Because you're beautiful and I wanted to start a conversation with you," he replies almost immediately.

Jade opens her mouth to reply but realizes his response was much better than she'd expected it to be. "Smooth."

"Thank you," he chuckles. "Good to know it works. I've actually never tested it before."

Jade raises her eyebrows. "Is that Part Two of the line?"

"Nah. That part is real. Can I buy you another drink?"

Half an hour later, Jade is feeling a buzz. Her vision is blurring just slightly and she finds herself laughing more than she would soberly at everything Beck says. Beck is on his third beer when he decides to order them both a shot of tequila. They clink their glasses to a cheers and each suck on their lime slices to nix the taste of liquor.

Another hour later, she suggests a fourth shot.

"I don't know," he laughs. "We're going to be dead tomorrow."

"Man up! I've been taking shots of Absinthe for a year now. Tequila is child's play," she says, and her voice slurs on almost every word.

"Chris," Beck gets the bartender's attention. "Two shots of Absinthe."

Jade chuckles. "Are you serious?"

"I'm serious. Come on, Miss Amsterdam. Bottoms up."

They each sink a shot, and Beck's face contorts to one so disgusted that it makes Jade laugh. She wipes the corner of her mouth and sticks out her tongue. "God, that will never taste good."

Her vision is so hazy that she doesn't notice Beck's face is so close to hers until it's inches away. "Maybe this will," he says, just loud enough for her to hear. He pushes his lips against hers and Jade gladly responds to the kiss. When they break for air, Beck lets his teeth linger on her bottom lip just slightly before pulling away. "Want to get out of here?"

A single nod is all it takes, and then Beck is closing out their tab with his credit card and Jade is sliding into her coat. "Help me down," she tells him, and then laughs at the sound of her own drunk voice. Beck takes her hand and helps her scoot off of the barstool, but she trips and falls towards him so that their bodies are completely pressed up against each other.

"Look, you fit perfectly."

"Even drunk, you're smooth as fuck, aren't you?"

He grins and kisses her again until he stumbles backwards just slightly. "Let's go," he says, and takes her hand to lead her outside. They're lucky that they've both got a solid liquid blanket at this point, because it's 10 degrees outside and the alcohol is making it feel more like 50. It takes Beck a minute to hail a cab, but one pulls over and they hop in quickly.

"You two are crazy, being out in this weather," the taxi driver, who has a thick Indian accent, informs them. "We're told to get off the roads in about ten minutes because the weather is so terrible."

Beck gives him his address and apologizes for the inconvenience, but Jade barely even hears the driver's words. She's too busy focused on Beck's hand, which is sliding closer and closer towards her inner thigh. She's so drunk that she considers unbuttoning her jeans for him to have at it, but she settles instead for grabbing his face and pulling it towards her own. By the time the cab pulls up in front of Beck's apartment complex, Jade is in his lap and his hand has already found its way up her shirt. He smiles embarrassedly when the driver turns around to tell them that they've arrived. Beck quickly shoves a $20 bill in his hand and helps Jade out of the car.

On their way from the front door to Beck's bedroom, they shed almost every piece of clothing that had been on either one of their bodies. Jade is left in only underwear when Beck drops her in the center of the bed. He drops his boxers and Jade uses every ounce of sobriety she has left to remind herself not to make a comment about his huge erection.

He crawls onto the bed and kisses up her stomach until he's reached her breasts. He encloses his mouth around one and Jade arches up towards him. His other hand slides down and into her underwear, where he sinks one finger in almost instantly. Jade moans and Beck continues, sliding another finger in while using his thumb to rub her core. After she comes, he pulls her underwear the rest of the way down and lies down on the bed.

Beck pulls her to lie on top of him and she straddles his waist. Unexpectedly, he grabs her hips and lifts her until she's sitting on his face. Jade gasps and grabs onto the top of his wooden headboard when he sinks his tongue inside her. She's so drunk that she loses her vision for a second, and she's pretty sure she'd have lost her balance by now, too, if it weren't for Beck's grasp on her waist.

She rides his face at a steady speed, and then begins moving faster when she realizes how close she is to coming again. She cries out this time while Beck finishes the job proudly, and by this point she's so pleased with his performances that she feels the need to show her own skills off. She crawls backwards as Beck props himself up on a few pillows, and she's not shy about getting right to work.

Back and forth, back and forth, she's sucking him mercilessly fast. It's not her first rodeo, and she knows how to get the job done fast enough to get to the good part. The fact that she's beyond inebriated also makes the task seem a lot less unpleasant than it usually is. Her hands are on the back of his dick, twisting and rubbing and covering everything her mouth can't. Beck groans and it sounds like some version of her name, and she doesn't know how long it's been but her jaw is starting to hurt. Then, with no warning at all, he releases himself inside her mouth and she almost chokes as she swallows it.

When she pulls her mouth off of him, she wipes her lips with the back of her hand and glares at him. It's not her meanest, but she's wasted and she thinks even the reduced version of the glare is scaring him. "No warning?" She asks, sitting up on his thighs. "What are you, an animal?"

"I'm sorry," he stumbles over his words and grabs his sheets to regain stability in his vision. "Sorry, I'm sorry."

She rolls her eyes. "It's better than whiskey dick, I'll give you that."

"I'll make it up to you," he promises. Jade scoots herself up to straddle the bottom of his abs, and then leans down to kiss him messily.

"You'd better."

He leans up to kiss her again and she grinds against his stomach, and he's hard again after two minutes. Jade lifts herself up so he can turn to his nightstand and grab a condom, and he opens it and hands it to her to put on him. When she sinks down and begins to ride him, she reaches down to hold onto his shoulders for support – accidentally giving Beck an even better view of her boobs than he'd had before. He's watching them bounce up and down with no rhythm, and Jade moans when he reaches up to grab one.

Beck gets the hint and flips them so that she's underneath him. With one hand on a bar of his headboard and the other around her breast, he hammers into her.

"Beck," she moans as her legs start to shake. Her fingernails rake across his shoulder blades and her eyes roll to the back of her head and then everything gets even hazier than it was before. Her toes curl and her mind goes blank.


Jade wakes up to an intense pounding in her head. She cracks her eyes open and blinks heavily before rubbing them to get rid of her blurry vision. When she can't move one of her arms, she realizes that it's trapped underneath another arm – one that does not belong to her.

She internally panics and begins remembering her events from last night. She'd had a date with Beck – Andre's friend Beck. Of course she'd ended up in bed with him. Of course. How many shots did she take? It had to have been eight or more. Did they have sex? Did they use protection? Fuck.

She moves her legs and feels a twinge between her inner thighs. It's the sore kind of pain only sex can bring – and suddenly she remembers riding him for what felt like forever last night.

Carefully, she turns her head to see him. Aaaaaand whoa. So he is actually that attractive. She's glad the liquor hadn't betrayed her judgment – except for the fact that she was definitely not supposed to have sex with one of Andre and Tori's closest friends because now it will be horribly awkward for everyone. Oops.

He's still sleeping – heavily – so she picks up his arm from where it's tucked over her stomach and sets it on his own body. She peels back the covers and notices that it's freezing. Too bad, Jade. Get your ass up out of this bed and get the hell out of here. Where the fuck are your clothes?

Between her pounding headache and the freezing temperature of his bedroom, it takes her fifteen minutes to find every article of clothing and each piece of jewelry that had come off. She finds her phone still in her purse to see ten missed texts, eight of them from Tori.

How's it going?

Beck looks so cute in pictures! I want to hear what you think!

Call me when you're on your way home!

Where are you? Be safe. It's literally -74382 degrees outside...


Beck just told Andre you're going home with him. I hope this means you actually had a good time with him and not that you just got drunk...

Jade, text me when you wake up. A serious blizzard hit overnight.

Are you still sleeping?

"Fuck," Jade mutters quietly. She pulls on her second black boot and types a quick reply to her concerned roommate.

I'm fine. I'm at Beck's but I'm coming home now. See you in 20

Jade shoves her cell phone back into her purse and quietly makes her way to Beck's door. She doesn't remember how she even got to his apartment last night – much less what his apartment looks like – so she has no idea if he has roommates that she's about to run into.

When she pulls the door open, she realizes that it's definitely a one-bedroom, much to her relief. She buttons up her coat before leaving the apartment, which, based on the number on the door, is the second apartment on the third floor. She hustles down the stairs as fast as she can, trying to heat up her body due to the fact that she can barely feel her toes.

She finally reaches the door at the bottom of the stairwell, and she's not surprised to see that the square-shaped window towards the top of the metal door is completely white. Snow is never kind – or lightweight – in a New York winter. When she pushes on the door handle, nothing happens. Since the door opens to the outside, she uses her entire body weight to push against it. Still nothing.

"You have to be fucking kidding me." Jade tries again, and then again, and then she tries for the next ten minutes. When the door still hasn't budged, she angrily marches all the way back up to apartment 302.

She bangs mercilessly on the door of Beck's apartment, hoping to wake him up so he can push the door downstairs open for her and get her out. It takes five minutes of incessant banging, but he finally opens the door. He's standing in sweatpants and no shirt and Jade fights her eyes to look up from his abs and at his face.

"Wait," he says hesitantly, at the sight of the girl he'd gone home with last night standing outside his door the next morning. "What?"

"I'm trapped in," she explains huffily. "I need you to go downstairs and—"

"Damn, it's freezing. Come in and close the door."

"No," she replies angrily. "I know it's freezing; I've been out here for twenty minutes. Just put on a sweatshirt and some shoes and go downstairs to open the door for me." She takes a quick breath and crosses her arms over her chest. "Please."

Five minutes later, they're back downstairs. Both Beck and Jade are pressed up against the door to try to get it to open, but it hasn't moved even a centimeter.

"You live upstairs, right?"

The voice that comes from behind them prompts them both to halt their efforts with the door and turn around. A blonde girl who looks about their age has her eyes locked on Beck.

"Uh, yeah. I do."

"I've seen you around," the girl says as she pulls her mail out of one of the boxes. "I'm Samantha."

Jade is completely un-amused as this girl gives Beck the most desperately flirtatious look she's ever seen. "That's great," she tells the blonde, "but we're trying to get a door open."

"You're not going to get out. Haven't you been watching the news? The blizzard last night froze the whole city. No cars on the road; no businesses are open...Some places are even losing power. That door is staying shut."

Jade rubs her hand on her forehead. "Of fucking course."

Samantha ignores Jade and instead moves closer to Beck. "Since we're stuck here for a little while, you're welcome to come to my apartment. 506."

Jade scoffs and tosses her head back in misery. "I'm in hell. I really am."

"Thanks for the offer," Beck tells the blonde, but his tone clearly indicates disinterest. "I've got a lot of work to catch up on today."

"Well, if you change your mind. I'll be up there." With that, Samantha closes her mailbox and heads up the stairs to her apartment.

Beck shakes his head and then turns around to look at Jade. "Can we just go back to my place? I'm really cold and there's no way you're not, too."

"I need to go home."

"Yeah, but that's clearly not going to happen since the door won't open."

"Thanks, Sherlock."

"At least come up and get some coffee. We can come back down in a few hours and see if any of the snow has melted."

Once the idea of coffee is in Jade's brain, it takes over, blocking out all other thoughts. Despite the fact that this is already a horridly awkward situation and she most definitely does not want to return to his apartment, she really has no other choice unless that choice is contracting hypothermia. She squeezes her eyes shut to silence her migraine and then opens them again to glare at him.

"Alright. Let's go."

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