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Chapter 1: I Can't Hold It Back Anymore

Summary: After the Road Trip- Rose and Dimitri made it to the moroi before sun down, and that very day, Rose passed her qualifier with flying colors. Maybe it had something to do with her good mood. When they returned to the academy, they assumed their regular selves while hiding their relationship. It's been weeks since they've had any close physical contact and they're both missing the time they shared. The field experience has begun, and while it is making it easier for them to stay away from each other, it was making it worse as well. Especially for Rose.

Rose POV

I got up from my bed and rubbed my sleepy eyes. Another day without Dimitri I thought. So much time had went by since mine and Dimitri's trip. We still did our trainings in the morning and evening when I could spare the time. It was hard with the field experience where I had to guard Christian 24/6.

I couldn't understand at first why they gave my Christian to practice on instead of Lissa but Sparky isn't that bad. He's grown on me. Of course now I got to see Dimitri more often since I only had Christan half the week these days. They ruled me insane because I claimed I could see ghosts, I figured it was another shadow-kissed thing, but no one listened to me; not even Dimitri.

On my off days I had to go to therapy to help with my post-traumatic stress or so they called it and I took the opportunity to train with Dimitri too. I enjoyed every scrap of time we could get together. While I was guarding, I always noticed Dimitri looking at me from afar. I liked it but I wished we could have real alone time together, which was silly. I knew it would be nearly impossible for us to be together again, at least not until we moved away from the academy. I often found myself sitting on my off days thinking about our morning in the hotel. I missed his touch.

It was Saturday today, so I hurried got dressed and rushed out the door. I had a feeling I was late again. I made my way to our afternoon training. I knew I shouldn't have taken a nap. I was wearing a pair of tight workout pants and sweater over my normal sports bra. I hope Dimitri didn't find it too tempting, I had promised not to tease. I always looked forward to our training sessions. It was the only time I felt normal, where I wasn't looked at like I was a freak.

When I walked in, I saw Dimitri preoccupied with his book. Glancing at the cover, I noticed that it was another Western. Where in the world did this cowboy obsession come from? I walked closer and closer and Dimitri still didn't look up. I decided to surprise him with a tackle, it was hard to pin Dimitri down but I think I could do it if he wasn't expecting it.

I tackled him and managed to pin him down easily. He was pinned to the mat we normally worked out on, when I sat on him and smirked. " If I was a strigoi you would be dead." I pointed out, repeating the words that he said to me in almost every practice. "Who's the teacher here Roza?" Dimitri joked.

"They tell me that you are. But you seem too much of a cowboy to be a teacher. Breaking all the rules," I teased and got off of him. I smiled, he was being so cute with his little cowboy obsession. I loved to tease him about it even though it was one of the things I loved about him.

"Rose..." he started playfully, but then his tone changed. "You're late Rose. Come on, you know what you have to do...laps."

If I had to run today I was going to be comfortable while doing it. It was hot in the gym, I pulled my hoodie off and threw it to the floor. I stood there in my sports bra, watching Dimitri's reaction as he glanced in my way. When he seemed to be aware of his surroundings again, he said "Um Rose... You'll be running outside." I started at him blankly. He had to be kidding right? It was still freezing outside. "We normally run in the gym..." Dimitri justed stared back at me. It was true some of the snow had melted, but everything was still wet and slippery. I didn't want to run in the cold. I made a mush face and picked my sweater back up.

"You need to be able to run in all conditions Rose." Dimitri said to me. I wished I actually brought a coat with me because since I thought we were only going to be in the gym, I ran here from my dorm without any of my winter accessories. I pulled the sweater back on and placed my hand on my hip. " Are you ready Comrade?" I asked him as I fixed the large sweater on my frame.

"Huh?" he said. Dimitri seemed to be so out of it lately. I wonder if everything was okay. He's usually on top of everything. I walked in front of him; snapping my fingers in his face. "Come on. If we go now we'll see the sun come up." I told him as I darted off in front of him out of the gym. I started running at a slow pace, waiting for him to follow, a moment later, he caught up to me. I looked over at him as we ran. "Come on Roza. Let's run on the path in the woods" he says.

I looked back at him and smiled. "Okay." I dashed in front of him towards the forest. I liked them this time of year. The wind was just up enough to tell it was there. My hair rolled off my shoulder and waved behind me as I ran in front of him. My pants were flexible and made running easy on me. But they were also made if a fabric that hugged my frame well. I knew Dimitri would be checking me out. When he caught up to me again I asked, "What are you thinking about?" with a questionable expression playing on my face.

"Just about how beautiful you are Roza." His comment wasn't expected. It almost made me stop running. It flattered me to hear him say these things. I thought he said he wasn't going to show any affection once we returned to the academy. I didn't know what to say, so I said the first thing on my mind. "You're cute." I didn't mean to say that but telling him he was cute made me smile, mainly because he said it was a 'girly' word. I just loved to make fun of him, I loved to make fun of everyone, especially Christian, but making fun of Dimitri was the best.

I knew exactly what he was going to say. "Rose..." he said. "What did I say about calling me cute." I just smiled at him and kept running. We came to a stop as we neared one of the old guardian cabins. It was like the one Tasha stayed in while she was visiting Christian for Christmas. The cabin was grown up with new spring ivy and wild flower veins. They were no where near ready to bloom. But in a matter of weeks this place would be a beautiful garden.

There was still some snow spread out in parts of the yard. When I turned around I noticed the sun coming up. Most people at the academy were going to bed. Dimitri and I had god only knows how many miles by now. I knew the academy spanned a lot of land and this was one of the farther and nicer cabins.

As we watched the sun rise, Dimitri put his arms around me. I was surprised and I looked up at him. I noticed how he was watching the sunlight. " I love this." I pointed out to him, I wanted him to know how much I appreciated out time together. I leaned in closer to him. His leather duster was warm. "Thank you for bringing me out here." I said.

"It was my pleasure Roza." We stood there a little longer watching the sun rise. It was warm and comfortable in his arms. I wish I never had to leave them. The sun was almost above the trees when Dimitri spoke again."Come on Roza. We have to head back." I looked down and frowned lightly about the fact that we had to start back. Was it time to go already? I took one more look at the misty windows that the cabin had. They had a forest like gothic to them. It was probably because it was dark on the inside. I then listened to the sounds of the small half frozen pond that sat next to the cabin. Frogs were hopping in and out of it. "Its nice here." I mentioned as I stepped out of his arms. "Almost like a grimm fairy tale. " I told him with small smile.

"Grimm fairy tale?" Dimitri repeated confused. I always forgot that Dimitri didn't know most of the culture references I made. The woes of growing up in an arctic wasteland. "We can come back later Roza. We have to go back, you don't want to be caught after curfew." Oh yeah that. The academy rules ruined everything, even a nice peaceful time like this.

I leaned into his duster one last time. His hand rubbing my back very lightly. "Yeah. We should get on back." I told him after leaning off of him. Dimitri just smiled at me and kissed my forehead. "Race you to the gym Roza!" Dimitri called and he took off.

I started running after him. Catching up quickly to him as he ran. I smirked at him and flung my hair back again so it would blow in the wind off of my shoulders and out of my face. SoonI forgot we were racing. Just running next to him like this with the crisp air and the sun at its morning peak made my mind wonder. I was having trouble these days thinking of anything but sex these days. It was in the air between us. It haunted my dreams with wonderful visions of us together. Just running right now thinking about them made my face flush out.

I finished running to the academy and touched the bricks of it."I win." I looked at him and smirked. "That was a good run." Running with him like this made me breath hard, which made me think of sex more. Dear god, I needed therapy, no wait, I already had a shrink. Dimitri nodded at me. "Come on Rose, bed time." I stared at him again. My sex-addled brain was working over time. "I didn't mean it that way Rose. I..." I knew Dimitri never meant anything that way. I tried to take his mind off of it with a joke. "We are going to bed." I told him. "Or at least I am. I'm sure your going to go watch westerns all night with your cowboy hat on." I teased.

"Good night Roza!" Dimitri said, nudging me towards my room and turned around to head to his. "Good night Dimitri." I whispered when I thought he we gone. Tonight was one of the best. Too bad I would never get to have another one like it until after I graduated and left the academy.

Dimitri POV

How I missed my Roza. It had been weeks since we had any quality time together. I missed her. I missed her touch, I missed her smile, I missed her laugh, I even missed being called that ridiculous nickname. The field experience has taken a toll on the both of us. Rose was so strong. She's still going through so much too, she's experiencing images of Mason's spirit now. There's only so much she can handle before her memories drive her insane. I yearned take my Roza into my arms and comfort her, she needs a break. There's no way Alberta will let me take her off campus though. The qualifier was lucky timing. I'll have to think of something special to do with her here in the academy without prying eyes.

It was late Saturday afternoon when I sat in the gym waiting for Roza to arrive. I spent the day discussing Rose's condition with Alberta. Alberta and I had decided to put Rose on half time for guarding because of her visions. She needed time to get over her kills and the death of her best friend, time she didn't have. She was late, again, typical Roza. 10 minutes now, might as well be productive with my time, so I took out a western novel and started reading. I was so intrigued in the chapter that I didn't even notice Rose sneaking up behind me and attacking me. Bad form on my part.

I fell onto my back, my book lost in the struggle, with Rose pinning me down." If I was a strigoi you would be dead." she said to me, throwing my own words back at me. I was proud of her, she finally did pin me, even if it was with the element of surprise. "Who's the teacher here Roza?" I teased. We were awfully close, I think it was affecting us both. It was certainly hitting me hard. I had postponed any sparring with each other once we got back from our trip. I didn't think I could take the physical contact and I was right. I wanted to kiss her so badly.

"They tell me that you are. But you seem to much of a cowboy." She joked, giving me a bright smile. Oh that beautiful smile that I missed. "Rose..." I scolded her playfully. Sure I liked westerns and things like that but I was not a cowboy. Still it was nice to see her joke and smile again, "You're late Rose. Come on, you know what you have to do...laps." I nodded towards the door, but Rose didn't seem to notice my indication. She started to pull off and when it was on the floor I just stared, almost drooling at her standing there in her sports bra. Was Rose trying to make me lose my self control. "Um Rose... You'll be running outside." I told her trying to get a hold on my emotions. I didn't want anyone to see her like that and since it was still chilly out that would keep her wrapped up.

"We normally run in the gym..." she said blankly at me, glaring at me annoyed. I knew it was still cold outside but I couldn't have Rose just in her sports bra. It was to risky. "You need to be able to run in all conditions Rose." I told her, I thought it was a brilliant excuse, Rose's face said otherwise. This way I got to keep my sanity and no other boys looked at my Roza.

She pulled her hoodie back on and I let out my breath that I didn't even realize that I was holding. Rose had promised that she wouldn't tease me any more, but the problem was, anything Rose did was amazing to me. She could trip and fall and I would still find her wonderfully adorable. Out of one of my ears, I heard Rose say something to me, calling me by that ridiculous nickname. "Huh?" I asked. I was too wrapped up in my own thoughts to know what she was talking to me about.

"Come on. If we go now we'll see the sun come up." Rose said. I just looked on after her as she dashed out the door. Oh Rose. In truth I wasn't planning on running with her at all, especially not after that show, I needed some time to myself to calm down. Since she put it that way I did miss the sun, plus sunrise is awfully romantic. I wanted to spend some quality time with my Roza. I grabbed my coat and ran after her. "Come on Roza. Let's run on the path in the woods." I tell her so we could get some privacy.

"Okay." she said, sprinting ahead of me towards the path. I was dumbfounded and I just stood there watching her. The way the fabric clung to her legs and her arse, her beautiful hair flowing in the wind behind her, she had let her hair out, making me smile. I shook my head. I shouldn't be thinking about her this way, objectifying her. I starting running to catch up with her, when I finally did, I matched her pace.

We ran for a time, before Rose broke the silence. "What are you thinking about?" she asked curiously, turning her face towards mine. I didn't know what to say. Should I just stay silent? Should I say what I was really thinking? ебать (fuck) Might as well take advantage of the privacy, I decided. Rose was already so insecure, she needed to know how I still feel. "Just about how beautiful you are Roza." Rose stumbled a bit, and seemed a little surprised. She shouldn't be, Rose was my world, she should know that no one else would ever compare.

"You're cute." Rose blurted out. She's been saying that a lot lately, but I couldn't seem to find it endearing. It seems like a grade-school crush if it was way. "Rose..." I said warningly. I told her earlier that a man wasn't cute. "What did I say about calling me cute." We ran pretty far out now we were almost at the cabin where Tasha stayed when she visited the academy. That's it! I thought happily, I could take her on a mini vacation in a cabin on the outskirts of the wards.

Rose stopped running is that when we got to the cabin, it looked so peaceful with all the trees . I was about to say something but then I saw how at peace she looked. I stared at the sky and saw the pinks and oranges peeking at the tops of the trees at the sun began to rise. I looked again at Rose and saw that she was shivering a bit. I guess the heat she generated from running all this way was leaving. I moved closer to her and put my arm around her hesitantly. I know I told her we couldn't have any contact at the academy but I couldn't take it anymore. I've wanted to comfort her more since I found out she was hallucinating.

Rose snuggled into my arms and I relaxed. It was nice here, the two of us alone where we didn't have to hide anything. Yes, this would be the perfect place for a mini vacation. "I love this." Rose said. She read my mind, again. I didn't know if she was talking about the view or our time together, but I think she meant the time we were able to spend together in each other's warmth. "Thank you for bringing me out here." she said.

I smiled at the fact that she was happy. I wanted her to always be happy. "It was my pleasure Roza." We stood there a little longer watching the sun rise. The sky was slowly lightening from the bright pinks and oranges to a beautiful light shade of blue. There would be clear skies today. Once we could see the sun above the trees I decided we had to go, even if I didn't want to let her go, Rose had to be back before curfew. I've bailed her out on such petty things too many times before. "Come on Roza. We have to head back."

Rose straightened up and looked into the distance for awhile before turning around and put her arms around me. Looking up at me, she said, "Its nice here...Almost like a grim fairy tale." I smiled at her, happy that she was happy here. I was confused though. "Grimm fairy tale?" I questioned her. Roza always had such weird references. I didn't know if grimm fairy tales were good or bad, but fairy tales usually had happy endings. "We can come back later Roza. We have to go back, you don't want to be caught after curfew."

She hugged me tight one last time before letting me go. "Yeah. We should get on back." she said pouting. I was sad to leave too. This was the first time in weeks that we spent any quality time together, just resting, not under the view of our peers. I gave her a quick peck on the forehead. "Race you to the gym Roza!" I said trying to lighten the mood. I took off slowly watching for Rose to follow.

Rose soon caught up with me and sped ahead. I watched Roza run happily back to he academy. The sun made her look even more beautiful than she usually was, her silky soft hair blowing in the wind. Soon I realized that I had told Rose that we were racing and I caught up to her. We ran side by side, it was like she didn't realize that we were racing either. As we neared the academy, she started getting red like how she looked after we spend our wonderful morning together. I shook my head, I shouldn't be thinking of Rose that way. Not now. She was probably just red from the cold or the heat of the run. Rose sped up a bit, reaching the brick wall of the gym first. "I win." she said smirking. "That was a good run."

"Yeah..." I breathed. We stood there catching our breaths. Rose's face was still bright red, making me adrenaline addled brain think of things that should be out of my head for the time being. "Come on Rose, bed time." Oops. I shouldn't have said that, I mean, maybe I was thinking of that in my head, but I had so show some restraint. "I didn't mean it that way Rose. I..." Rose caught on to my unease quickly.

"We are going to bed." she said. "Or at least I am. I'm sure your going to go watch westerns all night with your cowboy hat on." I smiled. Always covering things up with a joke, that was my Roza. I gently nudged Rose toward her dorm. It really was time to go, curfew was in just a few minutes. "Good night Roza!" I walked towards mine muttering "I don't have a cowboy hat." shaking my head at Rose's amusements.

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