You stand in your bedroom waiting. You inhale and exhale deeply.

"It's been sent." Loki enters the room.

You sigh. "This is really happening." You touch your tummy.

Loki kisses your cheek. "Come, darling. They will arrive any minute. You know that."

You bite your lip.

Loki touches your face. "It'll be alright."

You sniffle, holding back tears.

Loki kisses you gently.

You take his hand and walk into the living room.

Loki has your laptop set up at the table.

A few seconds later there's a loud bang. With a flash of blue light, your front door falls to the ground.

You quickly kiss him.


A man in a red and gold shiny suit enters.

Iron man.

Behind him, Loki's brother Thor enters. Along with a women dressed in a skin-tight body suit with brilliant red hair.

Iron man points his hand and a blue light begins to form.

Loki growls, his hands glow green.

"Stark, wait!" The woman with the red hair yells.

Iron man lowers his hand. "Miss... please step away from..."

"Look at her stomach...she's pregnant." The woman says.

"Loki, what is this?" Thor asks.

Loki sighs. "What does it look like?" Loki steps in front of you.

"Jarvis scan results?"

"Please...don't hurt him." You say.

"She's pregnant. 6 months in." Iron man confirms.

Thor looks confused.

"Your boyfriend is in a lot of trouble lady." Iron man says.

"I know...I know."

"Loki when did this occur?" Thor sounds shocked.

"It matters not. All you care about is capturing me? Correct? I will come quietly..."

"Doesn't sound like you." Iron man says.

Loki's hands ignite a darker green. "IF you keep her safe."

"Brother...I...I am shocked to see..."

"To see what? You have your mortal and I have mine." Loki snaps.

Thor pauses. "Loki's magic is powerful. He's had a few days to recover from any injuries. If this turns into a battle, he can easily shield the girl and use his magic to blast his way out. We should bargain with him."

"Please just...leave us alone." You your face into Loki's back.

"We could blast Loki, and then take the girl somewhere." Iron man suggests.

"NO!" You cry out.

"Too risky, we could hit her." The woman says.

"Well, I'm to busy to babysit a pregnant lady until this one gets out of prison." Iron man sulks. "If he gets out of prison."

"Asgard is not a place for mortals." Thor says. "Odin would not like it if she were to come with Loki and I...but perhaps Mother..."

"I'll watch her." The woman says.

"Natasha, you don't have to...It is the responsibility of Loki and I suppose myself..." Thor tries to say.

"Really, she won't be trouble right Loki?"

"Please, I know I should not be asking for anything...She is innocent." Loki says.

"Loki..." You say.

"She can stay with Clint and I until she has her baby and is okay on her own." Natasha offers.

"I'm not leaving you." You say to Loki.

"I have many enemies..." Loki begins to say.

"Yeah, tell me about it." Iron man says under his breath.

"You must be able to protect her from forces you may not understand."

"Maybe it would be best for you to take her to Asgard Thor." Iron man says.

"No." Loki says quickly, knowing that an army of elves would be invading soon enough. "Here will be safer."

"I'll do it." Natasha sighs. "After what he did to Barton... I'm not sure I should...but I will. Only because SHE is innocent."

"Thank you." Loki says.

"Don't thank me. I didn't do it for you."

"Do I even have a say in all this?" You ask, even though you knew what was going to happen. "Because you taking Loki away is going to effect me most of all. Whatever happens to him is going to effect me."

"Loki is a dangerous man." Thor says. "I am very sorry, but he must pay for his crimes against Midgard."

"I realize. But I must tell you that Loki has never tried to hurt me."

"He will eventually." Iron man says.

"Tony!" Natasha snaps.

"What? The guy's got socio-path written all over him." Tony says.

"I would never hurt her." Loki says. "Never."

"Yeah, okay. Everything has a pattern bud." Tony scoffs.

Loki goes to say something, but Tony interrupts him. "So is everything cleared up now? Can we take Loki and the girl and go?"

"I'd like to get a few of my things...and say goodbye." You say.

"Bye first, then I'll stay with you to get your stuff." Natasha tells you.

You look at Loki and you feel tears forming in your eyes. Thor moves in behind him.

You reach out for him, and he hugs you tightly.

"I love you." He whispers in your ear. "And I shall return."

You squeeze him tighter. "I love you."

Loki touches your face. "Until I see you again." He says kissing you one last time.

Thor and Iron man lead him out of your apartment.

"Until then, I'll wait for you." You call after him.